September 18, 2015


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ICYMI: Registration is Now Open for NAHU's FFM Agent and Broker Training
The Small-Group Bill Hits a Hurdle
Cadillac/Excise Tax Repeal Hits the Senate
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More Legislative Resources Now Available
The ShiftShapers Podcast with David Saltzman
HUPAC Roundup
Join Us for an Education Foundation Webinar Next Week
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More Legislative Resources Now Available

By popular demand, there are now more resources available for members and the public alike to learn about NAHU’s issues and positions, and how to get engaged through Our Legislators/Media tab includes press releases, media resources, recent news stories about NAHU and updated pages on our legislative issues. By clicking on Legislative Issues, you can now see at a glance each of NAHU’s major issue areas (which link to separate pages further describing those issues), in addition to a list on the right side of NAHU’s federal priority legislation, including links to learn more about each of the issues and their associated bills. Below the Legislative Issues link in the drop-down menu, you can also click to go directly to NAHU’s federal and state action centers, where you can send Operation Shouts on our issues.

The Legislators/Media tab also includes a drop-down for our Policy Documents. From there, you can read more about NAHU’s positions on issues, including recently adopted papers on long-term care, Medicare, healthcare cost drivers, privacy and security and our employer mandate position. NAHU is also in the process of approving its overarching position paper, Access, Choice and Affordability: NAHU's Health Reform Principles, which will also be available soon. We are also in the process of collating our federal regulatory comment letters and congressional testimony, which will be available in the policy documents page.

Legislative chairs also have resources available in the Legislative Tools page, located under the Leadership Tools menu. From here, leaders are able to review the Legislative Chair Manual to learn more about their position and resources available, in addition to information on the State Legislative Defense Fund, guidelines for hiring and working with a lobbyist and the full list of recently updated state factsheets, which you can use when meeting with your elected officials.

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