January 22, 2016



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NAHU Continues Push for Permanent Repeal of Cadillac/Excise Tax
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NAHU Continues Push for Permanent Repeal of Cadillac/Excise Tax

The Cadillac/excise tax was delayed for two years, but that doesn’t mean that we’re easing up on our push to fully repeal this provision of the ACA. While we support the delay as a short-term measure we remain fully committed to a complete repeal of the tax given its projected widespread impact on employer-provided insurance coverage, with as many as 60% of employers impacted by 2022. With Congress back from their winter holiday break, we are moving forward with our coalition partners in the Alliance to Fight the 40 and the National Coalition on Benefits on efforts to pass a full repeal of the tax this year. There are two bills each in the House and Senate that would do this and have the combined support of 293 members of the House and 39 senators. We are working with our allies in Congress to move these bills and to urge those who are currently not supporters to join our cause, but we can’t do this alone.

Yesterday, we once again activated Operation Shout on this issue, urging all members to contact their legislators to permanently repeal the tax this year. Last month Operation Shout generated more than 9,000 messages asking for the tax to be included in the end-of-year package, and the impact of thousands of agents and brokers and your employer clients from around the country cannot be overstated. Your voices helped send the message of the devastating effects that this tax could have if implemented as scheduled. And while we are thankful for the delay, ultimately a delay doesn’t make the issue go away, and that is why we need to once again make our collective voices heard. If you haven’t yet participated in this week’s Operation Shout, you can contact your legislators here. You can also tell your employer clients to take action in a special employer-focused shout here.

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