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Ford Workers Closer to Ratifying UAW Contract
Obama, South Korean President Pledge to Keep and Protect U.S. Jobs
GM Extends Store Renovation Plan
Research Group Sees Deterioration in U.S. Fuel-Economy Gains
Videos on Internet Have Dealers Seeing Green
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Ford Workers Closer to Ratifying UAW Contract

Sunday tally, including Local 600, shows 62% voting in favor so far

Ford Motor Co. hourly workers are on pace to approve a new labor agreement, with 62 percent in favor after weekend voting and key locals saying "yes." By Sunday night, 62 percent of UAW members had voted in favor of the four-year agreement that includes more than $16,700 in bonuses and profit sharing over four years. "We remain optimistic that our tentative agreement will be approved, as it is fair to our employees and improves Ford's competitiveness in the U.S.," said Ford spokeswoman Marcey Evans.
Source: The Detroit News

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Obama, South Korean President Pledge to Keep and Protect U.S. Jobs

Exports create jobs. That was the message from Presidents Barack Obama of the U.S. and Lee Myung-bak of South Korea, as the two toured General Motors' Orion Township factory Friday to celebrate the passage of new free-trade deals with South Korea, Colombia and Panama. "The more goods and services we sell abroad, the more jobs we can create at home," Obama told a couple hundred workers and local officials assembled at the plant ... The trade pacts, which passed Wednesday with predominantly Republican support, took more than four years to pass Congress.
Source: Detroit Free Press

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GM Extends Store Renovation Plan

Incentive offer now runs through 2016

General Motors has extended by two years a provision that pays dealers for renovating their stores -- part of an effort to get more dealers to buy into its biggest-ever facility improvement program. Most GM dealers already have received two years' worth of payments simply for taking steps toward a store overhaul, such as submitting blueprints to GM's hand-picked architectural firm, Gensler. Now that they're faced with tearing down walls or ripping out tile, some dealers are doing the math to determine whether a store overhaul makes financial sense. "We want to be a team player, but it has to make sense economically," [Dealer Byron Hansen] said. "If not, I'll have to pull in my horns and do what's right for my business."
Source: Automotive News

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Research Group Sees Deterioration in U.S. Fuel-Economy Gains

For all the attention devoted to American car buyers’ rediscovery of smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles in 2011, a report released [last] week suggests that such purchase trends are having little impact on overall fuel economy. A team at the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute said that the fleetwide average fuel economy of new vehicles purchased in the United States had been on a downward slide since March. Lower prices at the pump do not motivate people to purchase more fuel-efficient vehicles, said Dr. Michael Sivak, the head of the institute’s Human Factors Group, in a telephone interview. “We are trying to show where is society heading,” Dr. Sivak wrote in a follow-up e-mail. “Having a broad picture is critical for policy makers.”
Source: The New York Times

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Videos on Internet Have Dealers Seeing Green

A car shopper in suburban Atlanta using Google to find a Volkswagen Jetta can expect to be tempted by lots of videos from Jim Ellis Automotive Dealerships. Wayne Ussery, the dealership group's Internet marketing director, sees to that. The placement gives the group a leg up in a car-shopping world that is increasingly shifting from tire-kicking to Web-surfing, Ussery says. "I don't know if people get lazy or what, but they'll choose to watch a video over reading about a car," Ussery said.
Source: Automotive News

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"We want to be a team player, but it has to make sense economically."

    -- Utah dealer Byron Hansen, who says he has concerns about GM's "Essential Brand Elements" program that pays dealers for renovating their stores, Automotive News, Oct. 17


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The NADA-ATD Convention and Expo will feature several enhancements to dealers' convention experience, including:

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