Maine Medicine Weekly Update - April 16, 2021  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
•  Maine Medical Association Statement on Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Pause
•  FDA Update & Statement on Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Pause Recommendation
•  Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia & J&J COVID Vaccine Response from the Manufacturer
•  Over 30 Percent of US Adults Fully Vaccinated, Maine Leads the Nation
•  Maine CDC COVID-19 Update for Clinicians with Stephen Sears, MD
•  Clinical Updates and Guidance Related to COVID-19
•  Medicare FFS Claims: 2% Payment Adjustment (Sequestration) Suspended Through December
•  MaineCare Updates: Upcoming Accountable Communities Public Webinar & Primary Care 2.0 Presentation Available Online
•  HealthCare Dive: Urgent Care Centers Draw Some ER Visits but Associated with Higher Spending Overall
•  Webinar for Medical Students April 22: So You Are Employed, Now What?
•  Next MMA Legislative Call Will Be Wednesday, April 21st
•  Maine Community Action Partnership is Working for a Successful Vaccine Roll Out for All
•  Maine Medical Association & ActionPPE Partner Again; This Time for FDA Approved Rapid Antigen Tests
•  A Message from Maine Responds: Volunteer Opportunity
•  Maine Legislature Week 14 Update
•  Maine Legislature Public Hearings, Work Sessions & New Bills
•  Upcoming Specialty Society Meetings
•  Maine CDC Physicians To Host Regular Clinician COVID Vaccine Info Sessions
•  "Prescribing to Reduce Opioid Overdose Risk: How to Impact the Epidemic Within the Pandemic"
•  NAMI Maine Workshops in May & June: Suicide Prevention & Management for Clinical Staff
•  AAP EQIPP Course: Immunizations - Strategies for Success (for RURAL Health Providers)
•  New Maine AAP Educational Webinar Series
•  Nurse Practitioner
•  Executive Director
•  Medical Director - ME License Required
•  Practice Administrator
•  Physician
•  Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


Maine Legislature Public Hearings, Work Sessions & New Bills

 The following bills of interest to MMA’s Legislative Committee are scheduled for public hearings, committee discussions (work sessions), and potential votes over the next two weeks.


 The following bills of interest to MMA’s Legislative Committee are scheduled for public hearings, committee discussions (work sessions), and potential votes over the next two weeks.

 (PH) = Public Hearing

(WS) = Work Session

Week of April 19 – April 23

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

9:30 AM—IDEA - PH

LD 1327 An Act To Create the Maine Health Care Provider Loan Repayment Program 

10:00 AM—ECA-PH

LD 772 An Act To Permit Naloxone Possession, Prescription, Administration and Distribution in Public and Private Schools – Draft MMA Testimony

LD 896 An Act Concerning Mental Health in Public Schools – concept

LD 452 An Act To Require Certain Schools To Provide Menstrual Products

10:00 AM—HCIFS – PH

LD 530, An Act To Consolidate Patient Bills by Directing Health Insurers To Collect Copayments and Deductibles - MHA

LD 951 An Act To Improve Transparency of Medical Billing

LD 1353 An Act To Require the Public Posting of the Costs of Medical Procedures, Services, Medications and Equipment Delivered in Hospitals and the Reporting of Those Costs upon Request

1:00 PM—IDEA - PH

LD 1493 Resolve, Directing the Department of Economic and Community Development To Create and Administer a Fund To Provide Seasonal and Tourism Industry Recovery Grants

1:00 PM—ECA-WS

LD 742 Resolve, To Track Youth Mental Health during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency by Ensuring the Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey Is Conducted during the 2020-2021 School Year

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

10:00 AM—CJPS – PH

LD 663 An Act To Make Comprehensive Substance Use Disorder Treatment Available to Maine's Incarcerated Population

LD 759 An Act To Amend the Child Endangerment Laws To Include Certain Unauthorized Access to a Loaded Firearm 

11:00 AM—HCIFS – PH

LD 365, An Act To Protect Consumers from Surprise Medical Bills 

LD 749   An Act To Establish a Council on Health Systems Development

LD 750 An Act to Increase Transparency of and Lower Health Care Costs 

LD 1481 An Act To Clarify Surprise Billing Restrictions 

2:00 PM—HHS – WS

LD 360 To Reduce Barriers to Recovery from Addiction by Expanding Eligibility for Targeted Case Management Services

LD 718 An Act To Improve the Health of Maine Residents by Closing Coverage Gaps in the MaineCare Program and the Children's Health Insurance Program

LD 1282 An Act To Prevent Underage Tobacco and Nicotine Access and Use

2:00 PM—CJPS – PH

LD 994 An Act To Promote Public Health by Eliminating Criminal Penalties for Possession of Hypodermic Apparatuses

Thursday, April 22, 2021

9:30 AM—IDEA – WS

LD 942 An Act To Waive Professional and Occupational Licensing Fees for Calendar Year 2020

LD 992 An Act To Prevent the Denial or Revocation of a Professional or Business License for a Violation Not Related to That Profession or Business

10:00 AM—HCIFS – PH

LD56 An Act To Prohibit Insurers and Third-party Payors from Adjusting Their Fee Schedules for In-network Providers Unless the Adjustments Apply to All Specialties

10:00 PM—HHS – WS

LD 118 An Act To Address Maine's Shortage of Behavioral Health Services for Minors

11:30 AM—HCIFS – WS

LD 945   An Act Regarding Notice by Health Insurance Carriers of Policy Changes

Friday, April 23, 2021

9:00 AM—HHS – PH

LD 789 An Act To Expand Administration of Lifesaving Opioid Medication

LD 1177 An Act To Increase Access to Intranasal Naloxone Hydrochloride for Syringe Services Programs

LD 1333 An Act Concerning the Dispensation of Naloxone Hydrochloride by Emergency Medical Services Providers

LD 1428 An Act To Increase the Availability of Nasal Naloxone in Community Settings

LD 1487 Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Seek a Waiver for Additional Medication-assisted Treatment for Certain Persons with Substance Use Disorder up to 30 Days Prior to Their Release from Incarceration

9:00 AM—SLG – PH

LD 1366 An Act To Require a Majority Vote of the Legislature for Maine To Join Any Multistate Compact

Monday, April 26

1:00 PM—HHS – PH (Block for Dee/PEDS)

LD 62 An Act To Promote Cost-effectiveness in the MaineCare Program and Improve the Oral Health of Maine Adults and Children

LD 72 An Act To Improve Dental Health for Maine Children and Adults with Low Incomes

LD 996 An Act To Improve Dental Health Access for Maine Children and Adults with Low Incomes

LD 1501 An Act To Protect Oral Health for Children in Maine


LD 1419 An Act To Support Health Care Providers during State Public Health Emergencies

This bill provides a limitation on civil liability to certain health care professionals, health care facilities, behavioral and developmental services facilities, and emergency medical services persons in the event of a declared emergency related to public health. The bill is retroactive to the beginning of the state of civil emergency declared by the Governor.

LD 1423 An Act To Prevent and Reduce Tobacco Use by Ensuring Adequate Funding for Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Programs and by Raising the Tax on Tobacco Products and To Provide Funding To Reduce Disparities in Health Outcomes Based on Certain Factors

**Tobacco tax bill** MMA Coalition Platform issue & MMA Platform Foundational issue

This bill increases the cigarette tax from $2.00 per pack of 20 cigarettes to $4.00 per pack of 20 cigarettes, beginning November 1, 2021 and the taxes on products such as cigars and smokeless tobacco.

Provides funding in fiscal years 2021-22 and 2022-23 to CDC for:

tobacco use prevention and cessation, $7,000,000 annually, and

allow the center to research, identify and reduce health disparities in health care outcomes based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identification, income, educational attainment or geographic location, $10,000,000 annually, but only for the 2022-2023 biennium.

LD 1428 An Act To Increase the Availability of Nasal Naloxone in Community Settings

Bill allows community organizations, which are defined as private or nonprofit organizations operating a facility that serves the community, to store and administer nasal naloxone hydrochloride upon a standing order from a licensed health care professional authorized by law to prescribe nasal naloxone hydrochloride.

LD 1454 An Act To Prohibit Untraceable and Undetectable Firearms

Regulates the manufacture, distribution, and possession of undetectable and untraceable firearms.

Defines "undetectable firearm" and "untraceable firearm.”

Prohibits the manufacture, import, sale, transfer, and possession with certain exceptions.

Prohibits dissemination of downloadable gun codes from which untraceable firearms can be made.

LD 1463 An Act To Make Health Care Coverage More Affordable for Working Families and Small Businesses Establishes the Maine Health Care Affordability Fund to fund activities and initiatives to reduce the cost of health insurance coverage for Maine residents.

Commissioner of Health and Human Services to adopt rules for administration.

Establishes the health care affordability assessment to provide funding.

Establishes the Affordable Health Care Advisory Group, which consists of the commissioner, the superintendent and 11 additional members.

Academic research professor with expertise in health care coverage

Representative from a hospital

Carriers, small biz, consumers, navigators, application counselor, State Employee Health Plan labor leader

LD 1470 Resolve, Regarding Reimbursement for Providing Inpatient Care to Individuals with Acute Mental Health Care Needs

Section 45.03 reimbursement for patients discharged from Southern Maine Health Care's psychiatric inpatient unit.

Directs DHHS to seek and apply for federal funds and funds to pay the costs of providing psychiatric services to uninsured patients.

LD 1487 Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Seek a Waiver for Additional Medication-assisted Treatment for Certain Persons with Substance Use Disorder up to 30 Days Prior to Their Release from Incarceration

Directs DHHS to seek a waiver from CMS authorizing federal Medicaid matching funds for additional MAT for persons with SUD who are incarcerated up to 30 days prior to the release of the persons from incarceration.

LD 1501 An Act To Protect Oral Health for Children in Maine

Changes the legislative goal from ensuring that children on Medicaid receive the same level of services as children with dental insurance to ensuring that all children in the State with Medicaid receive at least one annual preventive dental visit.

Requires DHHS to provide preventive oral health services through the CDC in all schools.

Begin a pilot project for an oral health value-based payment model within MaineCare that includes prevention, early intervention, disease management and care coordination services for oral care delivered in schools and early childcare settings.

Provides funding for an Oral Health Coordinator in the DHHS.

LD 1510 An Act Concerning Informed Consent of Minors' Authority to Release Health Care Information

If a health care facility or health care practitioner maintains the records of the minor's health care information electronically, any authorization to disclose health care information by a minor authorized pursuant to this section must include electronic access to the minor's health care records.

LD 1512 An Act To Create the Office of the Education Ombudsman and To Establish a Commission To Study the Creation of a Reporting and Response System To Assist Public Schools in Addressing Incidents of Bias, Discrimination and Harassment

Creates the Office of the Education Ombudsmann as an information resource and complaint facilitator for parents and students in public schools.

recommendations regarding parent and community involvement in school decision-making processes, and

strategies for improving the success rates of ethnic and racial minority students and students with disabilities identified with lower academic progress.

Also directs the DOE to establish a commission to study the creation of a diversity, equity and inclusion reporting and response system to assist schools, staff, students and families in addressing incidents of bias, harassment and discrimination.