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Upcoming Events
•  August 7: Compliance Corner Webinar
•  August 8-9: Region 5 Leadership Conference, Tampa, FL
•  August 8-9: Region 6 Leadership Conference, Tulsa, OK
•  August 12: Region 1 Leadership Conference, MA
•  August 14-15: Region 7 Leadership Conference, Albuquerque, NM
•  August 15: Membership reports posted to NAHU’s website
•  August 20: Legislative Update for State and Local Chapters
•  August 29: NAHU’s office closes at 2 p.m. Eastern
•  September 4: Compliance Corner Webinar
•  September 4-5: Region 4 Leadership Conference, Perry, IA
•  September 15: Membership reports posted to NAHU’s website
•  September 17: Legislative Update for State and Local Chapters
•  September 30: Deadline for 2014 Chapter Dues Changes
•  October 3: Compliance Corner Webinar
•  October 15: Membership reports posted to NAHU’s website
•  October 16: Legislative Update for State and Local Chapters
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Message from President Ryan Thorn
Together We WILL Stand

I am honored to continue with the tradition of sending out the President’s Perspective to you. This communication started a couple of years ago to give the current NAHU president an opportunity to share ideas and insights with you--our key chapter leaders across the country. I hope that you have already had your chapter strategic planning meeting. If not, it is not too late to get your chapter leadership together and confirm your goals and strategy for this year. Remember, my theme is “Together We WILL Stand.” This theme is very important as we enter this critical year of the ACA... Read more

Information to be Communicated to Your Members
Media in Action: NAHU Executives Featured in Top-tier Media

NAHU CEO, Janet Trautwein, and Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, Jessica Waltman, have been busy speaking on issues regarding health insurance brokers. The Washington Post quoted Janet in an article about insurance brokers having yet to be paid for the policies they’ve sold through the D.C. Health Link last fall. She also wrote an opinion-editorial piece on rate support for small businesses... Read more

NAHU in the News

NAHU has been featured in more than 700 news stories in the past month, reaching an audience of 351 million people. You can access the major stories, including articles from... Read more

Brokers are Still Making a Difference

As you know, some politicians would like to drive health insurance brokers out of business and replace them with distant government bureaucrats. These critics claim that removing agents from the plan-choosing process would trim the administrative costs of insurance without significantly impacting ordinary consumers. They're wrong... Read more

Information to Communicate to Your Board
Planning on Changing Chapter Dues

If your chapter is planning on changing its dues in 2015 the request needs to be submitted to NAHU no later than September 30. All dues changes take effect on January 1, but since we start sending out renewal invoices two months in advance we need that information by September 30... Read more

eCommerce Training

NAHU has two upcoming opportunities for you to learn all you need to know to extract membership reports straight from the NAHU membership database. eCommerce is a robust tool that allows chapter leaders to extract pertinent membership information, such as a full membership roster, billed not paid members, new members, prospective members... Read more

NEWLY UPDATED: 2014 How-To Media Guide

Our “How-To” Media Guide is newly updated with more information to better prepare you when reaching out to the media. You will learn more about working with the media, examples of garnering attention and comprehensive media chair job descriptions... Read more

From the Committees
Medicare Advisory Committee

The Medicare Advisory Group and a subgroup are working with NAHU staff to develop a Medicare Certification Course as part of a new NAHU designation program. In addition, agent compensation changes by CMS... Read more

Membership Council

The Membership Team--including, but certainly not limited to, the Membership Council, Board of Trustees, regional vice presidents and members--is working together to meet our 20,000 member goal!... Read more

Media Committee

The Media Hit Highlights is one of NAHU’s important tools that showcases top-tiered press hits of the association’s and our members’ overall efforts. We strongly encourage you to utilize this benefit and express the value of our members when you are promoting NAHU at speaking events, presentations, conferences or meetings... Read more

From the NAHU Website
Committee Chair and Leadership Development Modules

In an effort to better support the officer transition and education of chapter leaders, NAHU committees and key leadership officers have created committee chair and leadership development modules. The committee modules explain chair responsibilities and what tools and resources are available to be successful... Read more

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