May 12, 2011


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NAHU Annual Convention

In the current legislative environment, we truly are facing a “New Frontier.” Join us June 26-29 in San Antonio to get the tools and information you need to grow and manage your business in these changing times.

On Monday, June 27, we are presenting our Professional Development Program designed specifically help you grow and adapt your business..  

Tracks include: 

  • Compliance
  • Value-Based Purchasing
  • Strategic Selling
  • Agency-Management Trends
  • Self-Funding
  • Chapter Leadership Development

Quick Links:
Convention Website
Online Registration (including Golf Tournament)
Hotel Reservations
Golf Tournament Sponsorships
Professional Development Workshops
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LPRT Event at Annual Convention

2011 LPRT qualifiers are invited to attend the LPRT-only event at NAHU’s Annual Convention in San Antonio on Monday, June 27 at the Buckhorn Saloon. The deadline to RSVP is Friday, June 4.
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Wellness Works Series Continues

The videos showcased at Capitol Conference as part of the Education Foundation’s Wellness Works series have been posted to the website. Present your clients with more information on smoking cessation, medicine adherence and obesity awareness programs to control medical costs with improved health.

For more information on how wellness programs can help control medical costs, visit the Wellness Works webpage.
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NAHU in the News

Janet Trautwein spoke to “America’s Health Insurance Advocate” Cary Hall about health care reform issues and implementation. Click here to listen to the interview.

NAHU was featured in more than 150 news stories last month, reaching an audience of 24 million people. You can access the major stories, including articles from National Underwriter, Insurance Journal, Insurance & Financial Advisor, Broker World, Boston Globe, Business Journal, Baltimore Sun, Cleveland Plain Dealer, WSJ’s and Congressional Quarterly, on the NAHU in the News webpage.
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NAHU's Online Learning Institute

NAHU Online Learning Institute

Here you will find a variety of alternative learning formats for your continuing education needs that include an on-demand learning library, audio workshops; available for download, live on-line seminars (webinars/teleconferences) and personal account navigation.

Web seminars consist of two components: a web portion for viewing the visuals/presentation and an audio portion for listening to the presenter(s). When you register, instructions for accessing the event will be sent to you via e-mail, along with reminders five days and one day prior to the event.

Not able to attend the live webinar sessions? You can still benefit from these informative presentations by purchasing a recorded version. NAHU members create a personalized library of topics based on areas of interest. Personal account navigation allows you to access the recordings at your convenience or when visiting with clients. Visit the NAHU OLI catalog.

Can You Sell Individual Insurance and List Bill it Through an Employer?
Archive Recording
Ric Joyner

There seem to be several "schemes" out there for employers to drop group health and have employees purchase individual policies. But can this be done? How shall we advise our clients? What about state law? What about HIPAA and ERISA? What legal requirements do we need to follow?

Join Ric Joyner, who will provide you with those answers and reference tools than can be used to guide and advise your clients.

Released IRS Guidance Regarding New Form W2 Reporting requirements for Employer Sponsored Group Health Coverage
Tuesday, May 17, 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EDT
Seth Perretta

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) added a new reporting requirement to the Internal Revenue Code requiring employers to include the cost of employer-provided group health coverage on employees' Forms W-2. The new requirement is for information purposes only and does not result in additional wages or tax liability to the employee recipient of the Form W-2. The new reporting requirement was scheduled to become effective for this 2011 tax year. However, the IRS issued Notice 2010-69 on October 12, 2010, which provided employers with a one-year reprieve from the new rule by making the new requirement optional for purposes of 2011. Recently, on March 29, the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service issued much-anticipated interim guidance on the new Form W-2 reporting requirement in the form of Notice 2011-28.

Join Seth and get a full overview of this new interim guidance. Seth will walk you through practical considerations for both issuers and employers in complying with the new reporting requirement.

The Seven Steps to a High ROI Employee Wellness Program
Tuesday, May 24, 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EDT
Brad Cooper

What if you could offer your clients a strategy that would help control their health care, disability, sick time and retention costs for the long term?  This webinar, presented by national speaker and author Brad Cooper, will help you to do just that.  In this content-rich webinar, Mr. Cooper will hone in on the critical steps to creating a high ROI Employee Wellness Strategy.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Understand the key steps to building an effective employee wellness strategy
  • Learn how an effective strategy goes beyond wellness and enhances the value of other benefits as well
  • Be able to identify the difference between a "one size fits all approach" and a "one size fits ONE" approach to employee wellness

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Earn Your CLTC Designation

Develop the Confidence and Competence to sell LTC insurance...
Earn the CLTC designation  

Now you can experience the CLTC Master Class in the convenience of your home or office.    

This video-based, state of the art e-Learning format offers the best LTC sales training while preparing you for the exam that leads to the CLTC designation- the #1 designation in the LTC industry.
We call it: eCLTC

Best of all, you have total control of where and when you take the course.

This program is now available to NAHU members at a special tuition price:

Regular Tuition is $1095 and NAHU member price:  $895*
4 Pay Option available

For more info or to register please visit

To receive NAHU member pricing, use “NAHU” discount sponsor code.
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NAHU's Compliance Corner

The NAHU Compliance Corner
New Member Benefit Unveiled!
By Anne Sperling
NAHU Professional Development Chair

The NAHU Professional Development Committee is proud to announce its newest member benefit: The Compliance Corner. The Compliance Corner idea was born from a risk management philosophy. As insurance brokers trained in risk management, it is our job to analyze and identify risks that might adversely affect our client’s business objectives. Compliance with Federal statutes and regulations in the areas of insurance, labor and taxes is a daunting task for many of our employer clients. And, if you are like me, you’re searching for one place to find the majority of the Federal compliance risks to communicate to your clients and help them navigate their compliance risks.

With the NAHU Compliance Corner you now have a one stop place to find the majority of Federal statutes that affect the employee benefits world and that’s NAHU! You no longer need to join other associations to get this desperately important information. This is a member benefit, which means you will have to sign-in to your NAHU account in order to access the Compliance Corner links. You will find the Compliance Corner links under the Professional Development tab on the NAHU home page.

The Compliance Corner is not where you will find white papers or position papers. We still have those valuable resources coming through our NAHU legislative team. The Compliance Corner is a web link driven destiny to the statutes, regulations, and model notices.  And, because it is web link driven, NAHU will not be required to keep the information up-to-date. The author of the web link will be keeping it up-to-date for us. NAHU’s job is to identify new links, new compliance issues, which will be added to the Compliance Corner on a regular basis.

You may be wondering if state statutes will be part of the Compliance Corner. State statutes will not be made available on the Compliance Corner yet. We are discussing the possibility of adding state statutes in the future.

So, enjoy your new member benefit with no extra cost to you! I hope that it meets your compliance needs for now and we will be taking your suggestions on how to improve the site. You can send suggestions to Farren Ross at

Here's an example of the resources you will find on the Compliance Corner:

Law, Explanation and Analysis of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Including Reconciliation Act Impact- The Law, Explanation and Analysis of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act including Reconciliation Act Impact provides employers, health, insurance, and legal professionals with comprehensive explanation and analysis of every aspect of health care reform legislation. These legislative changes will imminently affect thousands of employers, private insurance providers, and the Medicare and Medicaid programs. This information is crucial for employers, health, and legal professionals. Written by CCH's editorial staff, the book offers complete, clear and practical guidance on every provision. NAHU members receive a 20% discount on this guidebook with code NAHU20. The discount will be reflected on the final checkout page.
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New NAHU Partnership with SMART!

NEW! NAHU has partnered with SMART! SMART enables benefits advisors to create benefits strategic plans for their clients quickly, easily, and efficiently. SMART is an acronym for Strategic Marketing and Retention Toolkit and is a licensed program providing a consistent, well-document methodology for interacting with clients and leading the benefits strategic planning process. SMART enables an advisor to: sell more products per client; generate more revenue per client; retain clients longer than their peers; generate increased profit margins; and to enhance their business asset value. NAHU members receive a 10% discount.
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Find an Agent

As part of your NAHU membership, you receive a free listing on our Find An Agent directory. The directory is often publicized in media outlets across the country. For instance, NAHU Member Lynn Pokrifka from Pennsylvania said the following: 

Thank you for getting into the NY Times, and for having a searchable database where consumers can find member brokers. These two leads paid for my membership. I truly appreciate it.”

Check your listing today to make sure we have your correct contact information!  If you need to change your information you can do that online by following these simple steps:

1.  Go to
2. Click on My NAHU
3. Click on  Update my Information
4. Login
5. Click on Manage Contact and Profile Information

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Triple Crown

The first quarter Triple Crown qualifiers have been posted to the website.
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