May 29, 2015



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What We’re Reading

We’re going to be spending a lot of time this weekend with our brand-new blue binder filled with the Medicaid managed care rule (thanks Husni!), but when we need some fun reading breaks, we’ll be checking out these picks. Enjoy!

We’re only a little bit crazy. Here are five key reasons why the new Medicaid managed care rule is worth our time.

Our favorite health policy reporter by a mile, Robert Pear, has a fascinating piece that correlates what we’ve been telling people about the contested subsidy language in the PPACA for ages—it was in all likelihood a big sloppy drafting mistake. But as we tell our children daily, actions have consequences.

And those consequences could be severe.

The new Barack Obama is not who you think.

Confused about who is going to be at the podium during the first GOP debate? This little widget will tell you!

How some kids in a dorm room are changing the world of lobbying.

While we do not have a dog in this fight, as a general ice hockey lover we are thrilled to see TWO game sevens this weekend. The last time it happened our beloved Flyers were robbed by that horrible horned team and yes, we’re still upset about it.

Finally, as a mom, we feel for the parents in this situation. As a politico, this is the best tantrum we’ve seen in years!

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