Maine Medicine Weekly Update - April 3, 2021  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
•  Some Small Independent Physician Practices to Receive COVID Vaccines for Patients Next Week
•  Committee Reconsiders, & Unanimously Votes Down Nursing Practice Bill
•  COVID-19 Pre-Registration & Appointment System Website: VaccinateME
•  Maine Legislature “Adjourns” After Passing Two-Year State Budget; Committee Work Continues
•  Maine Community Action Partnership is Working for a Successful Vaccine Roll Out for All
•  Next MMA Legislative Call Will Be Wednesday, April 7th
•  New Maine AAP Educational Webinar Series
•  PPE Available Through the MMA & ActionPPE
•  A Message from Maine Responds: Volunteer Opportunity
•  Maine Legislature Week 12 Update
•  Newly Introduced Bills in the Maine Legislature Between March 12 and March 30
•  Maine Legislature Public Hearings and Work Sessions
•  Upcoming Specialty Society Meetings
•  Maine CDC Physicians To Host Regular Clinician COVID Vaccine Info Sessions
•  Suicide Prevention and Management in Healthcare Practice Settings: A Comprehensive Evidence-Based Approach
•  AAP EQIPP Course: Immunizations - Strategies for Success (for RURAL Health Providers)
•  Nurse Practitioner
•  Medical Director - ME License Required
•  Practice Administrator
•  Physician
•  Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
•  Belgrade Regional Health Center Seeks a Physician (BC/BE in Family Medicine)


Committee Reconsiders, & Unanimously Votes Down Nursing Practice Bill

Late this week, the legislative committee holding LD 295, reconsidered a previous 6-6-1 vote and instead unanimously voted Ought Not to Pass a bill that would allow nurse practitioners in Maine to practice independently immediately after graduating from nurse practitioner school.


Late this week, the legislative committee holding LD 295, reconsidered a previous 6-6-1 vote and instead unanimously voted Ought Not to Pass a bill that would allow nurse practitioners in Maine to practice independently immediately after graduating from nurse practitioner school. 

The bill, proposed by Maine Nurse Practitioner Association would eliminate the following language from state law in Maine’s Nursing Practice Act: 

“A certified nurse practitioner who qualifies as an advanced practice registered nurse must practice, for at least 24 months, under the supervision of a licensed physician or a supervising nurse practitioner or must be employed by a clinic or hospital that has a medical director who is a licensed physician.  The certified nurse practitioner shall submit written evidence to the board upon completion of the required clinical experience.” 

The bill has been consistently covered in recent Maine Medicine Weekly Update E-newsletters:  

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Committee Holds Vote on Nursing Practice Bill (Mar 26) 

The bill sponsor, Representative Ann Perry, a retired Family Nurse Practitioner stated during this week’s committee work session on the bill that during her discussions with the Maine Nurse Practitioner Association that the prospects of three different versions from the previous 6-6-1 vote coming out of the committee was not a positive development  to take to the full Legislature. She then recommended the committee reconsider its previous vote and vote Ought Not to Pass. 

The MMA would like to thank each member of the Maine Legislature’s Joint Committee on Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services for their tireless work representing their respective constituents and the people of Maine. Being an elected official is oftentimes a thankless job and they face many difficult and contentious issues covering a broad range of public policy. Their consideration of your comments and testimony was welcomed and we look forward to working with them on other important policy issues concerning the practice of medicine and care of your patients.

Thank you: 

CHAIR: Senator Heather Sanborn, Westbrook and part of Portland 

CHAIR: Representative Denise Tepler, Topsham 

Senator Stacy Brenner, Scarborough/Gorham 

Senator Trey Stewart, Numerous towns in Aroostook County 

Representative Poppy Arford, Brunswick 

Representative Mark Blier, Limington / Standish (Part) / Buxton (Part) / Limerick (Part)  

Representative Heidi Brooks, Lewiston 

Representative Jonathan Connor, Lewiston 

Representative Richard Evans, Atkinson/ Brownville/ Dover-Foxcroft/ Lake View/ Medford/ Milo/ Orneville Township  

Representative Kristi Mathieson, Kittery  

Representative Gina Melaragno, Auburn  

Representative Joshua Morris, Leeds/ Turner/ Livermore (Part)  

Representative Tracy Quint, Amity/ Bancroft/ Benedicta Township/ Cary/ Glenwood/ Haynesville/ Hodgdon/ Houlton/ Macwahoc/ Orient/ Reed/ Weston/ Molunkus Township/ Silver Ridge Township/ South Aroostook  

And a special thank you to the countless MMA members who reached out to their respective state representatives and state senators, including those not on the committee. It proved effective and was an impressive display of physician advocacy.  

For more detailed information on the bill, the process, the votes, or any other questions, comments, or concerns on this or any other legislative matter please reach out directly to MMA Director of Communications and Government Affairs, Dan Morin at or by phone at 207-480-4199