June 5, 2015



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What We’re Reading

We’re gearing up to read the King decision in the next week or two, but until then we leave you with these!

At the same time states like Pennsylvania and Delaware are thinking about creating their own exchanges in advance of the King decision, other states that already have their own exchanges are experiencing significant growing pains.

Vermont is another state that has a love/hate relationship with the PPACA.

Meanwhile, everyone’s wondering about the political ramifications that will follow the outcome of the King case. Here the National Journal speculated about what could happen should the White House win.

A new study by the Urban Institute shows that so far employers are keeping up their coverage. Of course, the employer mandate isn’t fully in effect yet and the Cadillac Tax is still looming.

Two new services have been added to the preventive services first-dollar coverage list.

American health cost conundrum summarized in two handy charts.

A profile of the young strategist behind Hilary Clinton.

Forget bridgegate and his unrequited, love for Jerry Jones, we think this picture is what’s going to do Chris Christie in.

Finally, while we at the Washington Update love to poke fun at Vice President Biden, this week we can only offer our prayers for him and his family for the unspeakable loss of his son, former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden. In the face of a horrible tragedy, though, at least some good has come.

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