October 2, 2015


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The ShiftShapers Podcast with David Saltzman

Free-Market Medicine Is Disrupting and Transforming Markets
In earlier episodes we have spoken with physicians who are taking a very different, and more free-market, approach to pricing healthcare. Their numbers are growing rapidly and while some may think that “free market medicine” is an oxymoron or an impossible dream, a new and growing association is beginning to prove otherwise – with amazingly transformative effects.

On this episode of the ShiftShapers podcast, we’re excited to welcome Charlie Sauer, co-founder and executive director of the Free Market Medical Association. The organization is dedicated to promoting transparency and forwarding the ideals and practice of medicine without the intervention of government and other third parties.

We invited Charlie to talk about the goals and potential of free-market medicine. We asked Charlie how it can be possible to have free market in medicine in an environment where the government pays more than 50% of healthcare spend. We discuss the issue of whether consumers would be better off if artificial discount arrangements and multiple third parties were removed from the healthcare pricing landscape and why Charlie believes that our country is headed in that direction.

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