June 17, 2016

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NAHU Submits Comments on Party Platform Proposals
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NAHU Submits Comments on Party Platform Proposals

In preparation for the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions, the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Democratic National Committee (DNC) are accepting testimony on their policy platforms. The call for testimony from the parties is intended for broad level comments on issue areas, but not for specific drafts of policy or legislation that stakeholders would like to see incorporated. NAHU is providing platform testimony for both the RNC and DNC. To meet the parties' expectations for testimony, both documents are drafted from our overarching policy paper, "Access, Choice, and Affordability," which was adopted by the NAHU Board of Trustees this past fall, but more information on our top market priorities has been added in order to address specific policy concerns with both parties.
The two testimonies are very similar, but are written with differing party initiatives in mind. The RNC testimony includes additional comments in the relative sections on the employer exclusion, selling across state lines, and the Cadillac tax. To read NAHU’s healthcare platform testimony to the RNC, click here. The DNC testimony includes additional comments on the employer exclusion and the Cadillac tax, but addresses our concerns with the Democrat supported single-payer system as well. To read NAHU’s healthcare platform testimony to the DNC, click here.

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