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Families of 9/11 Thank NADA Foundation for Scholarships
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Families of 9/11 Thank NADA Foundation for Scholarships

NADA Foundation Chairman Bob Mallon appears with, from left, Ashley, Roseanne and Patrick Hughes, recipients of aid from Scholarship America and the National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation.

Scholarship America recently held an emotional “Evening of Remembrance” in New York to thank donors -- including Bob Mallon of the National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation -- that contributed $1 million or more to support the educational needs of the September 11th families.

Lauren Segel, the president of Scholarship America, said the event was organized at the request of the families who wanted to publicly thank “those who contributed so much and so meaningfully in the dark days following the September 11th tragedy.”

Days after the attacks Scholarship America established the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund so children who lost their father or mother or whose parents were permanently disabled could still further their education.

“This is a night to recognize the generosity of America,” Segel said. The Fund has provided $74 million in scholarships to nearly 2,000 students in the 10 years since the 9/11 tragedy.

Speaking on behalf of the 9/11 families, Roseanne Hughes said “we are honored just to say thanks.” Hughes’ husband, a New York City firefighter, lost his life in the World Trade Center. “Without your generous and unselfish support, my two children, Ashley and Patrick, would not have been able to go to college,” Hughes added. Ashley is now a CPA with one of the major accounting firms in Manhattan. Patrick is a junior in college.

Timothy Miller, who also lost his father on 9/11, recently graduated from Johns Hopkins University and was an elite athlete before injury. His sports injury inspired him to become a doctor. “I will not waste the opportunity that you have given me,” Miller said.

NADA Foundation Chairman Mallon spearheaded the effort to donate funds to help educate the children of 9/11 victims.

“I was watching television news coverage after the attacks and I saw some of the grieving wives of the missing firefighters,” Mallon said. “And I thought then that we should do something to help their children. I have a passion for education. So this was a natural. Scholarships restore hope in the future,” he added.

The NADA Foundation, right after the 9/11 attacks, created a Survivors Relief Fund and launched a national fundraising campaign that generated $1.6 million in a matter of weeks, making it one of the most successful charitable campaigns since the Foundation’s inception in 1975.

More than 3,000 others could qualify for scholarship aid through 2030, the year the last of the 9/11 students will be eligible for university. “We are committed to the long haul,” Segal said. “We will be there to congratulate the last student.”

Editor's note: Click here for the Annual Report of the National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation, which highlights its programs and initiatives.

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"Scholarships restore hope in the future."

    -- Bob Mallon, chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation, speaking last week in New York at an event organized by Scholarship America for 9/11 families, NADA Newsroom, Sept. 14

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