May 15, 2015


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NAHU Submits Comments on the Cadillac Tax
Reaching Milestones: Cures and Medical Device Repeal
New Guidance on Preventive Care and Deductibles
Lawmakers Propose Alternative Solutions to SCOTUS Challenge
Hit Parade
HUPAC Round Up
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What We're Reading

We accidentally deleted this whole column a little while ago while trying to piece this update together, but this is what we think we were reading! We blame post-Cadillac tax comment exhaustion and hope you enjoy it anyway!

The International Federation of Employee Benefit Plans is out with a comprehensive new study about the employer response to the PPACA.

A poster case for greater price transparency.

Sounds like these people need an agent, STAT.

Check out the impact high out-of-pocket costs are having.

We LOVE a good political ad. This one made us cry a little and briefly consider a move to Illinois.

This story might not compel you to vote for Jeb Bush, but it might spark your interest in an Apple Watch.

 “Ella,” aka your Washington Update author, was introduced to this TIME site the other day by her sister “Hannah.” While we admit to finding it an interesting way to waste five minutes, when we found this political version we thought it was much more entertaining. The last one is the best!

Finally, we are about to spend the evening with pizza, a passel of children and friends and a box of red wine (we’re classy at the Washington Update house). In case you don’t have something as fun to do tonight, apparently Mitt Romney and Evander Holyfield are going to box and you can watch it on TV?! Even if you have no interest in the fight itself, check out the entertaining preview and have a good weekend!

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