January 22, 2016



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HUPAC Roundup

The Republican caucus had their yearly retreat in Baltimore this past week to set up their legislative agenda for the New Year. This was the first one with Speaker Paul Ryan at the helm of the caucus and from all accounts he got a very warm reception. Representative Devin Nunes (CA) who has attended 14 of these retreats said his speech was the best he had ever heard at one of these retreats with Ryan even getting a standing ovation. Members in the House continually expressed that even though it's a presidential election year that it would not stop them from doing the people's work. Ryan laid out a plan to craft a GOP agenda that focuses on five issue areas: national security; the economy; poverty; healthcare; and restoring the separation of powers. This time around the members of the Freedom Caucus, who had been a thorn on the side of former Speaker John Boehner, were mostly in agreement with Ryan's plans. The Freedom Caucus Chairman Jim Jordan spoke well of Ryan and his big bold policy initiatives and so far the mood within the caucus is cautiously optimistic.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also got high marks from Senator Mike Rounds (SD) wishing they would release their remarks to the media because of how well the presentation was done. The Senate is turning their attention to getting Congress back on regular order by funding the government through the committee process. Their goal is to pass all 12 spending bills that are currently on the docket. This will be a tough task with a short legislative calendar, but the Senate is prepared to work overtime into weekends to get it done. In the meantime, Minority Leader Harry Reid has threatened to force votes on some of the Republican front-runner Donald Trump's policy ideas to get vulnerable Republican senators on record with some of his extreme views.

Did you know…
HUPAC is hosting its annual Capitol Conference Congressional Reception on Tuesday, February 23, at 5 p.m. Come mingle, eat and drink with members of Congress and fellow NAHU members while enjoying a view of DC from the top floor of the National Association of Realtors Building while sipping away on your favorite cocktail. We expect between 20-25 members of Congress in attendance that will represent membership from across the country.

Due to limited space, there is a chance that tickets for this event will not be available at the conference, so be sure to go online and pre-order tickets today! The standard ticket price is $175. If you are a member of the HUPAC Capitol Club ($1,000 & up), you can purchase your ticket for $125 by contacting Anthony Perez. The cost of your ticket will count toward your annual HUPAC contribution total and can help you achieve Capitol, Congressional or 365 Club status, if you are not there already. Do not delay, click here to purchase your ticket today.

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