September 3, 2015
The Credential
HUD Issues New Rules to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing

New regulations announced by HUD are intended to ensure that practices and policies of local governments do not promote racial segregation.

In a press statement, HUD said the final rule “clarifies and simplifies existing fair housing obligations and creates a streamlined Assessment of Fair Housing planning process, which will help communities analyze challenges to fair housing choice and establish their own goals and priorities to address the fair housing barriers in their community.”

NAHB supports the goals of the Fair Housing Act and will work with HUD to implement the new rule so that it is workable for developers and enables builders to provide a wide range of housing types to meets the needs for all Americans in all communities. Further, NAHB encourages our members to get involved as their states and local jurisdictions respond to the rule.

“Unfortunately, too many Americans find their dreams limited by where they come from, and a ZIP code should never determine a child’s future,” said HUD Secretary Julian Castro.  “This important step will give local leaders the tools they need to provide all Americans with access to safe, affordable housing in communities that are rich with opportunity.”

The final rule will be phased in 30 days after publication, and be phased in over time. It came about two weeks after the Supreme Court ruled that Fair Housing Act liability can be proven without the need to show intentional discrimination.

Learn more about the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Final Rule here.