November 11, 2016



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A Message from NAHU Executive Vice President and CEO Janet Trautwein on the Results of the Election
Janet Trautwein to Review Impact of Donald Trump’s Election on December 1 in “Live from NAHU!” Webinar
Listen to our Election Results Podcast Discussion with NAHU’s Federal Lobbyists
Single-Payer Prospects Diminish Following Election
Join Us in Washington, D.C., Next February for our 27th Annual Capitol Conference
Miss Yesterday’s Webinar on Employer Reporting? Watch it Now!
The ShiftShapers Podcast with David Saltzman
HUPAC Roundup
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Miss Yesterday’s Webinar on Employer Reporting? Watch it Now!
Yesterday, Trey Tompkins, JD, MBA, from Admin America, presented a NAHU member-exclusive Compliance Corner webinar titled “ACA Employer Reporting Review: 10 Common Questions Heading Into the Second Year of Filing.” This webinar reviewed the biggest changes that affect this year’s filing, common issues from last year to focus on this coming year, and the types of transitional relief that have expired and which still apply. It also reviewed many top questions of employers, such as: What if we still haven’t filed for last year or last year’s filing was rejected or “accepted with errors?” If we no longer have 50 employees do we report this year? What if we need more time next year? If you missed the webinar, you can watch it here.
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