May 29, 2015



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Medicare OEP Restoration Bill Headed for a Markup!

In addition to the PPACA oversight hearing in the Senate, over on the other side of the Capitol, the House Ways and Means Committee will be holding a markup hearing on Tuesday to review H.R. 2488, the Medicare open enrollment period (OEP) bill. The bill was given a new number (previously H.R. 588) when it was re-introduced last week to incorporate slight changes. It would restore the original Medicare OEP that was severely restricted under the PPACA, giving enrollees the ability to switch to another Medicare Advantage plan instead of being forced into traditional Medicare should their health needs call for a new health plan. The hearing will be held in the full Ways and Means Committee, where if it is voted out will head to the full House floor for consideration. This issue has been years in the works and NAHU has been pushing for these changes since PPACA was passed, which eliminated the OEP for Medicare beneficiaries.
We encourage you to Take Action today and tell your member of Congress to support this legislation by sending an Operation Shout. Even better, if your member of Congress sits on the all-important Ways and Means Committee you can send your representative a shout here asking them to support the bill during its hearing.

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