June 2015
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NAHU Member-Exclusive LTCI Portal is Live!
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NAHU Member-Exclusive LTCI Portal is Live!
by Mark Baron

With great pride, NAHU’s Long-Term Care Advisory Committee has announced the launch of an exclusive, members-only LTC Portal!

You will find it under the “Members” section of the website.

The LTC Portal has a straightforward layout. It contains general LTCI resources, education, current news and announcements, links to videos, publications and articles, and more.

The intent of the LTC Portal is to better enable NAHU members to learn about and sell LTCI. NAHU’s Long-Term Care Advisory Committee hopes this new portal will help members start a LTC conversation with more clients and get them to a place where they can partner with LTCI specialists and sell more LTCI. LTCI gives clients additional financial security, as well as greater caregiving access and options.

On behalf of NAHU’s Long-Term Care Advisory Committee, I wish to give special thanks to sub-committee members Tom Hebrank and Claude Thau, who were very instrumental in helping me choose and present the Portal’s content. We also thank NAHU’s Illana Maze, who spent a great deal of time making the LTC Portal eye-pleasing and easy to use.

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