September 3, 2015
The Credential
HCCP Spotlight
Meet Robin Thorne, HCCP


Robin Thorne is a founding partner of Vital Spirit, LLC, a LIHTC consutling firm.

How has the HCCP designation impacted your career?

The HCCP designation has provided access to other affordable housing industry specialists and information relating to all aspects of the LIHTC industry. I believe the HCCP designation also provides our clients, investors and the State Housing Agencies an assurance that the person they are dealing with has achieved a high level of proficiency within the LIHTC industry.

How did you get into the LIHTC industry?

Through horses! Sounds crazy but one of my best “horse” friends, Lorna Fogg, began working for Raymond James Tax Credit Funds in their Indian Country LIHTC department, and then later she went to work with a private consulting firm specializing in the use of LIHTC funds in Indian Country. Lorna asked if I would be interested in coming to work with her and the rest is history.

Two years ago, Lorna and I formed our own consulting firm, VitalSpirit LLC, and we are continuing our work in Indian Country providing development and compliance services for Tribal clients utilizing the LIHTC program to finance their affordable housing projects.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

Onsite, project-specific training, and industry-wide conference presentations. I spend a great deal of time explaining how the LIHTC program can be used in Indian Country to leverage Native American Housing and Self Determination Act (NAHASDA) funds for rehabilitating existing housing and building new homes on Tribal reservations. I also draft and/or review policy and procedure manuals, assist in preparing responses to State Housing Authority (HA) on-site monitoring reports, prepare 8609 documentation for submission to the State HA’s, prepare final pay and quarterly and annual reports for both State HA’s and investors, audit and/or review tenant files and respond to compliance questions from our clients.

What helped with your success in the LIHTC industry? 

Networking with other LIHTC compliance professionals has been crucial to the success I have had in the LIHTC industry. Organizations like NAHB provide ongoing opportunities to reach out to other LIHTC industry professionals, and they also provide valuable information on current issues affecting the LIHTC program.  

What’s your favorite hobby?

Anything to do with horses!