Maine Medicine Weekly Update - 03/04/2020  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
•  No on 1 Success!
•  Doctor Uses Reach of Social Media to Ease COVID-19 Pandemic Fears
•  Maine's Weekly Influenza Report
•  Maine DHHS Announces that Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services will be Renamed to Office of Behavioral Health
•  2020 Census
•  H. Alan Hume, M. D., 93
•  Next MMA Legislative Call Will Be Tuesday, March 10th
•  State House Highlights of the Week
•  Upcoming Specialty Society Meetings
•  Register now for Revealing a Path Forward: Maine's Annual Conference on Problem Gambling - March 27th, 2020
•  10th Annual Maine Patient Safety Academy - March 30, 2020
•  Targeted Basic Skills Training: Addressing Nicotine and Tobacco Use through Prevention, Policy and Treatment Initiatives - March 31, 2020
•  Maine Suicide Prevention Program Training for Clinicians
•  April 10th in Augusta: Building Hope Across Populations-Beyond the Basics in Suicide Prevention 2020
•  Family Medicine Outpatient Physician
•  Medical Director, Primary Care Physician
•  Physician - Nasson Health Care
•  Nurse Practitioner - Nasson Health Care
•  Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner - Nasson Health Care
•  Family Medicine Opportunity in Beautiful Western Maine
•  Orthopedic Surgeon Opportunity in Beautiful New England
•  Opportunities at the VA for Volunteer Physicians
•  Volunteer Opportunity with Partners for World Health - Portland, ME


State House Highlights of the Week

Dr. Jim Wilson, physiatrist from MaineGeneral speaks about practices and standards for pill counts compliance before the Committee on Health and Human Services. Thank you, Dr. Wilson. 


A special thank you to everyone involved in the No On 1 campaign to maintain the law allowing only medical exemptions for immunization requirements. It was an outstanding team effort of MMA staff, member physicians and public health experts across the state.

Legislative committees have a March 6th deadline to vote all bills under their control in order to send them for full votes on the House and Senate chambers. The deadline is typically amended annually for a select few bills and we expect that to be the case this year for some bills we are tracking.

Here is an update of recent actions on bills of interest to MMA. Please do not hesitate to contact Dan Morin at (207) 838-8613 (24/7) or by email at on any of these bills or the those on the MMA Tracker which can be found on the MMA website honmepage.

Bills MMA Supports

LD 1937An Act To Provide Timely Access to Behavioral Health Services for Maine Children and To Address Trauma and the Impacts of the Opioid Crisis

(Dr. Deborah Hagler testimony)

>Reported out of committee; Ought to Pass as Amended

LD 1387 – An Act To Increase Access to Safe and Affordable Prescription Drugs

(Dr. Hani Jarawan testimony)

LD 1946 An Act To Improve Access to Mental and Behavioral Health Care by Providing Care in Clinical Reproductive and Sexual Health Care Settings

(Dr. Norma Dreyfus testimony)

>Work Session scheduled

LD 1948An Act To Prohibit, Except in Emergency Situations, the Performance without Consent of Certain Examinations on Unconscious or Anesthetized Patients

(Dr. Jay Naliboff testimony; Dan Morin testimony; Hannah Martin testimony)

>Engrossed by the Senate; on path toward Governor’s desk

LD 1492An Act To Reform Drug Sentencing Laws

>Committee Work Session held; bill held for further review

(Dr. Lani Graham & Dan Morin appeared to provide comments)

LD 1957 An Act To Provide Women Access to Affordable Postpartum Care

(Dr. Connie Adler testimony)

>Reported out of committee; Ought to Pass as Amended

LD 2096An Act To Save Lives by Capping the Out-of-pocket Cost of Certain Medications

>2nd Work Session scheduled

LD 2105An Act To Protect Consumers from Surprise Emergency Medical Bills

(Dr. Jay Mullen testimony)

>2nd Work Session scheduled

LD 2106An Act Regarding Prior Authorizations for Prescription Drugs

(Dan Morin provided testimony)

>Public Hearing held; Work Session scheduled

Bills MMA determined Neither for Nor Against


LD 1950An Act To Advance Palliative Care Utilization in the State

>Committee voted Ought Not to Pass

LD 1855An Act To Include Student Absences for Mental Health or Behavioral Health Needs as Excusable Absences

(Dan Morin provided verbal comments at public hearing)

>Signed into law by the Governor

LD 2085An Act To Ensure Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Care and Education in All Maine's Jails and State Correctional and Detention Facilities

(Dan Morin testimony)

LD 2111An Act To Update Certain Provisions in the Income Tax and Service Provider Tax Laws

>2nd Work Session