September 3, 2015
The Credential
Keeping It Green Webinar Replay Now Available!

Presenter Michael Ferguson takes a look at energy consumption in your LIHTC properties and explains how you can save money and resources by benchmarking, using water conservation methods and lighting retrofits.

The webinar focused on reduction of consumption of water and electricity in multifamily housing through the implementation of solutions that are simple and effective and best of all, low-cost — to get you into the game. With achievements under your belt, you will learn how to notch up your investment to the next tier of measures that yield even more savings. Topics include:

  • Baseline start to measure your success
  • Benchmark compare to identify the hogs and angels start with the hogs!
  • Tools to make it easier
  •  Why water?
  • Get started: Aerators and shower heads What products work?
  • Measure and verify the impact/savings Get excited!
  • Toilet replacement: Higher investment means higher payback What products work?
  • Savings calculator
  • Case study
  • Why lighting?
  • Low-cost solutions Light bulb replacement
  • Fixture replacement Bi-level lighting in common areas
  • Look to local utility funding programs for full or partial funding

HCCP designation holders and HCG members may purchase the replay at this link.

NAHB members and non-NAHB members may purchase the replay at this link.