September 10, 2013


September 15: August membership numbers posted

September 18: Legislative Update for State and Local Chapters

September 19: Compliance Corner Webinar

September 30: Deadline for 2014 Chapter Dues Changes

October 3: Compliance Corner Webinar

October 11-12: NAHU Budget Meeting, Washington DC

October 15: September membership numbers posted

October 15: Call for NAHU Board of Trustee Positions open

October 16: Legislative Update for State and Local Chapters

November 7: Compliance Corner Webinar

November 15: October membership numbers posted

November 15: Tax filing deadline for chapters with a YE of June 30

November 20: Legislative Update for State and Local Chapters

November 28-29: NAHU’s office closed in observance of Thanksgivings

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Compliance Corner Webinar - Minimum Essential Coverage

Many large employers are assessing the options to comply with PPACA and avoid the penalties. Large employers are required to offer minimum essential coverage to 95% of full-time employees to meet the requirement of offering coverage. Minimum essential coverage (MEC) does not equal minimum value coverage. Technically, MEC is something less than minimum value.

This webinar will discuss the distinctions between minimum essential coverage and minimum value. We will look at the so-called “skinny plans” that have been developed to meet MEC and discuss whether these plans may be part of the compliance solution and the pros and cons of this strategy.

Click here to register for the one-hour webinar on Thursday, September 19 at 1:00 pm Eastern. The session is limited to 1,000 participants; if you can't make it or it fills up, the session will be recorded and the slides and webinar recording will be posted online by September 20.

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Updated Consumer Guide and Medicare Brochures Available for Purchase

A Consumer Guide on Health Insurance and Turning 65? Medicare brochures have been updated as of August 2013 and are once again available for order through NAHU’s online store. As healthcare moves forward, keep clients informed about provisions that will impact individuals and employers. Also, for those clients approaching Medicare, keep them updated on how it works, information about supplemental insurance and what myriad options are available. Both brochures give year-by-year details and statistics on what consumers will need to prepare for with their healthcare coverage. Place your order online.

Go to the “Publications” section of the Media Tools for Chapters page on the website to view PDFs of all our brochures, then visit the NAHU Store to purchase brochures and other NAHU products. The consumer guide and Medicare brochures cost $0.25 each and shipping is included. Please note that the minimum order is 100 of any combination of NAHU’s brochures and all orders must be shipped to a street address.

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NEW! Classroom PPACA Certification Course Training
NAHU has created a customized PPACA certification course for chapters. Consultative classroom instruction combined with online study offers unique opportunities, online library study resources, final exam retakes and continuing education credits. For further details and to view the next upcoming session, visit the Classroom PPACA Certification Course Training webpage.

The PPACA certification course is a certification of expertise in the provisions and implementation of health reform. It does not meet state or federal requirements that may be necessary or required to sell exchange-based plans.

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NAHU Delivers Health Link Broker Training
The DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority contracted NAHU to train DC, Maryland and Virginia licensed brokers in DC's Healthcare Marketplace. Brokers are critical to the success of the DC Health Link and to the health insurance market in the District of Columbia. NAHU delivers the training both in classroom and online. Detailed information can be found here.

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Brokers Making a Difference

We are still collecting stories to update the Brokers Making a Difference website. Please send all stories to and encourage your clients to submit as well.

These stories put a human face to the issues at hand—when people see specific instances of the good agents and brokers do, they gain a better understanding of your role as advocate and educator and the importance of maintaining that position. Many of them will be posted to the Brokers Making a Difference website and used in promotional materials. We often refer reporters and government officials to these stories when they are looking for examples of the positive impact brokers and agents have on healthcare.

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ACA Decision Support Tool

ACA Decision Support Tool - Version 2.0
We are pleased to announce that the NAHU ACA Decision Support Tool has been upgraded to version 2.0. The upgraded version includes the addition of the ACA Employer Decision Tree: 2.0, which is a key resource in preparing for 2014. The decision tree outlines key questions regarding compliance and measurement periods for an employer and provides a customized employer report and documentation.

NAHU Sync | ACA™
In addition to the NAHU ACA Decision Support Tool, which has been used repeatedly by hundreds of insurance professionals across the country, we now have NAHU Sync | ACA™—the ACA “Pay or Play” Tax Calculator for your website. Having Sync | ACA on your website demonstrates to clients and potential clients that you are on the cutting edge of technology. It shows them that you understand how to navigate the complex waters of the ACA. Sync | ACA is a powerful networking tool; just imagine directing a potential client to your site and letting them know that they will find the ACA Calculator, a tool that will start answering all of their ACA questions.

To view more information and/or to purchase the ACA Decision Support Tool, please click here.

If you have any questions about the tool, please contact Associated Benefits Consulting for more information at 877-291-9256 or at

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Membership Campaign!

NAHU is excited to announce our “NEW” membership campaign. This campaign started July 1 and will run through the end of GAIN – April 30! We want to give our enthusiastic member recruiters time to earn a reward for your efforts. If you haven’t been able to reach the four new members previously, you now have an extra ten months to do so.

For the first four new members you recruit from July 1 – April 30, 2014, you get to choose to:

  • Have your membership dues waived for one year, or
  • Receive a $250 American Express gift card

For every additional four new members you recruit from July 1 – April 30, 2014, you will:

  • Receive a $250 American Express gift card

Make sure your new recruits list you as the sponsor on their membership application and we will take care of the rest. Once your first four new members have joined, listing you as their sponsor, we will contact you for your reward choice. For your additional groups of four new members, we will send your gift card automatically.

We would like to encourage you to recruit those members and win! Just four new members to start between July 1 – April 30, 2014 and you can be a winner several times over. There will be no carryover member credit for members who have qualified for past campaigns.

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Read All About It!
In this month’s HIU, we give you a little more background on Trei Wild, recipient of the Harold R. Gordon Memorial Award, and what this award means to him. Other topics discussed in this edition are HRAs and PPACA, new marketing tips and whether self-funding is right for your clients.

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NAHU Learning Institute Online and Classroom

NAHU provides more than one means of delivery for education courses. As you already know, NAHU’s PPACA Certification training launched in January 2013 through the Online Learning Institute and has successfully enrolled thousands of students. All of NAHU’s other courses will be provided online in the Fall of 2013.

  • Consumer Directed Health Care
  • Voluntary Worksite
  • Wellness
  • Self-Funding
  • HIPAA HiTech
  • Health Insurance 101
  • Ethics

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NAHU in the News
NAHU was featured in more than 458 news stories in the past month, reaching an audience of 395 million people. You can access the major stories, including articles from the USA Today (Washington, DC), Reuters (NY,NY), Bloomberg (NY,NY), The Boston (MA) Globe, Roanoke Times (VA), Yahoo! Finance (Sunnyvale, CA), Seattle (WA) Times, KSL-TV Channel 5 (Salt Lake City, UT), WRAL-TV Channel 5 (Raleigh, NC), Miami (FL) Herald, Greensboro (NC) News & Record, Orlando (FL) Sentinel, Baltimore (MD) Sun, Des Moines (IA) Register, Salt Lake (UT) Tribune, Dallas (TX) Morning News, Riverside (CA) Press Enterprise, Hawaii News Now-KHNL/KGMB (Honolulu, HI), Worcester (MA) Telegram & Gazette, The Business Journals, Kaiser Health News, Insurance & Financial Adviser and LifeHealthPro on the NAHU in the News webpage.

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