March 15, 2016

March 20 & 27: The ShiftShapers Podcast with David Saltzman

March 31: Deadline for LPRT Applications

April 3: The ShiftShapers Podcast with David Saltzman

April 5: NAHU Awards Submission Deadline

April 10: The ShiftShapers Podcast with David Saltzman

April 14: Compliance Corner Webinar

April 15: Membership Reports Posted to the Website

April 17: The ShiftShapers Podcast with David Saltzman

April 22: Delegate Numbers Posted on NAHU’s Website

April 22-24: Awards Judging Weekend, Washington, D.C.

April 24 & May 1: The ShiftShapers Podcast with David Saltzman

May 4: Annual Convention Early-Bird Deadline

May 8: The ShiftShapers Podcast with David Saltzman

May 9: Deadline for Delegate and Alternate Delegate Appointments

May 12: Compliance Corner Webinar

May 15: The ShiftShapers Podcast with David Saltzman

May 16: Membership Reports Posted to NAHU's Website

May 22 & 29: The ShiftShapers Podcast with David Saltzman

May 31: Deadline for Chapter Leadership Rosters

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Capitol Conference Photos
Capitol Conference photos are available! Click here to view and purchase photos from our photographer James Tkatch.

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New State Chapter Draft Contest

Win a $400 Cash Prize!
State chapters are divided into three categories:

  • Group 1: 15-200 members
  • Group 2: 201-399 members
  • Group 3: 400+ members

The state chapters with the largest percentage increase in members renewing or joining and using a monthly credit card and/or bank draft for payment wins! Winners are determined by comparing the total number of members paying by draft starting from January 2016 to those paying by draft on April 30, 2016. Chapters must have at least a five member increase in draft payments in order to qualify.
Winners will be announced during the award ceremony at the 2016 Annual Convention. All state chapters (with at least 15 members) are automatically entered.
To learn more,
click here.

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Register Now for a Free Webinar on the Art of a Media Interview
Sometimes you need to abruptly change the direction of an interview. Perhaps the reporter has wandered into a different direction or is touching on a controversial issue, and you want to get back on message. Join us Wednesday, April 27, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern for the next webinar, "The Art of a Media Interview: Techniques to Hook, Bridge and Flag,” in NAHU's series on Working with the Media. This training session will provide you with the tools and tips to manage your message during an interview.
The presentation will be given by Kelly Loussedes, NAHU's senior vice president of public relations. There will also be an informative question-and-answer session at the end. Media chairs, legislative chairs and chapter presidents are encouraged to participate. If you are interested, please register

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Brokers Making a Difference Shines at Capitol Conference

During the 26th Annual Capitol Conference, Media Relations Committee Chairs Chad Schneider and Dave Cluley took the stage to voice the importance of this initiative. They gave a wonderful presentation of how easy it is to get testimonials from your clients. They also expressed how valuable it can be to not only show to your local legislators, but also to promote your own block of business. A map of where the 75 new stories came in from was shown, with Florida and Michele Malooley tipping the charts with 50 new stories! At the end of the presentation, five $100 gift cards were drawn as part of this most recent BMD campaign. Michele walked away with $400 and Suzy Johnson received $100. A big congratulations to our winners!

You can continue to make a difference by reaching out to your clients and sending in those stories. For more information on Brokers Making a Difference or helpful tips for getting your own stories, contact Public Relations Manager ReDonah Anderson.

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Healthcare Reform Timeline Brochure Available for Purchase

Our newly updated Healthcare Reform Timeline brochure is once again available for order through NAHU's online store. This brochure outlines health insurance reforms and healthcare milestones contained within the PPACA. Place your order online.

Go to the "Publications" section of the Media Tools for Chapters page to view PDFs of all our brochures, then visit the NAHU Store to purchase our brochures and products. Please note that all brochures are sold in bundles of 50. Ordering a quantity of 1 will equal 50 brochures. All orders must be shipped to a street address.

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Hot off the Press
The PDF version of the 2015 Yearly Highlights is now available! We distributed hard copies at Capitol Conference. If you did not get a copy or you would like more, you can simply download the PDF version and print as many as you wish. In the past, many members have found this piece to be beneficial in demonstrating the value of NAHU membership to both current and potential members. We hope you will enjoy seeing what NAHU has accomplished in 2015.

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February Social Media Highlights

At the end of each month, we create a report with all of our top hits from NAHU's Twitter and Facebook accounts. The report is detailed with information from the number of new and total followers to the amount of engagement we garner each day of the month. Here are a few of the highlights for February:

  • In February, NAHU's profile was visited 3,501 times – a 57% increase since January.
  • NAHU's account gained 460 followers.
  • NAHU's tweets were seen on average 2,800 times per day – an almost 60% increase over January's daily average.
  • NAHU's tweets during Capitol Conference were seen over 25,000 times.


  • NAHU's Facebook posts reach, on average, 1,393 unique individuals each day.
  • NAHU's posts received, on average, 26 reactions per day and were shared 14 times per day this month.
  • NAHU's posts received 210 reactions over the three days of the Capitol Conference.


  • Links to NAHU's infographics have been clicked over 398 times.
  • Links to NAHU's Capitol Conference page were clicked over 150 times. 

Key Terms

  • The engagement rate for a tweet is the number of users who clicked, favorited, shared or replied to a tweet as a percentage of the number of users who saw the tweet. The engagement rate in our report is the average engagement rate for all of our tweets in the given month.
  • The reach on Facebook is the number of different people who see any of your content in their newsfeed, on our profile or otherwise.
  • This month, Facebook expanded how users can respond to a post. Now, rather than simply liking it, users can react with a range of emotions – happy, sad, angry, etc. As such, you'll see "reactions" instead of "likes" in our reports moving forward.

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