October 2, 2015


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Quickening the PACE: NAHU Scores Major Legislative Victory on the Small-Group Bill
NAHU Submits Detailed Comments to the Administration on the Excise Tax
Shutdown Averted and Reconciliation
Phase Two of HIPAA Audits Expected in Early 2016
The ShiftShapers Podcast with David Saltzman
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What We’re Reading

The ivy along the brick walls of Wrigley signals that October baseball is on the way, as Major League Baseball closes out the final games of the regular season this weekend. For the first time since 2008, the North Siders will be in the playoffs! In between innings this weekend (and while we’re stuck indoors avoiding Hurricane Joaquin), we’ll be reading a lot of new articles about the Cadillac/excise Tax.

-This week, Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton came out in support of efforts to repeal the Cadillac/excise Tax. Not everyone is happy with Hillary’s announcement.

-The Kaiser Family Foundation released a new poll that found that 60% of respondents oppose the tax. CNBC writes that while the tax is unpopular, support for repeal wanes when people hear about the cost to repeal.

-Kaiser also released new data on how much more out-of-network providers charge than in-network providers. In some cases, it was nearly 1,400% more.

-Healthcare costs are increasing at their fastest clip in five years.

-The ACA’s Risk Corridor program is only reimbursing 13% of the money that is owed, and insurers are crying foul.

-Here are some questions (and answers) that employees may be asking about new company wellness programs.

-Digital medication may be coming to a pharmacy near you.

-The Atlantic looks at ways to make the beginning of doctors’ careers better.

-Back in August we mentioned that federal government agencies were soon to be reviewable on Yelp. Pretty soon, other people will be able to Yelp you.

-In honor of ICD-10 officially launching on Thursday, the Internet brings you these.

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