Maine Medicine Weekly Update - 07/16/2021  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
•  Promoting COVID-19 Vaccination in Clinical Settings: The Critical Role of Maine’s Physicians
•  A Call to Action- Protecting the Children of Maine
•  COVID News: Surgeon Gener Surgeon General Issues Vaccine Misinformation Warning; JAMA Peds Retracts Masks Study
•  Johnson & Johnson Recalls Sunscreens After Carcinogen Found
•  Opioid & Substance Use Disorder News
•  Medicare Updates
•  Federal Advocacy Update
•  Registration Open for MMA’s 168th Annual Membership Meeting (Sep 10-12)
•  Notice of Rulemaking: Immunization requirements for Maine school children
•  Maine Secretary of State Seeking Physician Volunteers
•  SUPPORT for ME: Strengthening Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery Services for MaineCare Members
•  Are You a Professional Who Works with Individuals in Maine Who Have a Substance Use Disorder? We Want to Hear From You!
•  Maine Community Action Partnership: Did You Know?
•  MMA Mary Cushman, MD Award for Humanitarian Service
•  Upcoming Specialty Society Meetings
•  AAP EQIPP Course: Immunizations - Strategies for Success (for RURAL Health Providers)
•  SUPPORT for ME Training and Technical Assistance Initiative
•  Working with Children & Adolescents? Maine Pediatric & Behavioral Health Partnership (MPBHP) Webinar Series (July thru December 2nd Wednesday of month)
•  Physician (BC/BE in Family Medicine) - Strong Area Health Center
•  Physician (BC/BE in Family Medicine) - Richmond Area Health Center
•  Help educate new physicians – join our accredited Family Medicine Residency Program as faculty
•  Join our region-leading Neuroscience/Stroke Center
•  Contract Clinical Advisor - Healthcare Coalition of Maine
•  Medical Director


A Call to Action- Protecting the Children of Maine

By Adrienne W. Carmack, MD, Medical Director of Office of Child and Family Services

The recent deaths of young children in Maine during the month of June has caused us all to take pause and consider how we can work to better serve Maine families and children.

The recent deaths of young children in Maine during the month of June has caused us all to take pause and consider how we can work to better serve Maine families and children.

As Jeanne Lambrew, Commissioner of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services stated, “These deaths, like all involving children, are heartbreaking and deeply concerning. Every child in Maine deserves to have the opportunity to grow up healthy, to get a good education, and to live a productive, happy, and meaningful life. When children die, they are robbed of these opportunities and we lose the light, love, and potential of these children. This is a call to action. In addition to our own review and ongoing work, we requested Casey Family Programs bring to bear its wealth of experience and national perspective to help us, and we’re bolstering StrengthenME to ensure Maine families have access to the support they need to cope with the significant stresses of the pandemic.”

As medical providers for families and children, it is crucial to heed this call to action. Do not wait for families to call to reschedule missed medical care. Use these upcoming months to reach out to families and bring them back into the office. When families are in the office, take the time to screen both adults and children for mental health needs, and offer to connect families to supports available in the community. Evidence from across the country continues to suggest that adults and children are experiencing heightened mental health and substance use issues. DHHS will extend and broaden the StrengthenME campaign, which offers free stress management and resiliency resources to anyone in Maine experiencing stress reactions to the pandemic.

Contact StrengthenME at  207-221-8198 or at

For those families affected by substance use disorder, there are resources available through and the new OPTIONS website,

Public Health Nurses and Maine Families Home Visitors are available for pregnant women and families with newborns and young children. Contact CradleME at 1-888-644-1130 or at

Over the past year, many children have missed their important regularly scheduled well child check-ups. Especially vulnerable are the children with complex needs and developmental disabilities, who may have missed their therapeutic services as well. Contact families to catch up on needed immunizations, but also be sure they schedule an office visit as well, to check on growth and development, and administer recommended screenings.

Especially important, the well child check is a time to review safety tips for families with children, including discussion about gun safety, water safety to prevent drowning, and the safe storage of medication and hazardous materials.

Many resources are available with strategies for education and messaging, through websites such as:

Physicians, and members of the entire medical team, are vital to the health, safety and well-being of Maine’s children and families. Thank you for your care and dedication. Please share any additional thoughts by contacting me directly at 

For concerns related to child abuse or neglect call the Child Protection Hotline at 1-800-452-1999.