November 11, 2016



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A Message from NAHU Executive Vice President and CEO Janet Trautwein on the Results of the Election
Janet Trautwein to Review Impact of Donald Trump’s Election on December 1 in “Live from NAHU!” Webinar
Listen to our Election Results Podcast Discussion with NAHU’s Federal Lobbyists
Single-Payer Prospects Diminish Following Election
Join Us in Washington, D.C., Next February for our 27th Annual Capitol Conference
Miss Yesterday’s Webinar on Employer Reporting? Watch it Now!
The ShiftShapers Podcast with David Saltzman
HUPAC Roundup
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What We’re Reading

The election is over, which means we can finally get a reprieve from political ads! There are 1,453 days before the next presidential election (or roughly the equivalent of 4,184,640 30-second TV ads), which should give plenty of time for pundits and prognosticators to consider the election analyses in this week’s reads.

Just in time for the Veterans Day holiday, after we honor and thank all those who have served in the United States Armed Forces, we’ll be reviewing the 2018 Letter to Issuers.

Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report breaks down the results.

Was Donald Trump’s election inevitable?

Trump’s website updated his healthcare transition plan.

There may have been a major change in the White House, but Senate committee leadership is remaining largely unchanged.

Republicans now have a lock on both houses of Congress and the presidency, but fully repealing the ACA may still be politically problematic.

Vox discusses the current road map for repeal, but that was when it was a theoretical exercise facing an inevitable veto. What would happen now that the impossible has become possible?

This week’s Politico Pulse Check podcast includes an interview with Ron Pollack and Jim Capretta with divergent ideologies on healthcare, as they discuss what may happen in the New Year.

The Washington Post’s former pollster chats about why the polls predicted such a different outcome.

Virginia and North Carolina can explain a lot about why Trump and Clinton performed the way they did.

Ahead of the election, Health Affairs took a look at what to expect from the next administration on healthcare and said the focus could be all on Medicare.

Many consumers have been stuck in online waiting rooms on

The ACA Times shares us this infographic on the new instructions for Forms 1094-C and 1095-C.

Has the 2020 presidential election already begun?

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