Maine Medicine Weekly Update - 02/26/2021  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
•  BREAKING: Washington Post Reports, “FDA advisers recommend authorization of Johnson & Johnson single-dose coronavirus vaccine”
•  BREAKING: Maine Adopts Age-based Approach to Expanding Vaccine Eligibility
•  Committee Delays Debate on Bill to Eliminate Nurse Practitioner Training
•  “Community Based Collaboration Form” Vaccine Request Available from Maine DHHS/CDC
•  Maine PMP to Stay with Appriss System
•  CMS Special Enrollment Period for Marketplace Coverage 2021
•  Sue Woods, MD, MPH-- Internet connectivity that just works will help Maine thrive
•  Incoming MMA President, Jeffrey Barkin, MD, DFAPA on WGAN Radio
•  Next MMA Legislative Call Will Be Wednesday, March 3rd
•  Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership’s Renowned Physician Executive Leadership Institute – The Advanced Course Enrollment is OPEN
•  PPE Available Through the MMA & ActionPPE
•  A Message from Maine Responds: Volunteer Opportunity
•  Maine Legislature Week 7 Update
•  Maine Legislature: Public Hearings & Work Sessions
•  Upcoming Specialty Society Meetings
•  Maine CDC Physicians To Host Regular Clinician COVID Vaccine Info Sessions
•  Suicide Prevention and Management in Healthcare Practice Settings: A Comprehensive Evidence-Based Approach
•  Maine CDC Annual Prevention Professionals Conference - March 2nd-3rd
•  AAP EQIPP Course: Immunizations - Strategies for Success (for RURAL Health Providers)
•  Nursing Director
•  Medical Director - Bucksport Regional Health Center
•  Rangeley Family Medicine seeks Physician
•  Nurse Practitioner
•  Physician
•  Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


Maine Legislature: Public Hearings & Work Sessions

The following bills of interest to MMA have been scheduled for public hearings and/or work sessions before legislative committees of policy jurisdiction.

Public Hearings & Work Sessions: March 1 – March 12

Note: Hearings and Work Sessions subject to last minute additions and cancelations

Monday, March 01

10:30 AM –State and Local Government

LD 315, (WS) Resolve, To Require State Departments To Report on Rule Changes within State Government since the Beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tuesday, March 02

9:00 AM – Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

LD 316, An Act To Prohibit the Use of Chlorpyrifos

9:30 AM – IDEA and Business

LD 374, An Act To Allow Veterans, Active Duty Service Members and Their Spouses To Apply for Temporary Occupational Licenses and Certifications

1:00 PM – Health and Human Services

LD121 An Act To Require a Background Check for High-risk Health Care Providers under the MaineCare Program

Thursday, March 04

9:30 AM – IDEA and Business

LD 273 (WS) An Act To Sustain the Doctors for Maine's Future Scholarship Program—MMA Support

10:00 AM –Judiciary

LD 402, An Act To Protect an Individual's Personal Data (Note: immunizations)

LD 480
 An Act To Establish a Presumption of Entitlement to Counsel for a Person Who Is the Subject of an Adult Guardianship, Conservatorship or Other Protective Arrangement Proceeding

1:00 PM – Health and Human Services

LD38 An Act To Clarify the Timing of an Appeal of a Finding Regarding Involuntary Mental Health Treatment at a Designated Nonstate Mental Health Institution

LD 269 An Act to Prohibit Smoking in Bus Shelters

LD 450 An Act To Promote the Education of Patients by Primary Care and Urgent Care Physicians Regarding the Bone Marrow Transplant List

Week of March 08 – March 12

Tuesday, March 09

10:00 AM –Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services

LD 541 - An Act To Improve Health Care Data Analysis

This week’s newly released bills of interest:

LD 599, An Act To Require Coverage for Certain Ultrasound Exams

One-liner: This bill requires insurance carriers to provide coverage in health plans for ultrasound services when a provider considers the procedure necessary during a physical or a preventative exam.

LD 600, An Act To Require Insurance Coverage for Certified Midwife Services

One-liner: This bill requires insurance coverage for services performed by certified midwives

LD 603, An Act Regarding the Practice of Pharmacy

One-liner: This bill amends definitions of “pharmacist” and “practice of pharmacy” in the Maine Pharmacy Act and requires the establishment of the specifications for administering medications, drugs, devices and other materials within the practice of pharmacy by the DPFR and Board of Pharmacy.

LD 605, An Act To Amend the Marijuana Legalization Act


LD 612, An Act To Recognize Occupational Licenses and Certifications from Other States To Attract New Residents and Businesses to Maine

One-liner: This bill creates a framework for the various government agencies, boards, departments and other governmental entities that regulate and issue licenses within the State to offer a path to certification or licensure in Maine to persons who hold occupational credentials from other states in order to allow those persons to more quickly qualify to work within their occupations or professions in Maine.

LD 615, An Act To Remove the Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification Requirement for Dental Therapists

One-liner: This bill repeals the requirement that a dental hygienist who applies for dental therapist authority provide verification of a current advanced cardiac life support certification.

LD 617, An Act Concerning Prior Authorizations for Prescription Drugs

One-liner: 1.) Requires carriers to provide by Jan. 1, 2023 at least one electronic tool to facilitate the availability of certain prescription drug benefit information and, 2.) requires the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation, Bureau of Insurance to monitor compliance by carriers with the requirements of law related to electronic transmission of prior authorization requests for prescription drugs and to submit report.

LD 629, Resolve, To Establish the Task Force To Study Improving Safety and Provide Protection from Violence for Health Care Workers in Hospitals and Mental Health Care Providers

One-liner: Establishes the Task Force to Study Improving Safety and Provide Protection from Violence for Health Care Workers in Hospitals and Mental Health Care Providers – task force is directed to submit report and suggested legislation for presentation to the Second Regular Session.