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May 2014
Featured Article
North Central Mississippi MRC Partners with Local Art Students for "Be the Key" Campaign
North Central Mississippi MRC Coordinator Angie Rankin wanted a new strategy to recruit volunteers and to remind people that their role in disaster preparedness is important, no matter how large. Out of this idea came the "Be the Key" campaign, which launched in April and is designed to send the message that people are the key to disaster preparedness by being prepared themselves.
To create artwork that would grab people's attention, Rankin worked with the University of Mississippi graphic art instructor and challenged the class to come up with three pieces of art each that reflected the main message of the campaign. Rankin encouraged students to pursue a graffiti, guerilla style of art to display boldly the goals and mission of the MRC and disaster preparedness.
Art students researched the mission of the MRC and used recent local disasters, such as tornadoes, to inform their designs. Students had two weeks to complete their designs, and three artists and four pieces were selected from the submissions. The winning artwork will be used in newspapers, magazines, posters, and on social media and billboards to recruit MRC volunteers around north central Mississippi.
"I knew that living in a small town, you have to take a very straightforward approach to get people to pay attention. That is where the artwork comes in. It's very bold and in your face. I feel that this approach is a great way to spread the word about our organization, and involve the students on campus, while getting them excited about their contribution and potential exposure," said Rankin.
MRC/NACCHO Connections
2013 Network Profile of the Medical Reserve Corps Report Now Available
On April 21, NACCHO announced the release of the 2013 Network Profile of the Medical Reserve Corps report, a comprehensive look at the MRC network. The 2013 Network Profile study is the first in-depth analysis of the MRC network and provides important insights into unit composition, administration, and community impact. These data were collected from a survey administered in April and May 2013; a total of 837 units responded to the survey for a response rate of 87 percent.  
Each unit leader will receive a printed copy of the report in the mail before mid-May. We encourage you to review the report to become more knowledgeable about the network and your peers, and to see the impact of the MRC network across the nation. After that, you should use the report to take action! The following list offers suggestions for how to use the Network Profile results on a local level:

  • Share the report with your housing agency, stakeholders and community partners; 
  • Share relevant findings from the report in a newsletter, blog, or other communication; 
  • Discuss relevant report findings with your advisory group or external coalitions;
  • Use the data and infographics in your reports, presentations, and proposals;
  • Conduct more in-depth analysis of data that are relevant to your program; 
  • Encourage public health researchers to use the data to complement this research; and
  • Talk to your local media about local MRC events in your community, and share statistics about the network’s impact on the United States as a whole.
In addition to this printed report, NACCHO has developed companion pieces to visualize the data and tell a story about the critical services the MRC network brings to the nation. These infographics are available for download on NACCHO’s website and will be shared on NACCHO’s social media outlets. “Like”, “share”, and “retweet” these infographics via your social media channelss often to spread the word about the impact of the MRC network with your community. 
The MRC network is a success because of dedicated leaders and passionate volunteers; thank you for all you do for the MRC and your local community. The data collected from the survey would not have been possible without the high response rate from MRC unit leaders. If you have any questions about the MRC Network Profile, or have additional suggestions on how MRC units can share the information from the Network Profile, please email
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Funds Available for Health Promotion Programs
The Monday Campaigns are a coalition of nonprofit public health initiatives associated with Johns Hopkins, Columbia, and Syracuse universities that dedicate the first day of every week to health. Recent research shows that more people are thinking about health at the beginning of the week. In light of these findings and other evidence that shows the benefits of leveraging Monday for health promotion, small grants are available for health programs interested in “Monday-izing” their approaches. For more information on how to apply for this unique funding opportunity, please contact Rachelle Reeder at Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis.
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National Library of Medicine Disaster Information Outreach Project Funding Available
The National Library of Medicine (NLM) has announced a funding opportunity for small projects to improve access to disaster medicine and public health information for health care professionals, first responders, and others who play a role in health-related disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.

NLM is soliciting proposals from partnerships in the United States that include at least one library and at least one organization that has disaster-related responsibilities, such as health departments, public safety departments, emergency management departments, prehospital and emergency medical services, fire/rescue, or other local, regional, or state agencies with disaster health responsibilities; hospitals; faith-based and voluntary organizations active in disaster; and others. NLM encourages submission of innovative proposals that enhance mutually beneficial collaboration among libraries and disaster-related agencies. View summaries of the previous years’ funded projects.

Contract awards will be offered for a minimum of $15,000 to a maximum of $30,000 each for a one-year project. The deadline for proposals is Thursday, June 19, 2014 at 5:00PM ET. Visit “Disaster Health Information Outreach and Collaboration Project 2014” for more information and instructions.
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Web Forum: Climate Change and Health: A Framework for Action
On May 14 at 12:00PM EDT, the Public Health Institute's Center for Climate Change & Health will present the Web Forum, "Climate Change and Health: A Framework for Action." Speakers will map climate change processes against a social determinants of health framework to identify opportunities for action at the intersection of climate and health. The framework is based on interviews and focus groups with over 135 people working in climate change and in public health, and builds upon previous frameworks to illustrate the relationships between climate change and health/health inequities, and how public health and climate change interventions are linked.
This Web Forum is sponsored by the Public Health Institute, the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials and NACCHO, with funding from the Kresge Foundation. Speakers include George Luber, PhD, Associate Director for Climate Change at the CDC National Center for Environmental Health; Dr. Jonathon Patz, Professor and Director of the Global Health Institute at the University of Wisconsin; Dr. Linda Rudolph, co-director of the Public Health Institute’s Center for Climate Change & Health; and Sandi Galvez of the Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative. Register now for the Web Forum.
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North Central Mississippi MRC Partners with Local Art Students for "Be the Key" Campaign

2013 Network Profile of the Medical Reserve Corps Report Now Available

Funds Available for Health Promotion Programs

National Library of Medicine Disaster Information Outreach Project Funding Available

Web Forum: Climate Change and Health: A Framework for Action

Unit Recognition
The Colorado Legislature adopted a resolution on April 24 to recognize the efforts of the Medical Reserve Corps of El Paso County during the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires.
Media Coverage
Several MRC units in Massachusetts were featured in the Telegram & Gazette newspaper.
Upcoming Events
May is Mental Health Month
MRC May Well Check Call, May 6, 2PM EDT
Food is Medicine: Integrating Food Programs into Health Care Web Forum, May 8, 2PM EDT
Climate Change and Health: A Framework for Action Web Forum, May 14, 12PM EDT
NACCHO Annual 2014, July 8-10, Atlanta; early bird registration deadline is June 5
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