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Ford Workers Ratify New Contract with UAW
First Votes Cast by Union Members on Chrysler Deal
Kia: 500,000 U.S. Sales, 800 Dealers in '12
Issa Presses EPA, DOT Again on CAFE Standards
Audi-Ford Auto Price Gap Widest Since 1999
Chevrolet Sends Dealers' Staffs to Disneyland to Learn
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Ford Workers Ratify New Contract with UAW

Ford Motor Co.'s U.S. factory workers have approved a new four-year labor contract that promises profit-sharing checks and billions in U.S. plant investments but keeps the company's labor costs under control. The agreement covers 41,000 Ford workers in the U.S. The UAW talks are closely watched because they set the pay for 112,000 workers at the Detroit Three as well as workers at auto parts suppliers and at U.S. plants run by non-union foreign automakers. With the Ford vote complete, the UAW has now reached successful agreements with two of the three Detroit automakers. General Motors Co. workers approved a contract similar to Ford's last month.
Source: The Associated Press

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First Votes Cast by Union Members on Chrysler Deal

Workers at Chrysler Group LLC's Kokomo Transmission Plant in Indiana voted to ratify the company's new contract, the United Auto Workers said on Tuesday. Fifty-six percent of the approximately 3,500 members of UAW Local 685 who voted Tuesday cast their ballots in favor of the tentative agreement reached between their union and the company Oct. 12, according to members. Local 685 is one of the largest Chrysler locals in the country, and voting there could set the tone for the rest of the voting, which is slated to continue through Oct. 25. Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said his company, which has yet to post a profit since emerging from bankruptcy two years ago, could not afford to match GM and Ford.
Source: The Detroit News

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Kia: 500,000 U.S. Sales, 800 Dealers in '12

Kia sales in the United States will surpass 500,000 units next year and the dealer network will grow to 800 stores in 2012, says Kia Motors Corp.'s top-ranked global executive. In an interview, Vice Chairman Hank Lee, who is based in Seoul, said Kia expects to sell 470,000 new vehicles this year, up from 356,268 in 2010. Through September, U.S. sales surged 37 percent to 367,405, topping the brand's full-year sales record set last year. Lee also said Kia is attracting new dealers in the United States, while replacing poor-performing stores and improving existing dealerships. "We will increase the number of U.S. dealers from 760 to about 800 by next year," he said.
Source: Automotive News

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Issa Presses EPA, DOT Again on CAFE Standards

Rep. Darrell Issa on Tuesday asked the EPA and Department of Transportation officials to provide a legal argument as to why regulation of greenhouse gases from automobiles is different than setting CAFE standards. “The difference between regulating greenhouse gases and regulating fuel economy is a distinction without difference,” the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman wrote in letters to the officials. The letters, sent to EPA’s air Administrator Gina McCarthy, EPA transportation chief Margo Oge and DOT’s Administrator for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration David Strickland, came in response to testimony at a hearing last week. The hearing was part of Issa’s investigation into how the agencies arrived at a deal for fuel efficiency standards for cars and light-duty trucks... In the letters, Issa lays out an argument he made at the hearing: Congress delegated authority to NHTSA to set CAFE standards, and the statute pre-empts states from directly regulating fuel economy or anything “relating to” fuel economy standards... At the hearing, the three officials testified that allowing California to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from cars, setting a miles-per-gallon standard, is different than setting a CAFE standard.
Source: PoliticoPro (Subscription required)

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Audi-Ford Auto Price Gap Widest Since 1999

Foreign cars are selling in the U.S. at the biggest price premium to domestic autos in almost 12 years as a weak dollar curtails imports of lower-priced models, allowing General Motors Co. and Ford Motor Co. to gain share. The average selling price for a new imported car climbed to a record high of $31,536 in August, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. That was $7,614 more than the average domestic-made car, the biggest gap since December 1999. With Toyota Corollas and Honda Civics in short supply, more Americans have turned to Chevrolet Cruze and Ford Fiesta cars.
Source: Bloomberg

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Chevrolet Sends Dealers' Staffs to Disneyland to Learn

Chevrolet dealers are sending their sales staffs to Disneyland -- not to ride the Matterhorn Bobsleds or It's a Small World, but rather to learn how to sell cars. General Motors' Chevrolet brand is trying to make a boost in California, a state where it has seen some of the biggest depletion in market share. It's being outsold by Toyota, Honda and Ford, so dealers' salespeople are going to learn about customer service from Disney...
Source: USA Today

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"Dealer profitability is way up, and we know that by strengthening the dealers, along with product, we have a pillar for long-term growth."

    -- Tom Loveless, vice president of sales for Kia Motors America, said the automaker is planning to add dealerships when opportunities arise in markets where the brand is underrepresented, Automotive News, Oct. 17

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