November 14, 2013

November 15: October membership numbers posted

November 15: Tax filing deadline for chapters with a YE of June 30

November 20: Legislative Update for State and Local Chapters

November 28-29: NAHU’s office closed in observance of Thanksgivings

November 30: Deadline for Membership Campaign

December 5: Compliance Corner Webinar

December 16: November membership numbers posted

December 18: Legislative Update for State and Local Chapters

December 24: NAHU’s office closes early

December 25: NAHU’s office closed in observance of Christmas

December 31: NAHU’s office closes early

January 1: NAHU’s office closed in observance of the New Year

January 2: Compliance Corner Webinar

January 15: December membership numbers posted

Legislative Update for State and Local Chapters

January 20: Chapter Credits for Membership Loyalty Rebate Program posted

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Capitol Conference Registration is Now Open!

Online registration is now open and we invite you to register today! With health reform implementation in full swing, business and individual healthcare consumers aren't the only ones who truly need the advice of licensed health insurance professionals. Our representatives in Washington, DC need to hear how things are going on the ground! It's vital that NAHU members visit with our lawmakers to share your distinctive knowledge of the health insurance marketplace, common sense perspective and solutions. We need as many agents and brokers in Washington, DC as possible on February 24-26 to spread NAHU's message and look forward to seeing you there!

Click here for more information on Capitol Conference.

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Media Tools for All NAHU Members

NAHU understands and shares your frustration with all of the problems associated with the federal health insurance marketplace. We are here to provide guidance and tools that will assist you with your media outreach as well as keep you informed on the latest news. We encourage you to coordinate with your chapter leadership to ensure that your efforts aren’t duplicated and that we are speaking with one voice.

We have created an eight-minute website training video that goes over how to access public media information and member media resources along with helping you navigate the media kits and templates.

Our health insurance exchange and value of the agent tools, including opinion-editorials, letter-to-the-editors, press releases, public service announcements and brochures, focus on the healthcare exchange and the importance of utilizing agents. We also encourage you to review the Washington Update’s archive to read the latest news on the exchange and to fine-tune your knowledge for future reporter outreach.

If you have further questions about these online resources, please contact the Public Relations staff.

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Updated Medicare Brochure Available for Purchase

The Turning 65? Medicare brochure has been updated as of November 2013 and is once again available for order through NAHU’s online store. For those clients approaching Medicare, keep them updated on how it works, 2014 price points, information about supplemental insurance and what myriad options are available. This brochure gives year-by-year details and statistics on what consumers will need to prepare for with their healthcare coverage when turning 65. Place your order online.

Go to the “Publications” section of the Media Tools for Chapters page on the website to view PDFs of all our brochures, then visit the NAHU Store to purchase brochures and other NAHU products. The Medicare brochure costs $0.25 with shipping included. Please note that all brochures are sold in bundles of 50. Ordering a quantity of 1 will equal 50 brochures at $.25/each. All orders must be shipped to a street address.

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How Many Holiday Gifts Could You Buy With $250?

NAHU is excited to announce our “NEW” membership campaign. This campaign started July 1 and will run through the end of GAIN – April 30! We want to give our enthusiastic member recruiters time to earn a reward for your efforts. If you haven’t been able to reach the four new members previously, you now have an extra ten months to do so.

For the first four new members you recruit from July 1 – April 30, 2014, you get to choose to:

  • Have your membership dues waived for one year, or
  • Receive a $250 American Express gift card

For every additional four new members you recruit from July 1 – April 30, 2014, you will:

  • Receive a $250 American Express gift card

Make sure your new recruits list you as the sponsor on their membership application and we will take care of the rest. Once your first four new members have joined, listing you as their sponsor, we will contact you for your reward choice. For your additional groups of four new members, we will send your gift card automatically.

We would like to encourage you to recruit those members and win! Just four new members to start between July 1 – April 30, 2014 and you can be a winner several times over. There will be no carryover member credit for members who have qualified for past campaigns.

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Classroom PPACA Certification Course Training

NAHU has created a customized PPACA certification course for chapters. Consultative classroom instruction combined with online study offers unique opportunities, online library study resources, final exam retakes and continuing education credits. For further details and to view the next upcoming sessions, visit the Classroom PPACA Certification Course Training webpage.

Other than needing to run out and print six more copies of the handout due to growing attendance, the day ran rather well. Everyone thanked us for the opportunity to host a program such as this. Janet did a great job!

All in all, the event was quite the success! 

Gail James Clarke, Executive Director
Orange County Association of Health Underwriters

To access the online version of the PPACA Certification Course, click here.

The PPACA certification course is a certification of expertise in the provisions and implementation of health reform. It does not meet state or federal requirements that may be necessary or required to sell exchange-based plans.

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NAHU in the News

NAHU was featured in more than 964 news stories last month, reaching an audience of 1.8 billion people. You can access the major stories, including articles from the Yahoo! News (Sunnyvale, CA), Wall Street Journal (NY,NY), The New York Times,  Boston (MA) Globe, Business Week (NY,NY), MSNBC, Fox Business (NY,NY), Washington (DC) Post, CNBC (NY,NY), Congressional Quarterly (Washington, DC), Huffington Post (Los Angeles, CA), Business Week (NY,NY), Politico (The) (Washington, DC), Yahoo! Finance (Sunnyvale, CA), CNN Interactive (Atlanta, GA), Los Angeles (CA) Times, Atlanta (GA) Journal-Constitution, New York (NY) Daily News, Washington (DC) Times, International Business Times (NY,NY), MarketWatch (NY), Greensboro (NC) News & Record, Minneapolis (MN) Star Tribune, The Philadelphia (PA) Inquirer, Money Central (Redmond, WA), El Nuevo Heraldo (Brownsville, TX), Tampa Bay (FL) Times, Chicago (IL) Sun Times, Denver (CO) Post, Miami (FL) Herald, Riverside (CA) Press Enterprise, Worcester (MA) Telegram & Gazette, The Business Journals, Kaiser Health News, Agent's Sales Journal and LifeHealthPro on the NAHU in the News webpage.

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