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Deal Would Ease 2025 Fuel-Economy Standards
Opinion: Obama's Fuel Economy Standards Threaten the Economy
Car Makers Help Drive Economic Recovery
Big Dealer Groups Produce Strong Results Despite Japanese Shortages
Multitasking While Driving: Can Technology Make a Car Uncrashable?
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Deal Would Ease 2025 Fuel-Economy Standards

A deal on new federal fuel-economy standards that cuts an earlier 2025 target of 56 m.p.g. to 54 m.p.g. and eases standards for light trucks may be near, four people familiar with the negotiations said Tuesday. The breakthrough came when White House negotiators agreed to reduce from 5% to 3.5% targets for annual mileage improvements for light trucks -- especially full-size pickups -- from 2017 through 2021. After that, trucks' m.p.g. would be required to meet the same improvements as cars and other vehicles through 2025. The Obama administration, California officials and U.S. automakers are holding nearly round-the-clock sessions to reach a compromise. The National Automobile Dealers Association -- which had taken a hard line against California and the Environmental Protection Agency having a role in determining fuel economy -- said Tuesday that it believed any number coming out of the negotiations was tainted. "If you have a flawed structure, you're getting a flawed number," said NADA spokesman Bailey Wood.
Source: Detroit Free Press

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Opinion: Obama's Fuel Economy Standards Threaten the Economy
By Peter Roff

Thanks to Obama, the U.S. government now has three agencies--the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the California Air Resources Board--involved in the effort to improve through mandates the fuel economy of U.S. passenger vehicles. Federal regulators at the EPA, working with their counterparts in Sacramento at CARB, are trying to get around Congress in an effort to mandate that the CAFE standard be bumped all the way up to 56 miles per gallon for model years 2017 to 2025, a move that is certain to batter the already teetering U.S. auto industry even further while making cars less safe and more expensive. It's important to consider the ramifications an increase in the CAFE standard would have for the U.S. economy. Leaving NHTSA in charge of the implementation and rule-making ... makes sure that happens.
Source: U.S. News & World Report

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Car Makers Help Drive Economic Recovery

Stepped-Up Production in 3rd Quarter Follows a Spring Hobbled by Shortages

A resurgent auto industry has weathered the supply-chain hitches that stifled production during the spring and is poised to double the pace of U.S. growth in the third quarter, according to some estimates. The pace of the economy in the spring was a disappointment, caused largely by shortages of key automobile parts following Japan's earthquake and tsunami. As auto production picks up, then, so could jobs and wages—which in turn could help consumer spending. In an optimistic scenario, that might create a scenario where overall spending and hiring are feeding on one another, and putting the economy on the path to stronger growth.
Source: The Wall Street Journal

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Big Dealer Groups Produce Strong Results Despite Japanese Shortages

When it became clear that inventory of Japanese-brand vehicles would dwindle after the March earthquake in Japan, public retailers jumped into action. At Group 1 Automotive Inc., CEO Earl Hesterberg asked the general managers at its Japanese-brand stores for ideas. Their plan: Hold out for higher margins, reduce expenses and try to sell more used vehicles. The result: record second-quarter earnings for Group 1, the nation's fourth-largest dealership group. "I give all our credit to the people who run these dealerships for us," Hesterberg said in an interview. "To a very high degree, they executed those plans, and that's exactly why we had good results in the second quarter."
Source: Automotive News

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Multitasking While Driving: Can Technology Make a Car Uncrashable?

Think that texting while driving is a distraction? An enhanced navigation system in the new Audi A6, drawing on technology from Google, offers search and display functions that could take driver distraction to a whole new level. But Audi is also including safety features that make the car less likely to crash. "These two trends – advanced driver information and active safety – are developing in tandem," said Mark Dahncke, an Audi spokesman. "When you carry your iPhone in the car you have this functionality already. We integrate the features into the car to make them as safe and useful as possible."
Source: Fortune

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"The president should make good on his promise to streamline government and get EPA and CARB out of the CAFE business for good."

    -- Peter Roff, senior fellow at the Institute for Liberty and at Let Freedom Ring, a non-partisan public policy organization, U.S. News & World Report, July 26

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