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Top 5 Stories
Sen. Levin Wants Answers on White House 56.2 mpg Proposal
Mileage Leeway Sought
Republicans Slam Administration LIFO Proposal
EPA Approves E15 Fuel Label Despite Engine Risk
NADA Urges Dealers to Take Survey on Energy Use
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Top 5 Stories
Sen. Levin Wants Answers on White House 56.2 mpg Proposal

But LaHood expects deal on higher fuel economy standards

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Tuesday he is optimistic regulators and automakers can reach agreement on new fuel efficiency standards for 2017-25. But automakers and Sen. Carl Levin, D-Detroit, are looking for more details. The White House told U.S. automakers last week it was considering requiring a fleetwide average 56.2 mpg for cars and light trucks by 2025 — a move that could add at least $2,100 to $2,600 to the price of cars. Levin said he is sending a letter to the White House asking for a detailed explanation on how it decided on 56.2 mpg by 2025. "We want to know how they arrived at that starting point," Levin said in an interview Tuesday. "We will get that information one way or another."
Source: The Detroit News

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Mileage Leeway Sought

U.S. Auto Makers Argue for Flexibility in Meeting 2025 Fuel-Economy Standard

U.S. auto makers led by Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Co. are pushing regulators to allow them to make slow progress toward a proposed, 56 miles-per-gallon fuel-economy standard while holding out hope that the target could be lowered in the future. In meetings with regulators in recent days, Detroit auto makers have voiced concerns that the proposal would raise car prices and kill industry jobs. They have argued for more leeway and flexibility in meeting the standards. [Ford] said in a statement that it "supports increasing fuel economy requirements with one national program that is data-driven and factors in the impact of this rulemaking on jobs, the economy consumers and safety."
Source: The Wall Street Journal

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Republicans Slam Administration LIFO Proposal

Top Republicans are slamming the administration’s proposal to roll back an accounting method often employed by manufacturers in its push to find new revenues for a deficit-reduction package. The administration has signaled in recent days that it wants to discuss eliminating the so-called “last in, first out” method, which has helped manufacturers reduce their tax bill and which the White House has proposed scrapping in recent budgets. But key GOP lawmakers like Sens. Jon Kyl of Arizona and Orrin Hatch of Utah disagree, saying Tuesday that the proposal was the latest misguided attempt by the administration to raise taxes on job creators. “It’s time for this White House to get with the program, cut spending to cut the deficit, and stop putting forward proposals that threaten an economic recovery,” Hatch, the ranking member on Senate Finance, said in a statement.
Source: The Hill 

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EPA Approves E15 Fuel Label Despite Engine Risk

The government has settled on a label for gas stations selling a blend of gasoline and ethanol called E15, which contains more ethanol -- grain alcohol -- than the E10 blend that's replaced pure gasoline at most stations. The just-approved label is meant to warn people away from misusing the potentially troublesome E15 fuel, but it can't prevent misuse. "If drivers mistakenly put E15 in their tanks and their vehicles aren't designed to burn it, they could risk damaging their engines. Car and truck owners with questions may contact their dealership's service department to determine any fuel restrictions," according to a cautionary note today from the National Automobile Dealers Association.
Source: USA Today

Editor's note: While EPA has approved the use of E15 in model year 2001 and later vehicles, NADA cautions that most owner's manuals for those vehicles recommend ethanol blends of 10 percent or less.

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NADA Urges Dealers to Take Survey on Energy Use

Survey data collected will help dealerships reduce energy costs and protect the environment

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) is urging its members across the country to take a new survey on their energy usage at the dealership. Based on the survey results, the Environmental Protection Agency will produce a 1-to-100 ENERGY STAR performance scale, which will allow dealerships to compare their energy use to other dealerships nationwide. Dealerships with energy performance scores of 75 or higher will be eligible for an ENERGY STAR designation, receive national and local recognition through NADA’s Energy Stewardship Initiative with the EPA and learn additional ways to reduce energy use.
Source: NADA Newsroom

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"If drivers mistakenly put E15 in their tanks and their vehicles aren't designed to burn it, they could risk damaging their engines."

     -- NADA, in a cautionary note about the government's new label for gas stations meant to warn people away from misusing the potentially troublesome E15 fuel, USA Today, June 29

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