June 22, 2018

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Trump Administration Issues Association Health Plan Final Rule
NAHU CEO Joins Healthcare Happy Hour Podcast to Review Association Health Plan Final Rule
House Advances Budget to Initiate Reconciliation Process
NAHU Submits Comments on Proposed Mental Health Parity Requirements
State Spotlight: State-Run Single-Payer Health Care-an Outmoded Recipe for Fiscal Disaster
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Get on Your Lawmakers’ Calendars for the August Recess
HUPAC Roundup
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Fast Facts
  • The Labor Department released the Association Health Plan (AHP) final rule on Tuesday. The rule redefines the term bonafide association to allow for groups to establish for the purpose of offering insurance and calls for a staggered implementation to augment AHPs that are already in existence.
  • Several states initiated legal proceedings to oppose the implementation of the AHP rule, claiming that the rule “invites fraud, mismanagement and deception” and that it would weaken their states’ individual markets.
  • NAHU CEO Janet Trautwein joins this week’s NAHU Healthcare Happy Hour to review the AHP rule and its impacts on employers considering an AHP and those currently enrolled in this coverage. Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher to listen to the episode on your device.
  • The House Budget Committee advanced legislation calling for $302 billion in spending cuts that initiated the first steps of a highly unlikely reconciliation repeal attempt of the ACA.
  • If you missed this week’s LIVE from NAHU! webinar on compliance issues, you can watch it on demand here.
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