September 22, 2017


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Senate Scraps Bipartisan Healthcare Fixes after Trump Administration Announces Opposition
Senate Vote Next Week on Graham-Cassidy Plan to Repeal/Replace Portions of the ACA is Uncertain following Opposition Announcements
NAHU Sends Labor Department’s ERISA Advisory Council Support Letter on Reducing the Burden of Mandated Disclosures
Senate Finance Leaders Introduce CHIP-Reauthorization Bill
How Could Graham-Cassidy Lead to Single Payer? Listen to this Week’s Podcast to Find Out
Compliance Cornered: EAPs Pose Compliance Complications
Did You Miss Yesterday’s Compliance Corner Webinar on Understanding Medicare Interactions with Group Insurance? Watch It Now
Get Ready for Fall by Completing your Annual Marketplace Training
HUPAC Roundup
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NAHU has once again activated our UNITE program (details below) in response to the wildfires raging throughout several western states. We encourage members to contribute gift cards for those NAHU members affected that can be used for fuel, food, hotel and other sundries. Chapters in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington will coordinate to distribute assistance to members needing assistance. Please do not send cash or checks; send gift cards to:

Keith Wallace 

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Bellingham, WA 98225-3036 


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16325 Boones Ferry Rd., #204 

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Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce 

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Collaborative Insurance Solutions 

79 Daily Dr, #276 

Camarillo, CA 93010 


-The Graham-Cassidy proposal has brought together many unlikely allies as, in addition to NAHU, industry groups covering the gambit of far-right to far-left advocates have raised strong objections to the policy details of the plan, including a bipartisan group of 10 governors, America’s Health Insurance Plans, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Kaiser Permanente, American Heart Association (with 16 other patient and provider groups), American Medical Association, American Hospital Association, Federation of American Hospitals, National Association of Medicaid Directors, AARP and FreedomWorks, among others.

-NAHU joined a coalition of other industry groups in sending a letter to the Graham-Cassidy bill sponsors urging them to address the Cadillac/excise tax and the health insurance tax in their bill.

-A bipartisan group of 46 representatives sent a letter to House leadership urging them to fully repeal the Health Insurance Tax that will add $500 to each affected family policy following its one-year moratorium.

-The American Academy of Actuaries released a detailed comment letter on Graham-Cassidy, finding that it would increase premiums, reduce enrollment, and cause more insurers to leave the market.

-Robert Pear explains why the insurance industry was neutral on other repeal/replace proposals but is strongly against Graham-Cassidy.

-Republican health policy wonk Avik Roy writes about the fundamental flaw in the Graham-Cassidy plan: It makes it easier for states to adopt single-payer and harder to implement market-oriented reforms.

-Avalere Health released a report on how much funding each state would lose under Graham-Cassidy. Manatt Health released a similar report showing the effects on federal spending to the states.

-The Washington Post details how Graham-Cassidy will allow Democratic-led states such as California and New York to adopt single-payer healthcare.

-Senator Bernie Sanders (I-D-VT) is pushing for a national single-payer plan, advocating that the U.S. could save $500 billion annually with more efficient administration. PolitiFact checks out this dubious statement.

-Vermont scrapped its attempt for single-payer healthcare and, in its place, moved forward with payment reform to encourage doctors to keep patients away.

-The Kaiser Family Foundation released its annual employer survey, finding that the average family premium increased three percent last year, while workers’ wages increased 2.3% and inflation increased 2.2%.

-The Georgetown Center on Health Insurance Reforms launched a navigator guide to ACA questions.

-Zenefits announced that it would cease its broker operations, transferring its accounts to Atlanta-based OneDigitial. It will instead focus exclusively on technology solutions.

-Comedian Jimmy Kimmel and Senator Bill Cassidy made news earlier this year by calling for “The Jimmy Kimmel Test” for protecting coverage for kids with pre-existing conditions. But does his own plan pass the test?

-The sudden rush to pass the latest repeal/replace proposal has major consequences for families who receive coverage from CHIP, as its reauthorization is pushed aside ahead of its deadline.

-Democrats lost 63 House seats and their majority in 2010, the largest swing of any party in more than half a century. Democrats would need to flip 23 seats to reclaim the chamber, and 22 Republicans are already listed as vulnerable, with more targets in waiting if the House again votes on health reform.

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