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Auto Makers Now Import Jobs
Honda to Halve Exports from Japan in 10 Years
Analyst: Auto Sales Should Continue to Grow
Unrealistic Consumer Expectations Dog EVs, Study Says
Volvo Auto-Braking Means Deer in Headlights Miss Collision
GM Uses Bungee Jumps, Sky Dives to Push Sonic Car
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Auto Makers Now Import Jobs

For years, the Detroit Three have moved production out of their U.S. plants to avoid the high cost of union labor. On Tuesday Ford Motor Co. signed a tentative labor contract with the United Auto Workers union that partly reverses that trend. With union labor costs edging toward its lowest-cost competitors, Ford is moving to bring work back into U.S. plants. An underutilized factory in Flat Rock, Mich., will help build the next generation Fusion mid-sized car that to date has been produced only in Mexico. Another Ford plant in Kentucky will assemble commercial vans that the company now builds in Turkey.
Source: The Wall Street Journal 

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Honda to Halve Exports from Japan in 10 Years

Honda Motor Co will halve exports of vehicles made in Japan over 10 years to tackle the rising yen, a newspaper reported [today], citing an interview with the automaker's chief executive. The move would be in line with Honda's stated plan to sell 80-90 percent of vehicles produced in various regions around the world in the local markets to reduce the impact of currency swings. Honda said in February it would build more of its popular CR-V crossovers in North America instead of in Japan to cushion the blow from the strong yen.
Source: Reuters

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Analyst: Auto Sales Should Continue to Grow

A senior analyst for J.D. Power and Associates said Tuesday that U.S. demand for new vehicles should continue to slowly rise over the next few years as aging vehicles are replaced and new car buyers enter the market. Jeff Schuster, J.D. Power's executive director of global forecasting and analysis, said he still expects U.S. vehicle sales to total 12.6 million this year, but annual sales could reach as high as 16.5 million by 2015, a level the industry hasn't seen since 2006.
Source: The Associated Press

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Unrealistic Consumer Expectations Dog EVs, Study Says

Consumer expectations of electric vehicles are so unrealistic that automakers are unlikely to satisfy them anytime soon, a study released [Tuesday] by consulting firm Deloitte concludes. Craig Giffi, leader of Deloitte's U.S. automotive practice, said the so-called pure battery electric vehicle can't meet the desires of mass-market consumers in terms of price, range and charging time. "It certainly doesn't look like it's much more than a niche" vehicle, Giffi said in an interview [Tuesday.] "The solution seems to be a combination of hybrid technologies for the near future."
Source: Automotive News

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Volvo Auto-Braking Means Deer in Headlights Miss Collision

Volvo Car Corp. wants to bring to an end the sight of slaughtered animal carcasses on the side of the road, as the safety-focused luxury brand seeks to gain a technological edge over [BMW]. In development is a system that uses a radar sensor and an infra-red camera to alert the driver to nearby critters and brake if a collision is unavoidable. That technology is due to be rolled out in a few years in cars like the XC90 sport-utility vehicle, priced at $38,400, after employees studied the movement of moose and deer in southern Sweden. “We are the leader right now in active safety, and we want to continue to be the leader,” Volvo Chief Executive Officer Stefan Jacoby said in an interview.
Source: Bloomberg

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GM Uses Bungee Jumps, Sky Dives to Push Sonic Car

General Motors Co will have its new subcompact Chevrolet Sonic bungee jump and skydive in an advertising campaign launching on October 15 in an effort to reorient the brand to appeal to younger U.S. buyers. The Sonic, which goes on sale in the fall, is seen as an important car in the face of high gasoline prices and as GM tries to move away from its reliance on ... big SUVs and pickup trucks. The new car is part of GM's effort to connect with buyers ages 18 to 34 who may not have the negative view of GM that older consumers might, said Kevin Mayer, director of Chevy advertising. That younger group, numbering 80 million, is called the "millenials."
Source: Reuters

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"It's been like a bakery here, with people taking numbers to see the car. It makes it feel fun again."

-- Adam Skolnick, general manager at Toyota of Watertown near Boston, said the arrival of the redesigned Camry sedan a week ago was helping the dealership make a quick recovery, The New York Times, Oct. 3

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