June 12, 2015


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What We’re Reading

As everyone in DC and the health policy world waits with bated breath for the Supreme Court’s decision, we’ve been busy gathering these links for you!

Speaking of the court case, Secretary Burwell talks about what might happen if she and the Administration lose.

Meanwhile, the GOP is questioning the legality of the funding of another part of health reform—the basic health plan program.
Is the uninsured rate really the lowest ever? Proving this common assertion is trickier than you’d think.

Good news conservatives! Your numbers are not shrinking as is sometimes reported, but instead are holding fast. It’s just that there are more self-identified liberals than ever before.

Ten new drugs will cost the federal government almost $50 billion over the next 10 years.

A little game of Guess Who featuring some of the 25+ people running for president.

We are going to relate this one back to health because it is a conundrum that has greatly affected our mental health while parenting. Here is conclusive proof that those stupid stuffed animal claw machines are rigged!

In case you know someone who needs a head transplant, apparently we’re still not quite medically there yet. Thanks CT for the link!

Don’t put anything on your head, always look behind you, don’t fall off of a stage and try not to be photographed eating or exercising are all lessons we learned while laughing at some of the greatest political photo ops moments of all time.

Finally, to make you smile this fine Friday, at 90 years of age, Dick Van Dyke’s still got it!

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