September 18, 2015


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What We’re Reading

We’re recovering from the three-hour marathon Republican debate on Wednesday and can’t believe that there are 10 more on the books through next March. And we haven’t even started the Democratic debates, with the six-part series beginning on October 13. Burying our heads in wonky health policy studies almost sounds like a better idea.

-Slate has a roundup of Wednesday night’s Republican debate.

-The GAO released a study last week, Private Health Insurance: The Range of Premiums and Plan Availability for Individuals in 2014 and 2015

-A new report looks at the $600 million worth of contracts that was blown on

-Almost 400,000 individuals are losing their health insurance due to immigration issues—significantly higher than last year.

-The Census Bureau released new data from its Current Population Survey – its first since the ACA went into full effect.

-A follow-up from the Census data shows that everything really is bigger in Texas, including the total number of uninsured of any state—beating out California for the title.

-Kaiser Health News reviewed the progress of all 353 accountable care organizations and, while the program is still in its infancy, it is falling short of its targets.

-The ACA attempted to give a “stick approach” to improve hospital readmission rates. A new Harvard paper looks at some of the hospitals finding it hard to meet these goals.

-Anxiety levels in Washington, DC, creep up every September on whether the government will avoid a shutdown. Here are six factors in play.

-Hillary Clinton’s biggest rival in the Democratic Party took the cover of TIME magazine this week.

-In recognition of the 228th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution yesterday, we bring you this.

-A new standing desk for one of our staff members has gotten us thinking about getting one of these, in addition to the overall benefits of good posture.

-Heaps good! It turns out that the District of Columbia has a long lost geographic twin in Australia.

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