October 24, 2016

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Still Time to Register for MMA/MHMC Annual Symposium Thursday in Portland

The October 27th collaboration between MMA and the Maine Health Management Coalition offers 13 breakout sessions and plenary presentations from David Blumenthal, M.D., U.S. Senator Angus King, Maine Attorney General Janet Mills, and LeapFrog CEO Leah Binder.  Over 300 attendees are expected.  Register today to join your colleagues for this annual update.

Register today on-line at www.mehmc.org/symposium.  At this year's symposium, we will continue to highlight and explore strategies that help improve health and lower costs.  Keynote speaker David Blumenthal, M.D., President of the Commonwealth Fund, will share his perspective on what direction health care may take nationally following this contentious presidential election.  Maine Attorney General Janet Mills will update attendees on the state's effort to address the opioid/heroin epidemic and U.S. Senator Angus King will close the day and offer comments on what to expect in the lame duck session of Congress following the election.  In addition, thirteen breakout sessions will provide the kind of information that health professionals and practice staff need to practice efficiently and in compliance with the law.  Particular topics to be addresses include MACRA, the new state law limiting prescribing for pain, other new laws and regulations including the new federal overtime rules, and new concepts and proposals for transparency in health care costs and quality.

This program encapsulates MMA's Practice Education Seminar which MMA will be presenting for the 26th year. Please register today at the website above and join us in Portland on this coming Thursday.

MMA EVP Receives President's Award from Maine Primary Care Association

The Maine Primary Care Association presented its President's Award last week to MMA EVP Gordon Smith at the MPCA 2016 Annual Conference in Bar Harbor. MPCA represents the interests of Maine's community health centers which provide medical, dental and mental health services to 1 in every 6 Mainers in over 70 locations across the state. The award was presented by MPCA Board Chair Martin Sabol, Director of Health Services, VCCAC/Nasson. 

In accepting the award on behalf of the entire MMA team, Smith noted that while individual accolades are nice to receive, it takes a group effort to deliver the excellent service that MMA provides to members, including community health centers, everyday. "Just as you as leaders in the health centers rely on your clinical and support staff, I rely on Andy, Peter, Lani and the whole MMA team to provide the service you are accustomed to. And I promise you that until I finish up at the end of 2019, I and our team will be there for you, your staffs and your patients."

Among other awards presented was the annual award for physician excellence which was presented to MMA member Susan Cheff, M.D. of Glenburn. Dr. Cheff is employed by Penobscot Community Health Care at the clinic in Old Town. Dr. Cheff noted in her remarks that she loves the work she does everyday and still finds joy in serving her patients.

MMA congratulates all the award winners and the MPCA for a successful conference.

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MMA Senior Section Meeting on October 26th from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm

The 4th MMA Senior Section of 2016 will be held on Wednesday, October 26th at MMA Headquarters in the large conference room. Lunch will be available at 11:30 am, and the meeting begins at 12:00 pm.

The topic will be Ballot Question 1 which would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the state for adults 21 years of age and older. Presenters will including leading spokespersons for each of the campaigns, pro and con, organized around the question.

We look forward to you joining your colleagues on October 26th. For more information contact Lisa Martin at lmartin@mainemed.com. 

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Eight Physicians Compete for Seats in the 128th Maine Legislature

Eight Maine physicians are candidates for the 128th Maine Legislature:

  1. Senate District 9, Penobscot County:  Geoffrey Gratwick, M.D. (Incumbent D) v. N. Laurence Willey, Jr. (R)
  2.  House District 4, Ogunquit, parts of York, Wells, & Sanford:  Patricia Hymanson, M.D. (Incumbent D) v. Bradley Moulton (former House R)
  3. House District 61, part of Lewiston:  Heidi Brooks, M.D. (Incumbent D) v. Stephen Miller (R)
  4. House District 89, Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, Edgecomb, Southport, Westport Island, & part of South Bristol:  Wendy Wolf, M.D., M.P.H. v. Stephanie Hawke (Incumbent R)
  5. House District 91, Waldoboro, Friendship, Washington, & part of Union:  Emily Trask-Eaton, D.O. (D) v. Abden S. Simmons (R)
  6. House District 111, part of Madison, Solon, & Norridgewock:  Ann Dorney, M.D. (Former House D) v. Bradlee Farrin (Incumbent R);
  7. House District 120, Dover-Foxcroft, Atkinson, Brownville, Medford, Milo, Lakeview Plantation, & the unorganized territory of Orneville Township:  Richard Evans, M.D. (D) v. Norman Higgins (Incumbent R)
  8. House District 132, Ellsworth & Trenton: David Edsall, M.D. (R) v. Louis Luchini (Incumbent D)

These are eight of 186 Maine House and Senate seats on the Maine ballot on Election Day, November 8, 2016. MMA thanks these physician candidates for stepping in to the public policy arena and encourages all physicians to get to know these physician candidates.
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Dr. First Offers Webinar on Electronic Prescribing Mandate on Nov. 1

Join a Webinar to Learn About Electronic Prescribing of Opioids

The legal requirement to prescribe opioids electronically is fast approaching (July 1, 2017). Will you be ready?

The Maine Medical Association has selected DrFirst as its exclusive partner in providing electronic prescribing of controlled substances solutions to MMA members. 

DrFirst will provide an educational webinar on how to get started e-prescribing controlled substances, along with a demo of their EPCS Gold software, on November 1st from 12 noon to 1 pm ET. Even if that time isn’t convenient, register anyway and receive a recording of the event.

You may register for the webinar here. [return to top]

Physician Voice Shapes Medicare Pay Reform Final Rule; Now You Can Pick Your Own Pace

[From the AMA Wire®]

AMA President Andrew W. Gurman, MD

From AMA President Andrew W. Gurman, MD

With the issuance of its final rule on the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has created a new Medicare payment system called the Quality Payment Program (QPP).

CMS issued its final rule last week and our initial review shows Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt was true to his comments, first made in January, that CMS would be listening to physicians as development progressed. I would like to thank him for being a sincere partner during the process.

Through comment letters and conversations with CMS, the AMA recommended many changes that would create a more flexible transition to the updated Medicare program, and CMS has adopted a majority of those recommendations in its final rule.

There is still work to be done to improve the QPP, but it appears that we are off to a strong start. CMS' revisions will allow for a reasonably paced progression into the program so that physician practices can learn and adjust over time.

The key elements of the proposed rule that CMS changed based on our recommendations are:

  • A transition period and avoiding the QPP penalty. The proposed rule stated that physicians would have to successfully report in all four Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) categories to avoid a negative payment adjustment. The AMA advocated for a transition year with lower reporting burdens. In the final rule, the only physicians who will experience a negative 4 percent penalty in 2019, the first year of the program, are those who choose to report no data.

    Participating in one of four options under "Pick Your Pace" will help you avoid penalties. At the very least, if you choose to report for only one patient on just one quality measure, one improvement activity, or the four required Advancing Care Information (ACI) measures you will avoid a negative payment adjustment.

    We recommended that CMS create a transition period to allow enough time for physicians to prepare for the QPP. The final rule establishes a 90-day reporting period, a significant change over the proposed rule's full calendar-year requirement for most reporting. If you report for at least 90 continuous days in 2017, you will be eligible for a positive payment adjustment. This revision allows you to start later so that you will have more time to prepare your practice.
  • An increase in the low-volume threshold. Initially, the proposed rule set the threshold for exemption for QPP participation for physicians with less than $10,000 in Medicare payments and fewer than 100 Medicare patients per year.

    The AMA recommended increasing the threshold to $30,000 or fewer than 100 Medicare patients and CMS opted for that baseline in the final rule, estimating the provision will exempt 32.5 percent of eligible clinicians from MIPS reporting.
  • A reduction in the programwide reporting burden. One of the leading causes of our frustration as physicians is Medicare's overwhelming reporting burden.

    For example, under the ACI category that replaces the electronic health record (EHR) Meaningful Use program, the number of required reporting measures was cut from 11 in the proposed rule to four in 2017 and five thereafter.
  • Further flexibility for small, rural, health professional shortage area (HPSA) and non-patient facing physicians. In the proposed rule, physicians who do not have bedside interactions with patients and doctors practicing in small, rural and HPSA settings were required to report two activities under the Clinical Practice Improvement Activities (CPIA) category. We called on CMS to create flexibility for these practice types—and CMS listened.

    The final rule allows these physicians to report on just two medium-weighted or one high-weighted activity to achieve full credit in the CPIA category.
  • A zero percent weight for resource use. One of the four categories of the MIPS is resource use. The final rule sets resource use at a zero percent weight toward your score in the first year. However, CMS will provide feedback on how you performed on those measures.
  • A reduction in reporting thresholds. In the first year of the program, 2017, you will only have to report successfully on a measure on 50 percent of patients, and 60 percent of patients in 2018. This threshold was set in the proposed rule at 90 percent for those who report electronically and 80 percent for those who report via claims.

These are only a few of the changes that CMS made in the final rule based on our recommendations. As a physician who will be undergoing this transition at the same time as you, I want to do whatever I can to make sure we are all prepared, educated and set up to succeed under this new program.

There will be further developments as other provisions of MACRA are implemented and we will continue to work with CMS to make sure the QPP is positioned to work for all physicians.

We need to educate ourselves and prepare now
Over the next few months, it is critical that all of us educate ourselves and prepare our practices for the first year of the program in 2017. The AMA's Understanding Medicare Reform collection of educational materials, resources and tools will be continually updated as we learn more.

The AMA will be hosting two webinars on the QPP: Nov. 21, 7 p.m. Eastern Time and Dec. 6, 8 p.m. Eastern Time. We will also hold regional meetings Dec. 1 in Atlanta and Dec. 10 in San Francisco. The regional meetings can be attended in person or online. More details on how you can register will be available soon.

This is a monumental change to the practice of medicine. The repeal of the flawed Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) was the first step. Based on the changes we have seen in the final rule, we know that CMS is listening to physicians. The AMA is in a unique position to make recommendations and will continue to do so. If you have not joined us already, now is the time to get off the sidelines and help us make sure this historic Medicare payment transformation sets us all up to provide the high-quality care we know our patients deserve and that we know we can give them.

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Infighting in the Health Insurer Merger Wars

It appears that Anthem and Cigna have not been too happy with each other in the course of their preparation of the antitrust case brought against them by the U.S. Department of Justice. merger negotiations. FierceHealthPayer reports that Judge Amy Berman Jackson, the U.S. District Court judge presiding over the Anthem-Cigna antitrust trial, has ordered the companies to produce to the DoJ letters in which they accuse one another of breaching their merger agreement.

The DoJ says the letters help disprove Anthem’s case that the deal’s potential efficiencies would outweigh its anticompetitive effects. According to an article in the New York Post, Cigna claims that Anthem has breached their agreement by failing properly to prepare the case against the DoJ. The tension between the two companies has led some commentators to doubt whether the deal will ever reach fruition.

Judge Jackson has ordered bifurcation of the trial, with the first part looking at the effect of the deal on national health insurance markets and the second oriented to local markets. Anthem’s lead counsel was heard to make an interesting comment: “[I]f we’re going to lose and we lose quickly, that’s better for everyone.”

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Is HIPAA In the Cloud?

We are all familiar with HIPAA and how it affects day-to-day office practices. As technology develops at an exponential rate, new HIPAA challenges present themselves with increasing frequency. As “The Cloud” (data storage on remote servers) becomes a more important and useful part of our everyday lives and practices, we need to look carefully at the risks it presents to the safety of patient health information which is stored electronically (ePHI).

The US DHHS’s Office of Civil Rights, in charge of enforcing HIPAA, recently issued guidance on HIPAA and cloud computing that confirms the status of cloud service providers (CSP) as business associates. Briefly, there are five things physicians should know about HIPAA in the cloud:

  •  Physicians and health care professionals can use mobile devices to access ePHI in a cloud
  •  A HIPAA-covered entity or business associate can use a cloud service to store or process ePHI
  •   Using a CSP to maintain ePHI without a business associate agreement is a violation of HIPAA rules
  •  A CSP that stores encrypted ePHI and does not have a decryption key is still considered a HIPAA business associate
  •  If a CSP experiences a security incident it must report the incident to the covered entity or business associate

If you’re looking for more information on the subject, a good place to start is an article in the AMA Wire®.

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Opioid Community Forums This Week in Belfast, Rockland, Wells & Dover-Foxcroft

  • Belfast: Tuesday, October 25, 5:30 - 7:30 pm at Troy Howard Middle School
  • Rockland: Wednesday, October 26, 5:30 - 7:30 pm at City Hall Council Chambers
  • Wells: Thursday, October 27, 5:00 - 7:00 pm at Village By the Sea, 1373 Post Rd
  • Dover-Foxcroft: Friday, October 28, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm at Mayo Regional Hospital

Each forum will feature a community conversation about Maine’s heroin/opiate crisis and the roadmap for action on prevention, treatment, harm reduction, and law enforcement that has been developed by the Maine Opiate Collaborative Task Forces. The Task Forces were convened by the U.S. Attorney for Maine, the Maine Attorney General, and the Maine Commissioner of Public Safety.

All members of the community, including young people, are invited to attend and participate in a facilitated discussion about local needs and efforts and action steps we can take in our communities. MMA encourages physicians to attend the forums in their area. Check the next MMA weekly update for information about additional community forums to be held in the coming weeks.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Carol Kelly at carolkelly12@msn.com

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Job Openings


The Maine Public Employees Retirement System (MainePERS or Retirement System) administers a disability retirement program for eligible members of the Retirement System.   The Board of Trustees engages physicians as independent contractors to serve on a Medical Board.  That Board evaluates medical records and provides written consultations to MainePERS and its hearing officers regarding the existence of diagnosable conditions and the presence and permanency of functional limitations in disability cases.

MainePERS seeks to engage additional physicians for the Medical Board.  Physicians of the Medical Board must hold a Maine Physician’s license in good standing and be Board Certified in their area of practice.  Preferred candidates will have experience in one of the following disciplines: Psychiatry, Neurology, Internal Medicine, Physiatry, Occupational Medicine, and case review.  Medical Board physicians work under contract in an advisory capacity on an hourly fee basis.  Typical time commitment is 10-25 hours per month with flexibility of scheduling.  Some case file review and discussion can be done via videoconferencing.    This is a contract position and not eligible for benefits.

To apply, please forward your Curriculum Vitae and introductory letter to HR@MainePERS.org or via mail to:

Maine Public Employees Retirement System

Human Resources Department

P.O. Box 349

Augusta, Maine  04333-0349



Mid Coast Medical Group is seeking a full time General Surgeon. This is a community hospital oriented job with needed skills in all core aspects of general surgery.  The surgeon will be part of a long standing 4-5 provider general surgery group. The office is conveniently located adjacent to Mid Coast Hospital. New graduates and experienced candidates are encouraged to apply.

Part of the Mid Coast–Parkview health family of services, Mid Coast Hospital offers competitive benefits and compensation package, along with an excellent work environment. Please send CV to Melanie Crowe, Physician Recruiter, at mcrowe@midcoasthealth.com or call (207) 406-7872, for more information.


PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN - Eastern Maine Medical Center

Eastern Maine Medical Center seeks a primary care physician, board-certified/board-eligible in internal medicine, to join our well-established, quality-driven, outpatient practice. Husson Internal Medicine is one of seven primary care practices operated by Eastern Maine Medical Center. Our practice was the second in the nation to achieve “Patient-Centered Medical Home” status with NCQA. All physicians are NCQA-certified in diabetes and cardiac care. Our primary care network, largest in our area, has adopted a new practice model to include teams of one physician, one nurse practitioner, two registered nurses, and two medical assistants.  
Eastern Maine Medical Center is a 411-bed, regional, tertiary care and level II trauma center serving the more than 500,000 residents living in central, eastern, and northern Maine We offer a collegial atmosphere, cutting-edge EMR, generous vacation and CME benefit, flexible work schedule, and reasonable call schedule. No hospital call required. Candidates in need of J-1 visa waivers welcome to apply. 
For confidential consideration, please contact: Amanda Klausing at Eastern Maine Medical Center Phone: 207-973-5358 emmccvs@emhs.org.


PEDIATRICIAN - Stephens Memorial Hospital, Norway, Maine  

Western Maine Pediatrics, a department of Stephens Memorial Hospital, is currently seeking a BC/BE Pediatrician to join our exceptional team of providers. Western Maine Pediatrics is a NCQA recognized Level Three - Patient Centered Medical Home committed to providing high quality care to our patients and families.

Stephens Memorial Hospital is a 25-bed critical access hospital that has been recognized by the Leapfrog Group as one of the top rural hospitals in the nation three times in the last six years. Our Pediatricians provide care to newborns in the level one newborn nursey and provide pediatric ER consult service and inpatient care to low risk pediatric patients.

This position offers an opportunity to teach and mentor Medical Students and Pediatric Residents from Maine Medical Center.  Stephens Memorial Hospital, a member of MaineHealth, the premier healthcare system in Maine which includes Maine Medical Center, is a teaching site for the Maine Medical Center-Tufts University School of Medicine Rural Medicine Clerkship Program. 

We are currently in the process of remodeling our practice and will move into our brand new office space at the end of 2016. Our new space will offer state of the art surroundings and will be designed as a Patient Centered Medical Home.

This position offers a competitive salary and benefits, to include student loan repayment.  For more information, please contact: Abbie Graiver, Stephens Memorial Hospital Phone: 207-744-6052 or graiverab@wmhcc.org.


BC/BE FAMILY PRACTICE PHYSICIAN - Sheepscot Valley Health Center

Sheepscot Valley Health Center (Cooper Mills - between Augusta and the Maine coast) seeks a BC/BE Family Practice Physician to provide primary care and preventive services in an outpatient family practice. Join two physicians, three family nurse practitioners and a physician assistant serving 3,700 people annually. Integrated behavioral health, psychiatric medication management, podiatry, and care management are also provided on site.

The practice has been a vital part of the community since 1980 and is part of HealthReach Community Health Centers, a group of eleven Federally Qualified Health Centers in Central and Western Maine serving 28,000 residents in 80 Maine towns each year.

We offer competitive compensation and malpractice coverage. The site is eligible for loan repayment. EOE. Contact: Recruiter, HRCHC, 10 Water Street, Suite 305, Waterville, ME 04901. (207) 660-9913. Fax: (207) 660-9901. 

Communications@HealthReach.org  -   www.SheepscotCHC.org.



Excellent Work Life Balance!  Katahdin Valley Health Center is in search of a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.  These openings are a result of our continued growth. KVHC is Federally Qualified Health Center with sites in Ashland, Houlton, Island Falls, Patten, Millinocket and now Brownville.   Join our practice in one of the newly expanded facilities. KVHC is a fully electronic medical record site and offers a competitive salary and benefit package which includes: a 10% of first year salary sign on bonus, generous amounts of paid time off, CME, Life and Disability as well as FTCA malpractice coverage. No nights weekends or holidays! Family Medicine Practitioners who join KVHC are eligible to apply for NHSC Loan Repayment. 

To learn more about KVHC and Practitioner Opportunities, please contact Michelle LeFay at michelle.lefay@kvhc.org or visit our website at www.kvhc.org.  KVHC is an equal opportunity employer.



Dynamic multi-subspecialty physician-owned and -led orthopaedics group seeks a fellowship trained, board certified or board eligible Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician to join Maine’s premier orthopaedic practice - OA Centers for Orthopaedics.  We are an established group with our own surgery center and all ancillary services (PT, MRI, and Imaging).  If you are interested in joining a growing, high volume, quality-focused group practice with no call, then this is the opportunity for you!

The ideal candidate will have substantial orthopaedic experience and comfort with acute orthopaedic conditions. We are searching for a physician leader to be part of a growing acute walk-in clinic, OrthoAccess, with a full spectrum of surgical subspecialty support. We offer a generous compensation and benefits package, including vacation, CME stipend, relocation allowance, and 401(k) plan with profit sharing.  Partnership-track position with eligibility after 5 years for full-time physicians. Walk-in clinic hours are Monday – Friday, 1:00PM – 8:00PM; Saturday, 9:00AM – 2:00PM. Rotating Saturday coverage required; approximately 5 shifts per year. Flexible part-time or full-time weekday schedule, between the walk-in clinic and routine clinical days.

Send inquiries or CVs to:

Aileen Kiwior, PHR, Senior HR Generalist

OA Centers for Orthopaedics
33 Sewall Street
Portland, ME 04102

EMAIL: hr@orthoassociates.com





Dynamic multi-subspecialty physician-owned and -led orthopaedics group seeks a board certified or board eligible Orthopaedic Surgeon who has completed a Foot & Ankle fellowship to join Maine’s premier orthopaedic practice - OA Centers for Orthopaedics.  We are an established group with our own surgery center, all ancillary services (PT, MRI, and Imaging).  If you are interested in joining a growing, high volume, quality-focused group practice with minimal call, then this is the opportunity for you!

OA Centers for Orthopaedics is searching for a surgeon to join our established Foot & Ankle Center to help meet the needs of this growing service line.  We offer a generous compensation and benefits package, including 6 weeks of vacation, CME stipend, relocation allowance, and 401(k) plan with profit sharing.  Partnership-track position with eligibility after 2 years.

Send inquiries or CVs to:

Aileen Kiwior, PHR, Senior HR Generalist

OA Centers for Orthopaedics
33 Sewall Street
Portland, ME 04102

EMAIL: hr@orthoassociates.com




INTERNAL MEDICINE PHYSICIAN - Maine Medical Partners Internal Medical Clinic

Maine Medical Partners is seeking a PT BC/BE internal medicine physician for their Internal Medicine Outpatient Clinic at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine. 

The Clinic is the primary outpatient teaching site for Maine Medical Center’s Internal Medicine Residency Program and is the medical home for a culturally diverse population.  The ideal candidate will have an interest in residency education and international/immigrant patient care.  The clinical portion of the position involves a mix of direct patient care and the precepting of Internal Medicine Residents. 

Maine Medical Center has 637 licensed beds and is the state’s leading tertiary care hospital, with a full complement of residencies and fellowships and an integral part of Tufts University Medical School. 

For more information please contact Alison C. Nathanson, Director, MaineHealth Physician Recruitment Center at (207) 661-7383 or nathaa@mainehealth.org.



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Upcoming Events

12th National Prescription Drug Take Back Day 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has scheduled the Twelfth National Prescription Drug Take Back Day for October 22, 2016 for the disposal of unused, unneeded, or expired prescription controlled substances.  These take back days over the last five years were overwhelmingly successful and resulted in the collection and disposal of over 3,236 tons of pharmaceuticals.

Collection locations staffed by duly authorized law enforcement officials are planned from 10am to 2pm at community sites.  Destruction will be accomplished in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations.  For more information go to www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/drug_disposal/takeback/



 MCMI Training Programs - Level 1 and Level 2

October 25, 2016

When and where held:  On October 25, 2016, the Maine Concussion Management Initiative will present Level 1 and Level 2 Training as the Youth Concussion Track at the Brain Injury Association of America-Maine Chapter's 7th Annual Conference on Defining Moments in Brain Injury in Portland at USM.

Training Programs:             

Level 1 – An Introduction to Concussions and Concussion Management

Speaker: Deb Nichols, CPNP or Peter Sedgwick, MD or Bill Heinz, MD

Level of Difficulty: beginner

Content:  The Diagnostic and Return to Play Dilemma, How Concussion Occurs and Pathophysiology, Concussion Signs and Symptoms, Concussion Evaluation Tools, Concussion Treatment, Recovery Epidemiology, Return to Function – Academics and Play, Risk Factors and Protective Equipment, Short and Long Term Sequelae, Neurocognitive Testing, Concussion Sideline Assessment, Key Points

Level 2 – Advanced Concussion Management (Level 1 is a prerequisite for taking Level 2)

Speaker: Paul Berkner, DO

Level of Difficulty: intermediate

Content: Updates from Zurich 2012, Using ImPACT Testing in Concussion Management, Interpreting   

ImPACT Test Results, Concussion Case Reviews

Schedule: Conference - 7:30pm to 4:30pm

MCMI Level 1: 9:30am to 1:00pm

MCMI Level 2: 1:30pm to 4:30pm                                                   


Fee: $100 for all participants for the entire day

How to register: online atwww.biausa.org then click on BIAA-Maine (in the menu on the left)

CMEs will be provided. Exact contact hours not determined at this time

For more information contact:

Jan Salis, PT, ATC, MCMI - Membership and Education Committee - Chair

jsalis@aol.com or (207) 577-2018




Personal Financial Planning & Understanding MACRA, MIPS, and APMs

October 25 @ 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Personal Financial Planning
Understanding MACRA, MIPS, and APMs

Presented By:
Michael Genetti, CLU, ChFC, Financial Planner Financial Services Representative – Baystate Financial
Speaking from 8:00 am – 10:00 am
Andrew Finnegan, Health Insurance Specialist – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Dr. Dan Mingle, MD, CEO – Mingle Analytics

Speaking from 10:15 am – 12:15 pm

October 25, 2016

Hilton Garden Inn
Downtown Freeport
5 Park Street
Freeport, Maine 04032

Registration opens at 7:30 am
Seminar 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
(Breakfast Included)


Please send registration form and payment method to:

Mail: PO Box 3403, Mercerville, NJ 08619

Fax: 866-648-5913

Email: mainemgma@gmail.com


Maine Health Management Coalition and Maine Medical Association's 2016 Symposium

Thursday, October 27 

Holiday Inn By The Bay, Portland

About the Symposium

For this year's symposium we will be continuing to highlight and explore actionable strategies that each of us can take to help improve health and lower costs.  Our keynote speaker, David Blumenthal, MD, President of The Commonwealth Fund, will share examples of how organizations around the country are getting more value from their health care dollars, and breakout sessions will dive into the details to highlight individual efforts that organizations in our state can emulate.  There will be presentations on tackling prescription drug abuse for providers and employers, alternative payment arrangements being tested through employer/provider partnerships, an overview of how MACRA will impact the payment landscape in our state, and more!

When: Thursday, October 27, 2016, 8am - 5pm

Where: Holiday Inn By The Bay, 88 Spring Street, Portland ME 04101

Register Here!



"Integrative Health in Athletic Performance”


Maine’s Top Integrative Physicians, Olympians and Professional Athletes Host the State’s First Complementary Health Symposium

How complementary and alternative therapies enhance athletic performance, reduce injuries and improve mental focus


WHAT:            The Center for Wellness Leadership (CWL), a Portland-based nonprofit will host its first signature event to explore how adding alternative modalities to a conventional medical approach can improve athletes’ overall health and performance. The symposium will explore topics including acupuncture, homeopathy, yoga and osteopathy.

                        Maine physicians and professional athletes will share first-hand accounts of how integrating complementary and alternative therapies have been successful when conventional methods alone have not.            

Attendees will hear from the head physician of Maine’s Red Claws, the director of Integrated Medicine at Maine Medical Center and professional athletes and Olympians.

Formed in 2014, the nonprofit hosting the event aims to increase mainstream awareness for the benefits of using Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Medicine. CWL plans to fund research, produce a regular television show, offer comprehensive resources and research – including a provider directory and event calendar. All accessible on wellnessleadership.org

Guests will be personally welcome by University of Southern Maine President Glenn Cummings. The symposium will be held USM’s Hannaford Hall from 8:15am to 2:30pm, Saturday, October 29, 2016.

Athletes, yogis, coaches, practitioners, physicians and the general public are encouraged to attend. For ticket information, register here

WHERE:           University of Southern Maine, Hannaford Hall

                        88 Bedford Street, Portland, Maine

WHEN:             Saturday, October 29, 2016

                        8:15am to 2:30pm

WHO:               Alban Maino, Executive Director, Center for Wellness Leadership

Dr. Craig Schneider, Maine Medical Partners

Dr. Heather Gillespie, Head Physician, Maine Red Claws, Maine Medical Partners

Dr Diane Hayden, Essential Living Maine

Dr. Nancy Frederick, CCH(NA)

Dr. Sarah Kotzur, ND

Dan Katz, PT LA.c, Wildwood Medicine

Dr Tom Gilson, D.O.

Julia Clukey, Olympic Ice Luger

Dave Cowens, NBA Hall of Famer, Boston Celtics (1970-1980)
Roberto Forleo (Intl Ballet Dancer)

Hosted by Dr Lisa Belisle, Love Maine Radio             


Established in 2014, Center for Wellness Leadership is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit providing communities with educational resources and research to empower individuals to reach optimal wellbeing through the application of Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Medicine. CWL is home to an online, searchable database, media vault, event calendars and resources.



Webinar on Electronic Prescribing of Opioids on November 1

The Maine Medical Association has selected DrFirst as its exclusive partner in providing electronic prescribing of controlled substances solutions to MMA members. 

DrFirst will provide an educational webinar on how to get started e-prescribing controlled substances, along with a demo of their EPCS Gold software, on November 1 from 12-1pm ET. Even if that time isn’t convenient, register anyway and receive a recording of the event.

In 2017 Maine will follow in New York’s footsteps and require e-prescribing of opioids. Legal compliance aside, making the switch to electronic prescriptions can save your practice time and improve patient safety.  

You may register for the webinar here.


A Message from the Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership

We are pleased to invite you to attend our 2016 Hanley Forum, Community Innovations to Address Stress & Depression In Our Young Adults on November 2nd at the Hilton Garden Inn.  Far too many of Maine’s adolescents and young adults are in need.  Far too many won’t ask for help.  Please join us and lend us your experience, perspective, time and hope.

WHO:  Primary Care, Emergency Medicine and Behavioral Health Providers

WHAT:  Hanley Forum 2016

Register Today at: www.hanleyforum.eventbrite.com

WHEN:  November 2, 2016, 9:30am-4:00pm

WHERE:  Hilton Garden Inn, Freeport

As with all Hanley initiatives, the spirit of collaboration in creating positive change will be key to the success of the day!  We hope you will join us as we bring together primary care & other providers, health leaders, educators, parents, consumers, law enforcement, behavioral health professionals, and community & business leaders for a day of learning, networking and innovating.

At the end of the day, we hope to have 3-5 concepts that either attempt something new or expand upon a current community collaboration to better support Maine’s high school and college age young adults challenged by anxiety and/or depression.

Keynoting the day will be Dr. Gene Beresin, MD, MA, Executive Director of The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds.  Dr. Beresin will ground us in this work and energize us to come together as a community to share perspective and generate new ideas to support Maine’s young adults.  We will also hear from a few consumers, parents and community collaborators.

We know that this challenge touches the lives of each and every one of us in some way through our work, our families, our friends and neighbors and our communities.  We also know that you can help.  Please join us and register today at: www.hanleyforum.eventbrite.com .  To learn more or support the Forum through corporate sponsorship, please call Judiann Smith at 207-553-9852.


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