February 27, 2017

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Grace Period for Checking PMP Expires on Wednesday, March 1st

The State-declared grace period for enforcing the law requiring that prescribers check the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) prior to prescribing opioid medication and benzodiazepines will expire this coming Wednesday, March 1st.  Prescribers or their registered delegates should be checking the PMP on the first of such scripts or any first renewals after January 1, 2017 and then every 90 days thereafter if the medication continues to be prescribed.

Potential penalties for violating the law include fines and reporting to the applicable professional licensing board. One question that frequently is asked during MMA's educational presentations on the law involves how much time can expire between the checking of the PMP and the writing of the script. The law does not specify, but MMA attorneys familiar with the law recommend that no more than two days pass between the check and the writing of the script. Other frequently asked questions appear on the MMA website at www.mainemed.com.

MMA attorneys and clinical faculty are able to provide one, two, or three hours of CME on the law (P.L. 2015, Chapter 488) that will count toward the three-hour CME requirement which must be met prior to end of 2017. If you are interested in having a presentation at your hospital, at your practice, or at your specialty society meeting, contact EVP Gordon Smith at gsmith@mainemed.com or CME Coordinator Gail Begin at gbegin@mainemed.com. There is no charge or fee for these presentations.



MMA Weekly Legislative Call Tuesday, February 28th, 8:00 p.m.

MMA Legislative Committee Chairs Katherine Pope, M.D. and Stephen Meister, M.D. welcome you to participate in the weekly conference calls of the MMA Legislative Committee.

The next MMA Legislative Committee weekly conference call for the Second Regular Session of the 127th Maine Legislature will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, February 28th, at 8:00 p.m.

Legislative Committee members and specialty society legislative liaisons are strongly encouraged to participate. Any physician, practice manager, or other staff member who is interested in the MMA's legislative advocacy also is welcome to participate. It is not necessary to RSVP for the calls.

Please use the following conference call number and passcode. These will remain the same for every weekly call during the session.

Conference call number:  207-480-4790

Passcode:  057614#

The purpose of the weekly conference calls is to review and finalize the MMA's position on bills printed the previous week, to hear the views of specialty societies on the new bills or their concerns about any current health policy issues, and to discuss the highlights of legislative action of the week. The calls rarely last longer than an hour. The MMA staff lists a suggested position for each bill and any medical specialty particularly affected by the bill.  

If you have an opinion about any of these bills, but cannot participate in the call, please contact Andrew MacLean, Deputy EVP & General Counsel at amaclean@mainemed.com or 480-4187, or Peter Michaud, Associate General Counsel at pmichaud@mainemed.com or 480-4199.

The following are bills of interest to the physician community printed last week. We will discuss the priority bills marked with an asterisk (*) first. This will be important when the list grows in the next few weeks.

This year is marked by two topics that have been the subjects of an inordinately large number of bills: recreational marijuana legalization and opioids. In order to allow clearer discussion of all the bills on each topic together during the legislative calls, the marijuana bills will be marked with a superscript "m" and the opioid bills with a superscript "o". We welcome your comments on whether this makes things easier or more difficult for you. Following are the bills of the week:

LD 643: Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Increase Reimbursement Rates for Home-based and Community-based Services (Public Health) (Monitor)

*LD 652: An Act To Provide Drug Price Relief (All) (Support)

*LD 655: An Act To Lower the Price MaineCare Pays for Prescription Drugs (All) (Support)

*LD 666: An Act To Improve Access to Cost-effective Health Care Services (All) (Monitor)

mLD 667: An Act To Repeal the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana (Psychiatry, Public Health) (Support)

mLD 672: An Act To Clarify a Municipality's Authority To Adopt and Enforce Land Use Regulations for Marijuana Facilities (Psychiatry, Public Health) (Monitor)

LD 676: Resolve, To Study the Development of a Behavioral Health Unit at the Cumberland County Jail (Psychiatry) (Monitor)

*LD 688: An Act To Provide MaineCare Coverage for Music Therapy (Psychiatry) (Monitor)

LD 690: An Act To Provide Additional Funding for Persons with Disabilities (All) (Monitor)

*LD 691: An Act To Prevent Lead Poisoning in Children (Pediatrics, Public Health) (Support)

mLD 708: An Act To Use Taxes on Nonmedical Marijuana and Increase the Tax on Cigarettes To Partially Offset the 3% Income Tax Surcharge (Psychiatry, Public Health) (Oppose)

*Because the Select Committee on Marijuana is beginning to meet, we will devote significant time during this call to the MMA’s position on marijuana generally (the Board voted to oppose the legalization referendum) and discussing a course of action. In preparation for that discussion, please take a look at the bills that have been marked with a superscript “m” in the Weekly Updates since the beginning of the year.

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POLITICAL PULSE: Appropriations and HHS Committees Conclude Week of Hearings on DHHS Parts of Biennial Budget


Last week was school vacation week in Maine and most legislative activities were on hold.  But, the Appropriations & Financial Affairs and HHS Committees were busy all week with public hearings on the parts of the FY 2018-2019 biennial budget, L.D. 390.  The MMA and some medical specialty societies expressed concern about various parts of the budget, including the impact of the 3% income tax surcharge passed at referendum on physician recruitment and retention in Maine; cuts to hospital reimbursement and MaineCare eligibility; dramatic reductions in public assistance programs; and cuts to public health programs by shifting money from the Fund for a Healthy Maine to the general MaineCare budget.

The MMA thanks several physicians who took the time to come to the State House to testify in opposition to parts of the budget, including Mark Fourre, M.D., Deborah Hagler, M.D., Victoria Rogers, M.D., Steve DiGiovanni, M.D., and Alice Haines, M.D.

 The HHS Committee will conduct work sessions on the biennial budget this week.  The Appropriations Committee will continue public hearings on the rest of the biennial budget for another week or more.  Work sessions in the Appropriations Committee will occupy much of the rest of the session which is scheduled to adjourn by Wednesday, June 21st.

 You can find MMA's testimony on the budget and other bills on the MMA website here. You can find the Appropriations Committee budget materials on the legislature's web site here.  If you have questions about the MMA's advocacy on the biennial budget, please contact Andrew MacLean, Deputy EVP & General Counsel at amaclean@mainemed.com or 622-3374, ext. 214.


A Joint Order (S.P. 210) calling for the establishment of the Task Force has been passed in the House and Senate and appointments will be made soon by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House.  MMA has been a strong proponent of the need to establish such a group to provide a comprehensive review of the many bills pending as well as the existing law dealing with opioid medication.  

In addition to the sixteen members of the Task Force, to be appointed by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House, the Governor's office, the office of the Attorney General and a representative of the judicial branch will be invited to participate. The duties of the group are to examine the current laws in the State addressing opiate abuse and heroin use, including but not limited to existing laws focused on law enforcement, prevention, treatment and recovery. As part of its study, the task force will review the report and recommendations of the Maine Opiate Collaborative issued on May 6, 2016 as well as initiatives that have been successfully undertaken by other states. No later than April 30, 2017, the task force shall submit an initial report that includes its findings and recommendations, including suggested legislation, for introduction to the current session of the legislature. No later than December 6, 2017, the task force will submit a final report that includes its findings and recommendations, including suggested legislation, for introduction to the Second Regular Session of the 128th Legislature.

In addition to the eight legislators, the following members will be appointed. If any MMA member would like to volunteer or suggest other physician or non-physician members, please contact EVP Gordon Smith, Esq. at gsmith@mainemed.com. If the group is to meet its deadline of April 30th for its first set of recommendations, these appointments will need to be made very quickly.

1.   One member who is an administrator at a hospital in the State, appointed by the President of the Senate.

2.   One member representing the interests of law enforcement, appointed by the President of the Senate.

3.   One member representing the interests of providers of services at opioid treatment facilities, appointed by the President of the Senate.

4.   One member representing a statewide association of physicians in the State, appointed by the President of the Senate.

5.   One member who is recovering from opioid addiction, appointed by the Speaker of the House.

6.   One member representing the interests of providers of substance abuse and recovery services, appointed by the Speaker of the House.

7.   One member who is a physician specializing in addiction treatment, appointed by the Speaker of the House.

8.   One member who is a behavioral health specialist, appointed by the Speaker of the House.

The task force will be chaired by one of the Senators and one of the House members appointed.



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11th Circuit Appeals Court Strikes Down "Gun Gag Law" in Florida

From AMA Wire's Editor, Kevin B. O'Reilly:

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down key portions of a Florida law that restricted the ability of physicians to communicate freely with their patients about firearms safety. In an en banc decision overturning an earlier three-judge panel ruling, the court ruled that Florida’s Firearms Owners’ Privacy Act infringes on the free speech rights of physicians.

“Florida may generally believe that doctors and medical professionals should not ask about, nor express views hostile to, firearms ownership, but it ‘may not burden the speech of others in order to tilt public debate in a preferred direction,’” Judge Adalberto Jordan wrote for the majority, quoting the words of a Supreme Court opinion in another case of speech rights in a medical context. Physicians, Judge Jordan added, must have the ability to communicate in a frank and open manner with patients.

Florida officials may appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In 2016, the AMA joined with the American Academy of Pediatrics and seven other medical specialty societies to file an amicus brief (AMA login required) asking for the full 11-judge panel to rehear the Wollschlaeger v. Florida case, which had been decided 2-1 in the state’s favor.

“The discussions physicians have with their patients do not threaten those patients’ right of gun ownership,” the brief says. “The Second Amendment protects citizens against governmental confiscation of their firearms. Physicians neither confiscate nor facilitate anyone else’s confiscation of firearms—nor is it likely that they could or would do so.”

Reacting to the court victory, AMA President Andrew W. Gurman, MD, stressed that the AMA’s objections to the Florida law centered on speech rights and the patient-physician relationship.

“This case has always been about the First Amendment right to free speech, not the Second Amendment right to own and possess firearms,” Dr. Gurman said. “The court found no evidence that any doctor has infringed on patients’ Second Amendment rights. Counseling patients we care for makes a difference in preventing gun-related injuries and deaths. The political interests of state lawmakers do not justify infringing on the patient-physician relationship and stifling relevant medical discussions that are entitled to First Amendment protection.”

Long-standing AMA policy supports physicians consulting with patients about firearm safety and how to protect themselves and their families from gun-related accidents. [return to top]

MMA Representatives Attend AMA National Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C. this Week

MMA President Charles Pattavina, M.D. and EVP Gordon Smith travel to Washington, D.C. this week to attend the AMA's National Advocacy Conference. You can see more about the conference on the AMA web site here. The MMA delegation also will make visits to Capitol Hill with the four members of Maine's Congressional delegation and/or their staffs. [return to top]

AMA Prior Authorization Survey Shows Burdens and Impact

The AMA last December surveyed 1,000 practicing physicians on the burdens associated with prior authorization (PA) for medical services and prescriptions.

Among the most notable survey findings was that, on average, a medical practice completes an average of 37 PAs per physician per week, which takes a physician and their staff an average of 16 hours, or the equivalent of two business days, to process. Given this PA workload, it is not surprising that 75 percent of surveyed physicians described PA burdens as high or extremely high. In addition to taxing practices, PA requirements can also impact patients: nearly 90 percent of surveyed physicians reported that PA sometimes, often, or always delays access to care.

The 24-question, web-based survey was conducted with the assistance of M3 and involved 600 specialists and 400 primary care physicians. Participating physicians were screened to ensure that they provide 20 or more hours of patient care and complete PAs during a typical week of practice.

The survey results highlight the need for improvements in the PA process. A coalition including the AMA and 16 other organizations recently released a set of 21 principles aimed at effecting positive changes in health plans' utilization management programs. The AMA encourages state medical associations and specialty medical societies to use the survey results and the principles in advocacy efforts on this challenging issue. [return to top]

SAVE THE DATE: MMA Legislative Committee to Host Forum on Physician-Assisted Death on Tuesday, March 14th

MMA Legislative Committee Co-Chairs Katherine Pope, M.D. and Stephen Meister, M.D. invite interested physicians to join members of the MMA Legislative Committee for a discussion of physician-assisted death.  The focus of the discussion will be a bill submitted for consideration in the 128th Legislature by Senator Roger Katz (R-Kennebec):  L.D. 347, An Act to Support Death with Dignity.

The meeting will take place at the Frank O. Stred Building (MMA headquarters) in Manchester from 6:00 to approximately 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 14th.  Dinner will be available at 6 p.m.  All are welcome, but please RSVP to Sarah Lepoff at slepoff@mainemed.com for our meal planning.
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Register to Attend AMA's Alternative Payment Model (APM) Workshop

With the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) Quality Payment Program starting this year and the new Physician-focused Payment Model Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC) reviewing specialties' APM proposals, now is the time to join your colleagues at the AMA's APM Workshop, to be held Mon., March 20, in Washington, D.C.

Physicians who are working on APMs or interested in learning more about them should register now to:

  • Share how your organization is designing APMs
  • Learn about physician-focused APMs that others are proposing
  • Develop solutions to challenges in APM design, such as risk adjustment and patient attribution

Participants will also have opportunities to inform policy makers about the data, technical assistance, registries and information technology needed for APMs. Discussion leaders for the APM Workshop include physician leaders from the American College of Surgeons, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the AMA, as well as a PTAC member.

To register, contact Ela Cameron at ela.cameron@ama-assn.org with your name, email address, organization, city and state. There is no charge to attend, but space is limited.

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See AMA Resources on MACRA

A final rule released on Oct. 14, 2016 by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) details the final regulations for implementation of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), the historic Medicare reform law that repealed the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula last year. Read the AMA summary (PDF) or view the key changes in the QPP final rule (PDF).  

You can find the AMA's MACRA resource page here.
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Wellness and Work: 10 Things to Consider about Going Part Time

From the February 24th edition of the AMA Wire:

Physicians have no trouble citing compelling reasons to reduce their work hours—stress, bureaucracy and the feeling of missing out on one’s personal life, to name a few. But they can also face high hurdles to making the switch to a lighter workload, including medical school debt, career aspirations and pressure from employers. A health-care couple who made the break from full-time work shares ten lessons they learned along the way.

In “Thinking about working part time? Here are some tips,” in the winter 2017 issue of Physician Family, Marsha Holleman, MD, MPH, a family doctor, and Warren Holleman, PhD, the director of a wellness program, wrote that part-time work isn’t for everybody. “But for us, it was the best decision we ever made. It reduced our stress and probably saved our marriage.”

Although one major reason Drs. Holleman and Holleman made the switch was to have more time with their children, their advice also applies to physicians without children who are trying to achieve work-life balance. It covers both the time leading up to a change in employment status and the time after it:

Know how much money you need to be happy. “If you decide to work part-time, you won’t be able to afford the same material possessions as your [full-time] colleagues. You’ll have a smaller house, a less expensive car. … If these prospects trouble you, then it’s a no-brainer: Keep working full time. If, on the other hand, you’re willing to live on a budget, then working part time may be right for you. The good news is that physician salaries are high enough that you can work part time and still live comfortably.”

Decide whether your professional goal is prestige or satisfaction. “How important is it to you to be regarded as a ‘top gun’ in your field? In many organizations, working part-time carries a stigma of not being fully invested in your career. … We both worked in academic medicine, where career success was defined in terms of being promoted to administrative positions such as committee chair, medical director, department chair, etc. Working part time probably helped us avoid promotions that would pivot us away from work that filled our lives with meaning and toward administrative work that gave us headaches.”

If you have children, determine what role you want in their lives. “Time and again we found ourselves ‘outsourcing’ parenting responsibilities and asking, ‘Why bother to have children if we aren’t going to raise them?’ So, working less and parenting more felt right for us. We have friends who chose differently, delegating more parenting responsibilities to nannies and grandparents. And some of our friends have negotiated more flexible (full-time) work arrangements, allowing them to more easily juggle parenting and work.”

Carefully consider who you ask for advice. “If work-life balance is the reason you’re thinking of working part time, find role models who practice good self-care and are engaged with their family, friends and community. If parenting is a primary concern, get advice from friends and colleagues who’ve raised their children well. Don’t limit yourself to the health professions; get a broad range of viewpoints and life experiences. … Today’s bosses and mentors are more likely to be part of a two-career couple, but that still doesn’t mean they slice the pie the way you do. Consider a variety of perspectives before making your decision.”

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Job Openings


Lifespan Family Healthcare is seeking a part-time Certified Physician Assistant, with full-time potential in the area.  We are a growing family practice which sees patients of all ages for acute and chronic care.  No inpatient.  Located in the beautiful coastal Maine village of Newcastle, this Patient Centered Medical Home is looking for someone to join our highly productive care team.   The ideal candidate would need at least 1 year of clinical experience and have a current Maine license. 

Please send a cover letter and your resume to:  Sandy Lovley at sandy@lifespanfamilyhealthcare.com or fax it to 207-563-3393.


FAMILY MEDICINE PHYSICIAN - Maine Medical Partners Primary Care

Maine Medical Partners Primary Care is seeking a Family Medicine trained physician for their new outpatient practice located in Standish, just outside the greater Portland, Maine area.  Candidates will have the opportunity to help establish this new primary care office which will be closely linked to our Windham practice located 10 miles away. 

The successful candidate will be employed by Maine Medical Partners (MMP), a subsidiary of Maine Medical Center and Maine’s largest multi-specialty group.  This high quality team of more than 500 physicians and 200 advanced practice professionals provides a wide range of hospital based, primary, specialty, and sub-specialty adult and pediatric care delivered throughout a network of 30 locations.

For more information please contact Alison C. Nathanson, Director, MaineHealth Physician Recruitment Center at (207) 661-7383 or nathaa@mainehealth.org.


PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN - Eastern Maine Medical Center

Eastern Maine Medical Center seeks a primary care physician, board-certified/board-eligible in internal medicine, to join our well-established, quality-driven, outpatient practice. Husson Internal Medicine is one of seven primary care practices operated by Eastern Maine Medical Center. Our practice was the second in the nation to achieve “Patient-Centered Medical Home” status with NCQA. All physicians are NCQA-certified in diabetes and cardiac care. Our primary care network, largest in our area, has adopted a new practice model to include teams of one physician, one nurse practitioner, two registered nurses, and two medical assistants.

Eastern Maine Medical Center is a 411-bed, regional, tertiary care and level II trauma center serving the more than 500,000 residents living in central, eastern, and northern Maine We offer a collegial atmosphere, cutting-edge EMR, generous vacation and CME benefit, flexible work schedule, and reasonable call schedule. No hospital call required. Candidates in need of J-1 visa waivers welcome to apply.

For confidential consideration, please contact: Amanda Klausing, Eastern Maine Medical Center, Phone: 207-973-5358 or email emmccvs@emhs.org.


PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT OR NURSE PRACTITIONER HOSPITALIST - Full Time or Per Diem, Bridgton Hospital, Bridgton, Maine

Bridgton Hospital, part of the Central Maine Medical Family, seeks a physician assistant or nurse practitioner to join its well-established hospitalist program. The full time hospitalist PA/NP would be responsible for two regular weeknight shifts and every fifth weekend, allowing for a healthy work/life balance. The candidate would be responsible for overnight admissions and care of acute inpatients and swing bed patients in our 21-bed critical access hospital. This is a contracted position with opportunities for loan repayment and additional per diem hours. Previous hospital experience necessary.

For more information visit our website at ww.bridgtonhospital.org. Interested candidates should contact Donna Lafean, CMMC Associate Professional Staff Recruiter, 300 Main Street, Lewiston, ME 04240; email: lafeando@cmhc.org; call: 800/445-7431; fax: 207/344-0658.



Down East Community Hospital would like to find a quality focused Board Certified Physician to join our Outpatient Clinic team in Machias, Maine. We welcome Family Practice/Internal Medicine physicians with experience to share as well as new graduates looking to start their career.  We offer comprehensive benefits, aggressive incentive plans, and a four day workweek.

Whether you’re a weekend wanderer or an avid outdoorsperson, the communities of Downeast Maine have a lot more to offer than sailing craggy coastlines, hiking to spectacular vistas, and fishing vast river systems and lakes. Machias is community oriented town with an endless opportunities to explore a rich historical past as the site of the first naval battle of the American Revolution, art galleries, antique shops, traditional cultures, artisanal foods, and performing arts.

Contact Information: Elizabeth Hines Human Resources 207.255.0468 elizabeth@dech.org  EOE 



Sebasticook Valley Hospital is seeking a full time Family Medicine physician to join Sebasticook Valley Family Care a modern practice located just off I-95 in Pittsfield.  Be part of a ten member collegial medical staff providing primary care services in a rural community. Work schedule is 4 days per week, with limited telephone call from home.  This position comes with competitive compensation, fringe benefits, assistance with medical education debt, signing/relocation bonus negotiable. 

SVH is a 25-bed modern critical access hospital located in Pittsfield which is 20 minutes north of Waterville, and 40 minutes south of Bangor. The hospital serves a population of 30,000 in this central Maine area.  SVH takes a proactive approach in helping people in the Sebasticook Valley improve the quality of their lives. The hospital works with local businesses, schools, the religious community, other healthcare providers, area organizations, and private individuals to make the Valley a healthy place to live. SVH serves has a wide range of outpatient services, including over 20 specialty services.

For more information, please contact Sherry Tardy, PHR, DASPR, at 207-487-4085 or email a CV for review to stardy@emhs.org.


DIRECTOR OF EMERGENCY CARE - Southern Maine Health Care

Southern Maine Health Care is seeking a qualified physician for Director of Emergency Medicine.  

This FT Director position involves working collaboratively with all clinical staff and senior administration to assure that the care of patients in the ED is of the highest quality.  The position involves 24 administrative hours/week, and approximately 53 clinical hours/ month. 

Candidates must be Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, possess excellent communication and organizational skills, an ability to work well within a changing and fast-paced environment, and a strong commitment to the medical community. 

SMHC is a member of MaineHealth. We are a nationally accredited, award-winning 200-bed medical center located on the beautiful southern coast of Maine. 

SMHC is among the largest health care groups in Maine, bringing together York County's largest medical center with over 40 primary care physicians and specialists.

For more information, please contact Kelley Johnson, SMHC Recruiter at (207) 294-8404 or kajohnson@smhc.org.


PHYSICIAN – Monmouth

DFD Russell Medical Centers (DFDRMC) operates three community health centers in central Maine.  We are seeking a full time Physician, for our Monmouth location.

Our three health centers serve a multicultural, rural population of about 10,000 patients and have a family practice focus serving pediatrics to geriatrics. We have excellent clinical support staff.

This position requires a high degree of flexibility, good clinical skills and commitment to team work and open lines of communication. It is a full-time at 4 days per week.

This position combines making a difference in patients' lives with a family-friendly work life, please e-mail your resume to Laurie Kane-Lewis, CEO. (Laurie.Kane-Lewis@DFDRussell.org) EEO

Requirements:  Current Maine license. Proficiency with electronic medical records.

Benefits:  Excellent benefit package: medical, dental, life, 401(k), flexible spending accounts and a generous paid time-off plan. Salary is commensurate with experience; there is also an incentive plan and a CME reimbursement.


FNP/NP – Monmouth

DFD Russell Medical Centers (DFDRMC) operates three community health centers in central Maine.  We are seeking a full time FNP/NP, for our Monmouth location.

Our three health centers serve a multicultural, rural population of about 10,000 patients and have a family practice focus serving pediatrics to geriatrics. We have excellent clinical support staff.

This position requires a high degree of flexibility, good clinical skills and commitment to team work and open lines of communication. It is a full-time at 4 days per week.

This position combines making a difference in patients' lives with a family-friendly work life, please fax or e-mail your resume to Laurie Kane-Lewis, CEO. (Laurie.Kane-Lewis@DFDRussell.org) EOE

Requirements:  Current Maine license. Proficiency with electronic medical records.

Benefits:  Excellent benefit package medical, dental, life, 401(k) , flexible spending accounts and a generous paid time-off plan. Salary is commensurate with experience; there is also an incentive plan and a CME reimbursement.


OUTPATIENT ONLY - INTERNAL MEDICINE with Loan Repayment & Sign-on Bonus 

The Central Maine Medical Group seeks BE/BC Internal Medicine physician to join cohesive, well-established, hospital-employed practice in Lewiston, Maine.  We offer:

  • Up to $200K in medical student loan repayment
  • $50K sign on bonus
  • Up to $12K moving allowance
  • 4 day work week/generous outpatient call
  • Healthy work/life balance

Central Maine affords easy access to the coast and mountains where you can enjoy four seasons of outdoor activities.  We have a growing arts and restaurant scene in a very safe affordable area to live and raise a family.  To join our growing team, contact Gina Mallozzi, Central Maine Medical Center, 300 Main Street, Lewiston, ME  04240.  Email:  MallozGi@cmhc.org; Fax: 207/344-0696; Call:  800/445-7431; or visit our website:  http://recruitment.cmmc.org/.




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Upcoming Events

PROGRAM ON MEDICAL MARIJUANA - Maine's Marijuana Law and Its Impact on Youth

Saturday, March 4, 2017 at Sunday River Resort ~ 4:00 - 6:30pm

John Knight, MD, Harvard Medical School/Children's Hospital, Boston - a leading researcher in adolescent substance use and abuse, will be speaking.  Dr. Knight, the developer of the CRAAFT Screening Test (a short clinical assessment tool designed to screen for substance-related risks and problems in adolescents and he has developed an informational website for teens which has proved quite effective in changing attitudes and behavior. In addition to reviewing the science of what is known about effects of marijuana on youth, Dr. Knight will also summarize what is known about screening, prevention, and early intervention of adolescent substance abuse (alcohol, marijuana, and opioid)

Following his talk, there will be an expert panel discussing policy implications, prescribing issues, penalties, DHHS regulations, and how the law will be implemented.

To register: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event;jsessionid=0A40478B82B9F1AB2798844A7308AE87.worker_registrant?llr=yz5qzmuab&oeidk=a07ednyzs0q4a66acff



Maine Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

May 6 & 7, 2017

Sable Oaks Marriott, Portland, ME

Contact:  Dee Kerry at 207-480-4185 or dakerry@aap.net



Maine Chapter, American College of Surgeons Annual Meeting

May 19-21, 2017

Harborside Hotel & Marina, Bar Harbor, ME

Contact:  Shirley Goggin at 207-445-2260 or maine@mainefacs.org


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For more information or to contact us directly, please visit www.mainemed.com l ©2003, Maine Medical Association