May 26, 2017

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CBO Releases Updated Score of AHCA – 51 Million to Be Uninsured, Government Savings of $119 Billion
Trump Administration Granted Additional 90-Day Extension in Cost-Sharing Lawsuit
Fiduciary Rule to Take Effect June 9
Operation Shout! NAHU Calls on Congress to Address Medicare’s “Two Midnight” Policy
White House Releases Budget Request with Drastic Cuts to Federal Health Spending
Legislation Introduced to Include Brokers as Stakeholders in Medicare Notices
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This Week’s Podcast Explores the CBO Score and What It Means for Health Reform
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What We’re Reading

The Old Guard placed more than 280,000 “flags in” at Arlington National Cemetery yesterday, signaling the start of the Memorial Day holiday. As we head out for weekend parades, barbeques, and pool parties, we also honor those who paid the ultimate price in service of our country. For the story behind “flags in,” check out this article.

Representative Tom MacArthur, the architect of the amendment that (for now) saved the AHCA, resigned as co-chairman of the moderate Tuesday Group, saying “You can't lead people where they don't want to go” in response to the centrist Republicans who still oppose the healthcare plan.

AHIP sent a letter to Senate Finance Chairman Orrin Hatch detailing what they would like to see in the Senate’s version of healthcare reform, including a focus on short-term stability, a transition period for reforms, addressing needs of Medicaid beneficiaries and the program’s operation, and a long-term priority on high-quality, choice, affordability, and access to coverage.

The National Coalition on Benefits, of which NAHU is a member, sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader McConnell and Minority Leader Schumer defending ERISA preemption with consideration of the AHCA.

Congressional Republicans are continuing to push for auto-enrollment of individual health insurance. NAHU has long opposed auto-enrollment and successfully lobbied to have the ACA’s large employer auto-enrollment provision repealed.

More than 67,000 individuals in 25 counties around Kansas City, Missouri, will be left without a marketplace insurer after Blue Cross and Blue Shield announced they would be pulling out.

Medicare’s top watchdog testified on the impact of hospital consolidation and what it means for the ability of insurers to negotiate rates.

President Trump is among the most vocal advocates for pulling the plug on the ACA’s cost-sharing subsidies, despite strong objections from his own advisors.

AHIP called the latest CSR punt “the single most destabilizing factor in the individual market.”

Republican senators are now looking to push through an ACA rescue bill while also debating the merits of the house-passed AHCA. Senate Majority Leader McConnell said this week that at this time he doesn’t see how to get to 50 votes to pass healthcare.

Congress pushed back hard on President Trump’s first budget proposal, including some of the harshest criticism coming from within his own party.

A federal court ruled that a lawsuit can proceed to challenge President Trump’s executive order that for every new regulation issued two would have to be repealed.

The single-payer healthcare bill in California will cost—brace for it—a whopping $400 billion! Advocates of the bill think that the upwards of $150 billion spent per year on employer-sponsored insurance could help offset some of this cost.

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu wants to bring back the state’s high-risk pool by applying for an ACA waiver to reinstate the New Hampshire Health Plan, either as a traditional high-risk pool for those with pre-existing conditions or as a reinsurance mechanism.

House of Cards comes back next Tuesday and President Underwood and his entourage posed for the camera around D.C. in celebration of the premiere.

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