February 8, 2019

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NAHU Calls on Congress to Oppose Medicare for All
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NAHU Calls on Congress to Oppose Medicare for All

NAHU called on members this week to take action on our latest Operation Shout to ask Congress to oppose any efforts to implement government-run healthcare. Next week, proponents of government-run healthcare, including single-payer and Medicare-for-All, will be on Capitol Hill advocating for programs that could threaten the private health insurance system. NAHU strongly opposes these efforts and is working with the Partnership for America's Health Care Future to promote employer-sponsored health coverage and preserving Medicare, Medicaid, and other existing health programs.

NAHU is committed to ensuring that every American has access to affordable, quality health coverage. We believe that the free market and public programs can bring down the cost of care and expand access to high-quality care for every American. But a one-size-fits-all healthcare system would lead to less choice and control over doctors, treatments, and coverage, and result in higher taxes for families, longer wait times, and lower quality of care for patients. We believe that instead of considering single-payer healthcare proposals, Congress should focus on bringing costs down for everyone, no matter where they get their insurance.

As Congress hears from advocates during the Medicare for All Week of Action from February 9-13, we want to ensure they also hear from voices throughout the country who support access to affordable private health insurance choices.

Contact your senators and representative. Send an Operation Shout today urging lawmakers to oppose efforts to implement a single-payer healthcare system.

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