August 15, 2014



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What We're Reading

We are spending the week in Louisville, Kentucky, with insurance commissioners at the NAIC meeting. While we're here, we will also be catching up on these Internet gems and you should too.

-This link doesn't have anything to do with health policy, but it is a profile of someone we find fascinating. We heard about it while watching “Morning Joe.” The White House, financial advising and the IRS are all mentioned, so we deem it relevant to you, dear readers.

-Slightly more on topic: Former HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt talks about health reform, the 2016 presidential race and the need for a real GOP replacement plan. 

-Two-thirds of Americans said they've had a good year when it comes to health, but they're not so sure about the health of their fellow Americans. 

-They are probably worried about all of you southern sweet tea and soda drinkers!

-The cost-containment entity you've never heard of.

-The Congressional Research Service is out with a new just-the-facts report on exchange in person assistance. 

-What if Congress worked on commission?

-Is your governor on the meh list? And does this list speak more to your governor's charisma or the political astuteness of various state residents? 

-While this app does combine two of our most favorite things--politics and grocery shopping--we're not sure it's really for us. Personally, we do not let other people exercising their first amendment rights impact our eating choices. But you might feel differently and it's worth a look-see regardless. 

-Finally, if you listened to music or watched television in the 80s, this is why the internet was invented.

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