December 12, 2013

December 15: November membership numbers posted

December 18: Legislative Update for State and Local Chapters

December 24-25: NAHU’s office closed in observance of Christmas

December 31: NAHU's office closed at noon.

January 1: NAHU’s office closed in observance of the New Year

January 2: Compliance Corner Webinar

January 10: First Board of Trustees Nomination Deadline

January 15: December membership numbers posted

January 15: Legislative Update for State and Local Chapters

January 20: NAHU office closed in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday

January 21: Chapter Credits for Membership Loyalty Rebate program posted

February 6: Compliance Corner Webinar

February 9: Deadline for early bird registration for Capitol Conference

February 19: Legislative Update for State and Local Chapters

February 24-26: Capitol Conference, Washington DC

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Capitol Conference Registration is Open!

Online registration is open and we invite you to register today! With health reform implementation in full swing, business and individual healthcare consumers aren't the only ones who truly need the advice of licensed health insurance professionals. Our representatives in Washington, DC need to hear how things are going on the ground! It's vital that NAHU members visit with our lawmakers to share your distinctive knowledge of the health insurance marketplace, common sense perspective and solutions. We need as many agents and brokers in Washington, DC as possible on February 24-26 to spread NAHU's message and look forward to seeing you there!

Click here for more information on Capitol Conference and to find out about CapConPLUS.

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Update Your Member Record to Reflect Your Exchange Certifications

NAHU members, who have completed federal and/or state-based health insurance exchange training and are approved to sell and service products on specific exchanges, may update their member records to show the states where they are approved to help individuals and consumers buy marketplace coverage. That way, when consumers, lawmakers and other officials looking to connect with an exchange-certified agent or broker search NAHU’s Find an Agent feature on our website, they will be able to find you!

Follow these steps to add the states in which you are certified or states you are certified in and prefer to conduct business:

  • Click the login button on If you do not have a login or password, click here to obtain one.
  • Once logged in and on your profile page – click “My NAHU”
  • Click “My Account”
  • Click the Certified to Sell Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace Coverage tab
  • Click “edit” next to the state to update the states where you hold an active certification and licensure and provide the date of that certification.
  • Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) states are listed here. If you have completed the FFM certification you are entitled to check any FFM state where you are licensed. You may select all the FFM states OR you may select only the states in which you prefer to conduct business.
  • Click “save”

Please note: NAHU members are responsible for the information included in their agent profile and are expected to accurately report and verify current certifications earned by the state or federal government and by other designating entities.

NAHU’s Find an Agent in the News
NAHU’s Find an Agent feature has been getting amazing media coverage across the nation. From articles in the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, to a mention on The Today Show, reporters and consumers are flocking to NAHU’s website to find insurance agents and brokers.

How does Find an Agent benefit me?
As a member of NAHU, your name and contact information are automatically entered into the Find an Agent database. When a consumer goes to the NAHU website looking for health insurance, they type in their zip code and twenty members’ names are randomly provided.

What should I do to make sure I am receiving the maximum benefits from Find an Agent?
Keep your contact information current and return consumer inquiries. The individuals using our Find an Agent feature have one goal—to find health insurance. If your information isn’t up-to-date or you don’t return consumers phone calls, you have effectively lost a sales opportunity and put NAHU’s reputation at risk. We have received increased scrutiny lately so please take advantage of all the benefits of this wonderful NAHU member benefit.

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How Many Holiday Gifts Could You Buy With $250?

NAHU is excited to announce our membership campaign. This campaign started July 1 and will run through the end of GAIN – April 30! We want to give our enthusiastic member recruiters time to earn a reward for your efforts. If you haven’t been able to reach the four new members previously, you now have an extra ten months to do so.

For the first four new members you recruit from July 1 – April 30, 2014, you get to choose to:

  • Have your membership dues waived for one year, or
  • Receive a $250 American Express gift card

For every additional four new members you recruit from July 1 – April 30, 2014, you will:

  • Receive a $250 American Express gift card

Make sure your new recruits list you as the sponsor on their membership application and we will take care of the rest. Once your first four new members have joined, listing you as their sponsor, we will contact you for your reward choice. For your additional groups of four new members, we will send your gift card automatically.

We would like to encourage you to recruit those members and win! Just four new members to start between July 1 – April 30, 2014 and you can be a winner several times over. There will be no carryover member credit for members who have qualified for past campaigns.

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Classroom PPACA Certification Course Training

NAHU has created a customized PPACA certification course for chapters. Consultative classroom instruction combined with online study offers unique opportunities, online library study resources, final exam retakes and continuing education credits. For further details and to view the next upcoming sessions, visit the Classroom PPACA Certification Course Training webpage.

I personally gained from attending a live PPACA program in Massachusetts last week. I had already taken the online course prior to sitting in on the class and consider myself fairly knowledgeable on the law, having had to eat, live and breathe it for the past three years! Ruthann Laswick, NAHU’s chair on the Professional Development Committee, and one of the course’s co-authors did an excellent job of engaging the audience in the course material. I think we all walked away with a better understanding and more clarity on the intricacies of the law as it applies to our clients large or small, fully insured or self-funded. So thank you to Ruthann and to the staff at NAHU who saw the needs of our membership and responded. I look forward to reviewing the updated version of the course in early 2014 and I strongly recommend chapters offering this course to raise the bar among health insurance professionals, members and non-members alike. After taking this course, how could a non-member not join NAHU?

Julie Jennings 
Regional Vice President for Region I

To access the online version of the PPACA Certification Course, click here.

The PPACA certification course is a certification of expertise in the provisions and implementation of health reform. It does not meet state or federal requirements that may be necessary or required to sell exchange-based plans.

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New! NAHU Professional Development Logos

We are proud to announce that NAHU student graduates now have new marketing tools for their use on media announcements, business cards and company letterhead. Each of our student graduates will receive a personal detailed notification with direct access to download logo representation of their NAHU certification accomplishments.


Establishing the standard for your professional study is vital to the success of your business.

Regulators and company compliance departments are more often scrutinizing “weekend” designation programs which has led to a concerning level of confusion in the marketplace of what constitutes appropriate standards of professional education. Understanding the distinction between a certification that allows you to become an expert on one topic and the rigor of study required for an industry designation that allows you to be an expert on many topics is important.

Guidelines are designed to help companies and individual professionals conduct due diligence and make determinations about which programs of study they will reimburse and allow for business card use. NAHU is a non-profit educational provider with a high level of accreditation. For full transparency and clarification, we established a checklist of points for consideration based on our history and code of ethics.

  • NAHU is an not-for-profit entity
  • NAHU as a provider maintains regional accreditation, the highest level of accreditation available
  • NAHU as a provider upholds a long tradition and history of educational offerings that dates back to 1930 (i.e. DITC, RHU and REBC)
  • NAHU course examinations are proctored and “closed book” by state requirements and pass rates generally should not exceed 80% for the program over all (an indication of examination rigor)
  • NAHU certifications have consistent requirements and historically do not require additional fees to maintain an NAHU certification
  • NAHU keeps in place governance over the annual renewal of course content and filing standard in compliance aligned with each state DOI requirement(s).

How a certification is used is as important as the quality of the certification itself and why it is important to be mindful about the logo/stamp professionals use in media coverage and the actions of other companies who promote/use our certifications.

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NAHU Member Discount: American College Courses

Take advantage of your NAHU membership benefits and register for one of these two online courses: Winter Enrollment for the American College Courses HS 325 Group Benefits and HS 340 Advanced Topics in Group Benefits.

Register before January 1, 2014 using the promo code NAHU14 and save $135.

We are passionate about helping students expand their knowledge, skills and opportunities as financial services professionals. Because NAHU places such emphasis on professional development, we have partnered with an industry leader in financial services education. The American College has been delivering the industry’s foremost educational content since 1927. Their expert resident faculty includes over 25 of the nation’s top thought leaders in financial services practice and management.

NAHU, with the help of The American College, is proud to offer the following courses for the betterment of your career.

Winter Enrollment
HS 325 - Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m. from March 12, 2014 through May 14, 2014
HS 340 - Thursdays at 11:00 a.m. from March 13, 2014 through May 15, 2014

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Press Statements: NAHUís Responds to ACA Issues

NAHU distributed a press release, “NAHU Responds to Continued Technical Issues with Federal Marketplace,” that addresses the current back-end issues of the online federal marketplace along with a letter to President Obama providing a list of eight items that need immediate action. Due to the high relevance of this topic, we have received major press hits from The Washington Post, Politico and Dallas Morning News.

Another press release, “NAHU Press Statement on Cancelled Health Plans,” addressed the proposed changes that President Obama made to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in light of the nearly five million cancelled health plans. “NAHU Member to Testify at the House Small Business Committee Health and Technology Subcommittee Hearing,” promoted Louisiana AHU past president, Robin Frick, for testifying in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, November 14, 2013. The purpose of the hearing was to examine the trend of small businesses choosing to self-insure rather than purchase health insurance from insurers for their employees.

Read all of the newest press releases from NAHU. Also, make sure to subscribe to our RSS feed to receive notification when press releases and news stories are posted to the website.

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New Media Tool: Media Hit Tools and Information

NAHU created a new media tool, Media Hit Highlights, which displays our press hits for the month of November. Because the opening of the marketplace was such a huge topic in the media, we decided to showcase our member’s overall efforts and their contributions to top media outlets such as The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, MSNBC, Fox News and more.

The November edition of the media tool, Media Hit Report, displays an innovative way you can easily track published online and print articles for your chapter and NAHU. Additionally, if you’re quoted or featured in the media as a NAHU member, you will easily locate your article from this report. Not only does it list articles, it includes graphs and charts displaying how many online and print articles were published each month.

The Media Hit Report and Media Hit Highlights are updated monthly with an archive in the Training section under the Media Tools webpage.

Please note: All Media Hit Reports are for internal use only and should not be distributed to clients or posted for general access on websites due to copyright restrictions.

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2013 Annual Convention Photo Directory
Did you get your picture taken for the photo directory at the 2013 Annual Convention in Atlanta? If so, you can request to receive a digital copy of your picture for free! Simply email Jana at and she will send you your photo in two versions: one that you can insert into your NAHU profile for the Find an Agent feature and a high-resolution version.

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NAHU in the News
NAHU was featured in more than 1,500 news stories last month, reaching an audience of 1.1 billion people. You can access the major stories, including articles from the Yahoo! News, Huffington Post, New York Times, Washington (DC) Post, USA Today (Washington, DC), The Associated Press, Fox Business (NY,NY), WebMD (Orlando, FL) Boston (MA) Globe, Politico (The) (Washington, DC), Washington Examiner (Alexandria, VA), Reuters - US Edition (NY,NY), CBS MoneyWatch, Dallas (TX) Morning News,  Business Week, CNBC, Congressional Quarterly and Kaiser Health News on the NAHU in the News webpage.

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