May 22, 2015



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Congress’s Week: Medicare Reform, Health Reform Oversight and Observation Status
Medicare OEP Bill Heads to Ways and Means Markup Hearing
The Tallies are In…
And the Rates Keep Going Higher
Hit Parade
HUPAC Round Up
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What We’re Reading

While you are at the pool or waving your flag this weekend, check out these picks.

What do you do when you can’t afford your state exchange anymore? Consider partnering up with a neighbor!

Resignation news bigger than our own.

Guess who wants to repeal the health reform law?

We may need fewer hospitals than we think.

You know those People magazine charts that explain how celebrities dating intersect? Well here’s one that is even better. Interactive maps of how the staffers running the various 2016 campaigns relate to one another and past political endeavors. 

A good one for the graduate in your life or really for anyone who has a trip to Target planned soon.

Did you know that three times this year, Capitol Hill police accidentally left their guns lying around the public Capitol bathrooms and one of them was found by a child? Don’t worry though, the folks in charge have contracted out with Jimmy Kimmel for a training video to keep everyone safe in the future!

More reasons to get out and move this weekend.

This weekend marks the start of our most favorite season! Don’t make any of these common mistakes.

More importantly, don’t forget that this weekend is really about the more than one million heroes who died protecting us and our freedoms.

Even though Memorial Day is very different from Veterans Day, it never hurts to thank a veteran!

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