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GM, Toyota Brands Top Satisfaction Index
Chrysler, Chase Auto Team Up to Offer New-Vehicle Loans
Chevrolet Volt Prospects Are Starting to Lose Interest
Auto Dealers Using iPads to Instantly Help Car Buyers
Dahl Automotive Celebrating 100th Anniversary; Ford Executive Takes Part in Celebration
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Top 5 Stories
GM, Toyota Brands Top Satisfaction Index

General Motors Co.’s Cadillac brand and Toyota Motor Corp.’s namesake division and luxury Lexus line topped the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s annual ranking of automakers. Toyota was the only non-premium brand in the top five, tying Cadillac and Lexus with 87 on a scale of 100, followed by Ford Motor Co.’s Lincoln and Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz with 86. The index is based on interviews with about 70,000 customers annually concerning satisfaction with goods and services. The annual auto rankings, based on data from 5,000 surveys collected during the second quarter, were released today.
Source: Bloomberg

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Chrysler, Chase Auto Team Up to Offer New-Vehicle Loans

In an effort to enhance its financing options for dealers and customers, Chrysler Group is teaming up with Chase Auto Finance to offer new-vehicle loans at Chrysler Group dealerships, Chase announced [Monday.] In a statement, Chase said participating Chrysler dealers will offer retail subvention financing "to provide prime and near-prime customers with low interest rates and other incentives to finance new-vehicle purchases." While Ally Financial Inc. remains the preferred lender for all Chrysler brands, Chrysler spokesman Ralph Kisiel said the new deal with Chase will provide consumers and dealers with more options when financing new-vehicle purchases. Chase is the preferred lender for Subaru, Mazda, Jaguar and Land Rover.
Source: Automotive News

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Chevrolet Volt Prospects Are Starting to Lose Interest

Sure, buyers start losing interest in any new model after the initial hoopla dies down and ad dollars dry up, but there's trouble on the horizon for the Chevrolet Volt, the electric wonder car. Interest in buying the $39,995 plug-in car is starting to taper off, not only among "early adopters" but among lots of other buyers, as well, reports CNW Marketing Research, which tracks such things. In March, more than 21% of early adopters said they were very likely to consider the GM vehicle. In the July study, that figure had dropped to 14.6%, CNW says. The big problem -- no surprise here -- is price. It's cited by both the early adopters and the EV enthusiasts as a stumbling block.
Source: USA Today

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Auto Dealers Using iPads to Instantly Help Car Buyers

One big automaker, Mazda, is behind a nationwide effort to arm dealers with an Apple iPad or similar tablet computers that sales consultants can haul out whenever a customer raises an issue or wants to know more about a model. Can't figure out how the air conditioning controls work? How do you attach those child seats? The iPad can be used to demonstrate features through videos and illustrations. It's the latest example of how tablet computers are making an imprint on the auto industry. About 50 Mazda dealers are using them as sales aids, so far. "Our goal is every single dealer will have this application," says Mazda spokesman Jeremy Barnes. The initiative is considered important by the company because it's an "educational tool that dealers can use in describing to customers what makes a Mazda a Mazda." The iPad effort was spurred by dealer Joe Shaker, owner of Wellesley (Mass.) Mazda, who sees it as a way both to help customers and to make the sales process more efficient. "We're taking the car-buying experience online and saying, 'You have a lot of freedom and transparency,'" says Shaker.
Source: USA Today

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Dahl Automotive Celebrating 100th Anniversary; Ford Executive Takes Part in Celebration

Dahl Automotive in La Crosse, Wis., is celebrating 100 years in the automotive business. To commemorate this historical moment, a series of events were planned. Kenneth M. Czubay, vice president of U.S. marketing, sales and service of Ford Motor Co., presented Dahl Automotive with an official Ford 100-Year plaque in celebration of their many years in business. At 100 years old, Dahl Automotive is the ninth-oldest, family-owned Ford dealership in the nation. Five generations of the Dahl family have influenced the automobile industry over the last 10 decades. Their legacy began in 1896 with a small general store and quickly grew to sell the Ford Model T in 1911.

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"We're taking the car-buying experience online and saying, 'You have a lot of freedom and transparency.'"

    -- Joe Shaker, a Mazda dealer in Wellesley, Mass., who’s leading a nationwide effort to get more Mazda dealers use Apple iPads to help customers and to make the sales process more efficient, USA Today, Aug. 15

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