June 13, 2014


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Consumers See Agents as Best Enrollment Resource
HHS Announcements Keep on Coming
Why Eric Cantor’s Loss Will Have Broader Implications for Health Reform Fixes
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What We’re Reading

We’ve got cost data, fundraiser fun facts and dancing dads for you this week. Enjoy!

Journalists have officially declared the federal SHOP a flop. Who ever would have guessed that? Again, we really need to start betting on these things.

Healthcare prices are literally all over the map.

Which in some ways explains why healthcare costs overall are on the rise again.

The DC steakhouse, Bobby Vans, has gotten a lot of attention lately, since Eric Cantor spent more on steak there then his opponent did on his whole race. Fun little tidbit. Despite its convenient location across the street from our office, your Washington Update authoresses cannot stand Bobby Vans. The food there always makes us sick. But the boys in our office all like it, which is a good thing because there are indeed a lot of political gatherings for both parties that happen there.

On a more serious note, another thing that makes us sick is the 1.7 million people who are still waiting for accurate Medicaid determinations.

Maybe you don’t want a doctor that always colors inside the lines.

Clearly, today’s college students have way more money than we did when we were in college.

In honor of Father’s Day, here are some inspiring Father’s Day quotes and some reasons why your dad should not be texting.

And just because it is hilarious, here is one for both your Father’s Day and Dirty Jers file.

With that we wish all of you fathers, including our own Pater, our wonderful husband and our “NAHU Dad” who has helped us almost every single day of our 15 years with this association and knows exactly who he is, a wonderful Father’s Day weekend. 

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