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FPF and NADA Launch Guide to Consumer Privacy in the Connected Car
Keith Crain: Get Ready for a Retail Revolution
GM, Honda to Make Hydrogen Bet
Toyota Still Biggest Car Maker by Measures that Matter
NADA Launches Nationwide Initiative
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FPF and NADA Launch Guide to Consumer Privacy in the Connected Car

The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) released a first-of-its kind consumer guide, Personal Data In Your Car. The Guide will help consumers understand the kind of personal information collected by the latest generation of vehicles, which use data to further safety, infotainment and customer experience. The Guide will be made available to consumers by FPF, NADA, automakers, and dealers in order to explain the kinds of information that may be collected, the guidelines that govern how it is collected and used, and the options consumers may have.
Source: Future of Privacy Forum

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Keith Crain: Get Ready for a Retail Revolution

Anyone who has spent time in January at CES, the Detroit auto show or the National Automobile Dealers Association convention will realize that things are changing in the auto world far more rapidly than anyone expected. Take, for example, the complexity of new vehicles. There was a time when a customer could go to the service department of a dealership and expect the service staff to remove, rebuild and reinstall an automatic transmission. Not anymore.
Source: Automotive News

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GM, Honda to Make Hydrogen Bet

Gas may be cheap and interest in hydrogen-powered autos may be low, but General Motors and Honda expect car buyers are ready to embrace vehicles running on the clean-burning fuel. The automakers have formed a joint venture to develop an advanced hydrogen fuel cell system that will be featured in GM and Honda vehicles starting in 2020. The system will be developed and built at GM's battery pack manufacturing facility in Brownstown, Michigan, just outside Detroit.
Source: CNBC

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Toyota Still Biggest Car Maker by Measures that Matter

Volkswagen stole Toyota’s crown, but investors may not care

Car buffs, journalists and economists pay a lot of attention to unit-car statistics, but investors shouldn’t—just look at Volkswagen’s rise to the top of the official league table of manufacturers.
Source: The Wall Street Journal

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NADA Launches Nationwide Initiative

National Automobile Dealers Association launches new nationwide effort to promote the consumer and community benefits of local dealerships.

Today, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) launched a new initiative designed to promote the benefits of local new car and truck dealerships for consumers, local communities and manufacturers alike. 

The new initiative includes a website and social media channels and features videos of real consumers and dealership staff voicing the benefits of local dealerships in their own words. Videos include:

  • My Dealership Saves Me Money: Econometric research has shown that when same brand dealerships compete in proximity to each other, consumers save hundreds of dollars on the price of a new vehicle.
  • My Dealership Creates Jobs: Local dealerships provide nearly 1.1 million jobs in sales, service and management average more than $69,000 in compensation per year across occupations – in fact, dealerships employ more workers than auto manufacturers operating in America.   
  • My Dealership is Local: Approximately half of America’s 16,500 dealerships are companies that own two stores or less. Thousands of dealership groups are locally owned and operated businesses rooted in their communities.
  • My Dealership is Modern: Local dealerships offer a modern service and sales experience, with online tools and digital platforms dedicated to making the purchasing experience as easy and convenient as possible. 
  • My Dealership is Diverse: Local dealerships reflect the communities they serve, and can be incredibly diverse workplaces, employing workers from all background in sales, service and management occupations, and with opportunities for advancement.

“Local dealerships benefit consumers and local communities alike – through price competition that drives down prices, and good paying jobs that drive local economies,” said NADA Chairman Mark Scarpelli, who operates four dealerships near Chicago, Illinois. “But doesn’t come from the perspective of dealers – it comes from the perspective of real consumers, dealership staff and community leaders who have seen the benefits of local dealerships first hand.”
The initiative is being taken up by state and local dealership associations across the country. Robert Glaser, who runs the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association and chairs Automotive Trade Association Executives (ATAE), plans to be the first state association to take up the initiative. “Local dealerships benefit consumers and local communities in North Carolina and across America,” said Glaser. “NCADA is taking up this initiative, and we encourage local dealerships and dealer associations to promote it as well.”
NADA will be promoting the initiative throughout 2017 across its digital media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The initiative was launched as part of NADA’s 100th Anniversary.
Source: NADA

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