February 12, 2016


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HUPAC Roundup

This time around, the much maligned political polling firms hit the nail on the head. As essentially every poll predicted, businessman Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders won their respective primaries this past Tuesday in New Hampshire. Instead, the drama was focused around how large their margin of victory would be and how the rest of the Republican field would shake out.

Now that a second state has voted in the primaries, the picture is getting a bit clearer on the Republican side. Governor Chris Christie (NJ) and former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina have both announced their intention to suspend their respective campaigns. Both candidates put all their chips in on a strong showing in New Hampshire and neither did particularly well. Christie was only able to garner 7.4% of the vote and Fiorina received 4.1%. Another disappointment, especially for establishment Republicans, who want to coalesce around a single candidate not named Trump or Cruz, was Senator Marco Rubio (FL) who finished a disenchanted fifth place with only 10% of the vote. Rubio and his supporters were hoping a strong showing in Iowa and the good press he had garnered in the week following would propel him to a second place finish. Instead, Rubio had a very difficult Saturday night during another Republican debate where he seemed to self-destruct when attacked by Christie. Christie was making a point that all Rubio was, was an empty suit who had memorized a 25-second canned speech. Inexplicably, Rubio confirmed these notions by repeating the same line verbatim three times, which Christie pointed out with glee. The news cycle was dominated by Rubio's poor performance until Election Day and probably had a lot to do with his fifth place finish.

Besides the good news for Trump, finally being able to claim he's a winner by actually winning an election, Governor John Kasich (OH) had a good night finishing in second place in what could be called the anti-trump candidacy. Though Kasich has been flying under the radar due to his more under stated style and less angry tone, it seemed to be a good mix for the more moderate electorate in New Hampshire. The former congressman and Fox News host most likely strategy is to stay in the race until March 15 when Midwestern states like Illinois, Missouri and his home state of Ohio go to the polls where he could rack up his delegate count. In the meantime, it's unclear if his candidacy will play in any of the upcoming GOP primaries in South Carolina and Nevada, but one thing is clear, there still isn't an establishment candidate the party can unify behind.

Did you know…
HUPAC is hosting its annual Capitol Conference Congressional Reception on Tuesday, February 23, at 5 p.m. Come mingle, eat and drink with members of Congress and fellow NAHU members while enjoying a view of DC from the top floor of the National Association of Realtors Building while sipping away on your favorite cocktail. We expect between 20-25 members of Congress in attendance that will represent membership from across the country.

Due to limited space, there is a chance that tickets for this event will not be available at the conference, so be sure to go online and pre-order tickets today! The standard ticket price is $175. If you are a member of the HUPAC Capitol Club ($1,000 & up), you can purchase your ticket for $125 by contacting Anthony Perez. The cost of your ticket will count toward your annual HUPAC contribution total and can help you achieve Capitol, Congressional or 365 Club status, if you are not there already. Do not delay, click here to purchase your ticket today.

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