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There's an LTCI White Paper in the Foreseeable Future
by Sally Leimbach

Our Long-Term Care Advisory Committee, with NAHU staff help, is devoting considerable focus and effort on creating an LTCI white paper. The white paper’s purpose will be to inform legislators and others active in U.S. policymaking where NAHU stands on long-term care and the role of private long-term care insurance.

It is an intensive process that started with past efforts and updated thoughts that evolved into a draft written by talented NAHU staffer Dan Samson. This draft is currently circulating among the members of the LTCI White Paper Working Group made up of NAHU members. Their task is to review the draft and offer comments, additions and edits. The white paper will also be reviewed by the NAHU Legislative Council and Board of Trustees.

Two versions of the white paper will be prepared: one detailed document including an executive summary, and the second a position statement. The latter will be a much shorter version, which will be used as an introduction to those involved in legislation.

The completed white paper will include a statement of the current LTC system in the United States, its background and evolution. There will be three proposed solutions: allow retirement vehicles to purchase private LTCI without penalty, allow Section 125 modification to include LTCI options and reform Medicaid to reduce costs and incentivize Americans toward responsible planning for LTC.

We are hoping to have the white paper completed by early spring.

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