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Deadline for US Auto Fuel Economy Proposal to Slip
California Dealers Must Flag Salvaged Vehicles with Warning Sticker
OnStar Reverses Policy, Won't Track Ex Customers
VW Improves Dealer Profitability in U.S., Hopes to Break Even
TD Launches New Auto-Finance Program
Auto Dealers Donate CPR Equipment
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Top Stories
Deadline for US Auto Fuel Economy Proposal to Slip

The Obama administration will push back the release of the most ambitious proposal ever for automakers to improve fuel efficiency of their passenger cars, sport utility vehicles and pickups. The U.S. Transportation Department and the Environmental Protection Agency intended to put out the draft plan for model years 2017-25 for industry and public comment by the end of this week. But it was recently determined that more time is needed to complete the plan, so the deadline was extended. Regulators said they now hope to finish the work and publish the proposal by mid November.
Source: Reuters

Editor’s note: While certain automakers have agreed “in principle” to raise the fuel economy standard to 54.5 mpg, more scrutiny of the rule is necessary. The cumulative effect of the administration’s approach will cost consumers an additional $3,000 per vehicle. NADA supports Rep. Austria’s, R-Ohio, amendment to ensure the impact of fuel economy rules on the economy, consumer choice and increased vehicle costs are properly evaluated to protect jobs and consumers.

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California Dealers Must Flag Salvaged Vehicles with Warning Sticker

Starting next July, California dealers must start labeling salvaged vehicles with a red warning sticker under a new law signed Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown. The new law also requires dealers to use electronic vehicle registration for all car sales and allows dealers to charge consumers more to recoup added costs. Both the California New Car Dealers Association and consumer advocates backed the new law in the nation's largest auto sales market. "No other state can match the built-in protections and convenience awaiting Californians," Peter Welch, president of the state's dealers association, said in a statement. "Like every small business, dealers want to focus on customers instead of paperwork."
Source: Automotive News

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OnStar Reverses Policy, Won't Track Ex Customers

OnStar, which provides in-car satellite navigation, communication and other information services for drivers, says it is reversing a policy it recently enacted. The General Motors Co. unit says it will not keep data connections with the vehicles of customers who cancel their OnStar service. The company caused a stir last week after it told customers it would maintain its connection to their vehicles and continue to track them and collect their personal information even if they cancel their subscriptions. OnStar yesterday responded to criticism from New York Sen. Chuck Schumer who said the company is invading people’s privacy and asked the Federal Trade Commission to open an investigation into the policy.
Source: The Wall Street Journal

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VW Improves Dealer Profitability in U.S., Hopes to Break Even

Volkwagen AG has pared its losses in North America in each of the past six years and expects to break even in 2013, financial analysts said after a two-day meeting with company officials. VW officials also said U.S. dealer profitability had improved [and] the all-new VW Jetta compact was far outselling its predecessor and commanding a higher average price. VW has been able to lower base sticker prices after increasing local production of vehicles, VW executives said at the meeting held last week at the automaker's new assembly plant in Chattanooga, Tenn.
Source: The Detroit News

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TD Launches New Auto-Finance Program

TD Auto Finance is launching a 9-point program in conjunction with the recent debuts of the Fiat 500 car and dedicated Fiat dealerships in North America. The financing firm replaces Chrysler Financial as the main finance and insurance resource for Chrysler-brand dealerships. Dealers in the U.S. and Canada are asked to present TD’s credentials in sales negotiations with customers, says TD sales-support specialist Kimberly Presson. The bank purchased Chrysler Financial, the former auto-lending unit of Chrysler, for $6.3 billion last year.
Source: Ward's Auto

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Auto Dealers Donate CPR Equipment

Steve Castle, a paramedic with the Mechanicsburg Fire Department, has been seeking grant options to keep the department up to code while saving taxpayer dollars. It's working. "I've always hated to be a burden to the taxpayer," Castle said [last week] after receiving CPR training mannequins from the National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation and the Ohio Automobile Dealers Association (OADA). [OADA] presented Castle with four CPR mannequins ... at Dave Kehl Chevrolet in Mechanicsburg, Ohio. OADA President Tim Doran said in a statement, "This donation will help save lives and give comfort and security to those trained in CPR."
Source: The Urbana Daily Citizen, (Ohio)

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"The bottleneck disruptions in the parts supply seem to be ending quicker than expected."

-- Satoru Takada, an analyst at TIW Inc. in Tokyo, referring to Toyota's increase in global vehicle production for the first time in 12 months, Bloomberg, Sept. 28

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